photo of a map on a computer representing telling google where you're located. Learn more SEO tips from an SEO specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting

The Importance of Letting Google Know Where You’re Located To Boost Your SEO

If you’ve read some of our other SEO blogs or followed us on Facebook you’ve probably heard us mention how important it is that you tell Google where you’re located. Google prioritizes ranking websites that provide accurate information.…
Image of two hands typing a blog on a keyboard. We see common blogging mistakes among private practice owners. We help boost SEO for mental health professionals.

Common Blogging Mistakes We See Private Practice Owners Make

I want you to think about your favorite artist. Maybe this is an actor, a comedian, or someone you follow on a social media platform. Essentially, think of someone whose media you consume. Today, these artists are often referred to as “influencers.”…
middle age man at his computer looks frustrated writing content for SEO. He gets tips on readability and writing content for his private practice from SEO specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting

Readability 2.0: The Importance of Using Approachable Language

I hear it all the time, “I hate writing content for my webpage.” I get it, as therapists you talk all day long for a living. You’re great at helping your clients. You’re well educated. And to put it simply, you know your stuff. Sometimes,…
Computer with the words "SEO Keyword Tool." It's a peaceful looking workspace to represent how we make Search Engine Optimization less complicated for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and private practice owners.

What to say on your website: Counseling, Therapy or Psychotherapy

Which word should I use, and does it even matter? This is a question that runs through my head on an almost daily basis. Searching for the best keywords for mental health practices can be challenging at first. When it comes to these three terms,…
Photo of a hand holding a globe with connections to show the importance of backlinks to connect sites to one another and improve rankings on Google.

Where to Fit Internal Links

You've heard that internal links (any time you have a link that sends someone from one page of your site to another) are great for SEO.  But you aren't sure where to fit them into your website.  Sometimes, they seem to fit in naturally.  For…

How Long Should Blog Posts be to Help SEO?

I have a confession. I love writing blog posts.  In fact, earlier in my practice when I had more time I was literally publishing two blog posts per week on my counseling website! However, after a year of helping other therapists on their…