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SEO Backlinks for Therapists. . . With Ease!

Image of multiple hands fist bumping representing the teamwork needed to boost your backlinks for therapists on your website. Learn more about backlinks for therapists at Simplified SEO Consulting today!You know you need to get backlinks to improve your SEO, however. . . you simply don’t have time for all that! It sounds overwhelming. There are so many different tactics and methods and a quick Google search leaves your head spinning. You’re a busy private practice owner, and managing a website and blogging is more than enough. Getting other sites to link to you as well. Ugh. It’s all just too much.

I totally get it. Being busy building a private practice therapy office is difficult enough. Add in trying to optimize for SEO and blog and wow, it’s simply overwhelming. You didn’t get into psychology to write and strategize, you got into therapy to help people! Now you feel like all your time is being eaten up by trying to find clients instead of helping the clients you have! Now you have to try and get backlinks for therapists? Oh goodness. Luckily for you, I have a few tips up my sleeve to help you improve your backlink game, with minimal effort on your part. At Simplified SEO Consulting, we get that you’re a busy private practice owner. We want to take SEO for psychologists off your plate!

To begin, we’re going to talk a little about what backlinks are in the first place! Then we’ll talk about why they are important and finally we’ll rock out some tips on how to get backlinks with minimal effort!

What are backlinks for therapists?

To put it super simply, backlinks for therapists are links on other websites which go to your site. Therefore, if you are mentioned in a blog post or a web article, a link is often included back to your website, which not only helps drive traffic, it also improves your SEO because Google knows that your page is more legit. There are different levels of quality of backlinks which adds another layer to building a solid backlink game. You want to get more backlinks, yes. However, quality backlinks for therapists from established news sites and .edu websites carry more weight with Google than other early-stage websites.

How to get good backlinks for therapists, (relatively) easily:

Backlinks are important because they are a vote in your favor in Google’s eyes. They see you as more reputable if you are linked to by an already established website. Here are my 5 favorite ways to get backlinks with minimal effort!

Guest post

happy man is writing a guest post to get backlinks for therapists to improve SEO for psychologists. Learn more about SEO from a SEO specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting.The most common way to get backlinks as a therapist is to do some outreach and guest post on others sites. Yes, you do have to spend some time writing and potentially even come up with a pitch. But the research and time spent has a great return. Writing a quality guest post for another website is good for your SEO and gets your name out into the world! I recommend coming up with a few ideas for blog posts and researching websites in your field who might benefit from your voice. Then it’s just a simple email and you’re (hopefully) on your way to getting a solid backlink!


Have I mentioned I love HARO? I LOVE HARO! HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out” and is a site that allows you to be considered as a source for major publications. It’s as easy as reading an email once to three times a day and replying with a pitch, or your take on what they are asking about. I personally check HARO for my business and see requests for mental health professionals almost daily. Take 10-30 minutes a day and reply to appropriate requests and you just might find yourself being linked to in a high-flying publication!

Request to be on a College’s Resource list

If you are in a university town, consider reaching out to the school’s LGBTQ Center or Women’s Center (or appropriate center for your niche) and ask to be included on a resource page. This gives you a high-quality backlink and can add clients through the college having you listed as a resource!

Podcast guest

My last and personal favorite way to get backlinks for therapists is to guest on podcasts. This can be as easy as asking around in your network who has a podcast and asking to be on it. On a more complicated level, consider which podcasts you enjoy listening to in your niche and make the ask! Pitching can be scary, but the payoff can be tremendous! Podcast guesting is great! Because once you land the gig, it is literally at most an hour and a half of your time. It also gets you great promo and publicity from the owner of the podcast.

Happy man at his computer smiles as he meets with a group of therapists for a 12-week SEO mastermind with Simplified SEO ConsultingConsider Done for You SEO with Simplified SEO Consulting

If you still find yourself overwhelmed with the prospect of doing ALL the things for SEO, consider hiring us to do your on-page SEO for you! Our team of highly skilled mental health SEO specialists are here to help you navigate the wild world of the internet as you build your private practice therapy office.

How to begin improving your SEO in 3 easy steps:

You might be thinking “Oh em gee. . . how am I supposed to do ALL the things for SEO?!” Well, the honest answer is that SEO is a lot. It takes know-how and time. The good news is that here at Simplified SEO Consulting, we have a team of rockstar SEO specialists who are here to help you rank at the top of Google as a therapist! 

To begin working with Simplified, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Book a Consult Call with our Consult Specialist
  2. Learn about SEO Consulting for therapists
  3. Step back and relax, knowing your SEO is handled!

Other Services at Simplified SEO Consulting

If Done for You SEO isn’t striking your fancy at this time, consider signing up for a DIY SEO Course or joining an SEO training! There are many ways Simplified can help support you as you go on the journey of improving your SEO.

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