Start Learning how to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Are you ready to be found by more potential clients? Do you have a website that you love and you know will convert clients….you just need to show up in search engine results so people can make it to your page? If so, this is where I step in!

Over the next 7 days I’ll share all kinds of tips and tools that you can use to get your website moving up the ranks of search engine results pages. Each day you’ll have an e-mail from me.  In it, I will describe one or more things you can do to convince search engines to put your website higher on search results.  I’ll also explain the same information in video format.

This SEO series was created by a mental health professional FOR mental health professionals. As a group practice owner myself, I understand the struggle with technical jargon and how confusing this type of thing can be.  That said…other small business owners will likely learn from the series as well.  The same SEO techniques apply to most websites.  I just use examples from counseling websites.

Over the next seven days I will begin to simplify SEO and give you concrete ways to improve your search engine rankings.

Your website doesn’t have to stay stuck on page 10 of the Google search results. Let’s get started simplifying SEO!

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