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Quality Content and SEO Return

The Balance Between Quality Content and SEO Return

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So you want to do SEO? Wonderful, but you’ve heard that it can take a while to see results. This may cause some uncertainty or confusion as you decide how to begin marketing your practice to build your business or gain more clients. If you’re looking to create a balance between SEO and quality content, you’ve come to the right place!

Whenever considering SEO, you have to find the balance between quality content and optimization. There are a few factors to consider as you begin your SEO journey. For example, the time commitment between optimizing and seeing the return of your content. Consider this if you’re just beginning a website or a practice. It may take longer to get you ranking for keywords than someone starting SEO from a preexisting established practice.

Another consideration is not everyone who begins SEO will have the same amount of return from Google. Some practices have to wait longer, whereas others rank better faster. This doesn’t mean you don’t provide value, it just means that it may take a month or two longer to see your own increase. No journey will be the same, but one thing is for certain, it is worth the investment once your site begins ranking well. So let’s take a look at some factors that can help you see a better return. And, what can cause your site to decrease in rankings. 

Quality Content Creation

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Creating quality content is the cornerstone of your website. You want beautiful informative content that speaks to your ideal client. But, you must also balance this with SEO as you begin to build out your pages and blog. A key factor in creating quality content that will help you rank better, is to make sure it is relevant. You may be thinking well that’s obvious?!

Well, it is and it isn’t. Let’s consider an example. People may want to add sections that have a bit of relevance to the material on the page, but it doesn’t entirely encompass the theme of the page. Some material that you may add to a page would serve better as its own service or blog post. For example, consider the example of anxiety vs. postpartum anxiety. Both of these include topics of anxiety, but they don’t look the same for treatment. If I were searching for postpartum anxiety, clicked on a page for “anxiety” because it had postpartum as a keyword, and then realized it was a generalized anxiety page, I would most likely skim the part I needed and then bounce off the page because I would assume your expertise was too general. Google would take note of this and potentially penalize you or deem you an irrelevant source. In order for quality content to be key, you must match the theme of the page.

If you want more of your SEO questions answered, Cory Moss, an SEO specialist wrote an awesome blog post about common SEO questions that can satiate your curiosity. 

Do the SEO keywords match the content?

Another factor that you will need to address is keywords. One thing we don’t do as SEO specialists is keyword stuff your photos or other elements of your site to get rankings. We consider this unethical. What we do want to do is add accessible and relevant keywords to your pages, so Google knows you are a credible expert. Just as the example above mentioned content, we would not add postpartum anxiety as a keyword on its own to an anxiety page. The only caveat would be if you added a small section in the content about postpartum anxiety and then linked to your actual service page which expanded on this topic. 

How much SEO value is too much for quality content?

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Another key factor to consider is to add quality content that is at least 500-700 words, but no more than 3000 words. We want Google to register us as a relevant source so we will rank higher. The more you can add, the better. And the more you can optimize without overdoing it. But realize this is possible. A few suggestions to consider are adding credible links, the right keywords, not overstuffing, and be aware of how you optimize headings with size and keywords. Google will read these headings and decide these are relevant to a search or not. Remember to use only one H1 and try to use more H2’s for headings. 

More importantly, make sure you don’t over optimize your site, because it is possible. While we want to add all of the keywords, internal, external links, and alt text, but don’t go overboard. Google will penalize you and tank your rankings potentially. If you want to learn more about finding balance between optimization and quality content, check out this great article by Neil Patel.

Quality Content Growth Over Time

Ultimately, we want to make sure we are adding relevant and helpful material that can be optimized well. Know that this will boost your pages and get you ranking faster, but be patient. Some months will be higher than others. There are always ways to grow with your website. You can make slight tweaks to quality content and add new pages (which is what we always preach) to continue to help your pages thrive. Just know that as with any investment, growth takes time. Don’t worry if during the first month or two you’re unsure if you’re really getting your money’s worth. SEO is such a great way to be noticed and gain more clientele, but patience is key and eventually with time, you will reach your SEO goals. If after the 6 month time period is up with our services and you don’t want to focus on optimization, know we offer great alumni packages for lower prices that will help you with SEO maintenance. 

Final notes

SEO is an investment, but quality content that matches up with SEO rules can give you so much value and make you a contender for your services. Don’t be worried if some months have less growth than

Begin SEO Services at Simplified SEO Consulting

Whether you’re trying SEO on your own or using our Done for You services, we also offer packages for SEO alumni as you want to do maintenance for your site. If you have any questions or your question was not answered, reach out. Our passionate team of SEO experts would be happy to answer your question and talk about what services might work well for your business. Follow these three steps to begin ranking better on Google.


Other Services offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO Consulting is passionate about providing SEO services for helping professionals and therapists. Our comprehensive SEO services are included in our Done for You SEO Service packages. Also, we offer alumni packages and al la carte SEO services. Our SEO staff provides several SEO training opportunities. including our “Top of Google” online course and 12 weeks of online video training. We also offer an SEO Strategy package to learn more about SEO and what you can do to rank better on search engines.

Contact Simplified SEO to learn more, or book a free SEO Consultation to decide which option is best for your business. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Jasmine Jaquess is a Simplified SEO specialist based in Columbia, MO. She specializes in platforms such as Squarespace and Wix but has learned to love word press sites as well. She really enjoys hearing the client’s goals for their business and helping them achieve them. 

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