You want a website that can be proud of and that converts new clients.  Not just any clients.  The right clients. In order to do that, you need a stead stream of potential clients to your website and a clear, branded page that will help people determine if YOUR service is the right fit.

The problem is that you don’t know enough about what it takes to get a website to the top of Google AND convert visitors into paying clients which makes you feel overwhelmed. Then, you read conflicting advice and feel discouraged or confused.

We believe every small business owner needs a website that clearly expresses their brand AND gets in front of potential clients.  Our staff understand that most mental health professionals aren’t also tech professional and we simplify the SEO process so you can understand it.

We focus on what we do best: Optimizing websites for search engines

A lot of people out there will tell you they do everything for websites: design, copywriting and search engine optimization.  And in all honesty, we technically can do all of those things as well.  But we know what we do best.  That is getting your website to the top of Google.  Therefore, that’s what we focus all of our energy on doing really, really well.

Generally, people participating in this package already have a website designer or are building their own website. Perhaps you’re in the process of building a website.  Or you’re considering a website makeover. You’re just looking for some direction so your website is set up right now so you can get it ranking well on search engines later.

You can set your website up to be optimized from day one.

The truth is that Google doesn’t typically rank new websites very well. They just don’t, “know, like and trust” a new website yet.  However, you absolutely can lay the groundwork for good rankings with a new website!  There are some specific things that you can do now so you’re ready to optimize later.

Or maybe you just want a website redesign.

I often recommend people redesign a website before working on SEO.  And in the midst of a redesign, you can do things that will really help with your search engine ranking when the new site is live!

What’s included in the “SEO Strategy Package?”

  • PDF of our “SEO Checklist”
  • A copy of our Service Page Outline
  • Access to our “SEO First Steps” online course to learn how to research which keywords to target on your page and what content to include on your site
  • For a website redesign: We’ll take a very quick look at your old website prior to the call.
  • You’ll complete a questionnaire before the call to help direct our call
  • One month access to our closed Facebook group where you can ask questions, watch past videos with tips and interact with other practice owners growing their business through SEO.
  • 30 minutes of SEO work from one of our SEO Specialists.  How this time is spent will depend on your needs but could include things like writing meta descriptions, doing keyword research, etc.
  • 45 minute strategy call: You’ll meet with one of our team members and depending on your needs this call may focus on some of the following:
    • Some quick keyword research
    • Brainstorming content to include on your page
    • Pros/Cons of building your website on various platforms
    • Help identifying a clear niche to target with your website
    • How to begin building backlinks

What is the cost?

You receive everything above for the one time cost of $250.

Begin with our “SEO Strategy Package” today!

You don’t want to go to all the effort to design the perfect new website that nobody ever sees.  We understand the challenges mental health professionals face when creating a new website and we’re confident we can help you set a good foundation for SEO from day one on your new site.

To get started with our SEO Strategy Package, following these 3 easy steps:

  1. E-mail and say you’re ready to sign up!
  2. Pay your invoice & set up your call.
  3. Begin developing a solid plan for your new website so it can begin bringing you new clients as quickly as possible!

Not sure you’re ready for our SEO Strategy package? Consider signing up for our 7 day free e-mail series to learn some great basic information about SEO or schedule a Zoom pre-consulting call with one of our staff to ask all your questions!