Preferred Resources for Private Practice Owners

Have a resource you’d like us to add? We’re always looking for high-quality resources that complement the services we provide to private practice owners. It’s also important to us that the resources we share match with our values of connection (truly caring about people as individuals), being trustworthy & leaving a positive impact on the world.  If you think you have a service complementary to our own, feel free to reach out to us to be considered at and let us know about your services & how you fit these values.

There are so many resources out there for private practice owners these days! It’s hard to know where the best place is to invest your money. What will really help you grow? While Simplified SEO offers amazing resources for therapists wanting to rank better on Google, we understand there may be additional resources you need as you grow your practice.

Logo & Graphic Design

Oliver Rains Group -> This amazing Graphic Design company is based out of Springfield, MO.  They (specifically Brad Oliver) designed the logo, business cards, and all of the marketing materials for Jessica’s private practice and she enlists their help with this business from time to time as well.  Their work truly is of the highest quality and we can’t recommend them enough!

The Practicery -> Run by a husband and wife team, The Practicery knows how to help therapists with branding!  We’re seeing their logos pop up all over the place & are impressed by what we’ve seen!  We’ve heard rave reviews from some of their fans saying that they really listen to what you’re wanting and go out of their way to make sure you get a logo that really represents your brand.

Hoot Design Co. -> Hoot Design Company is run by a team of people who value mental health and mental wellness. Make sure to ask about their speed branding process!

Website Development

Looking for help building a great private practice website? We know a variety of great website builders who specialize in working with therapists!  We’ve listed a few of our favorites below, but feel free to reach out to us for other suggestions if none of these feel like a fit.

Mulberry -> This team does a fantastic job creating websites for therapists! They also offer a website evaluation (mention us in the referral for 50% off this service) if you’re contemplating making changes to a current site or can help you make tweaks if your site needs updating but not a full redesign. They make some of the highest-quality websites we’ve seen, they’re excellent at working on the technical side of things and are incredibly responsive to client concerns. They build on WordPress and most frequently use a website builder & theme that our team enjoys working with when we optimize. We work regularly with Mulberry and are just very impressed by them!

Pixel Jam Digital –> This incredible team helps service-oriented and community-minded business owners launch a website that exceeds their expectations and connects authentically with their people by approaching the web development process with empathy, education, and laser-focused expertise. By encoding fun and philanthropy while deleting scary tech jargon from the process, we help clients feel confident, validated, and safe.

I Do Design Studio –> I Do Design Studio, is about crafting top-notch designs tailored specifically for therapists and other helping professionals. Their approach is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, drawing inspiration from typography, user-friendly design, and the seamless integration of beauty and purpose. They specialize in branding, Showit website design, and Squarespace website design. They also do it with a sharp focus on SEO to help ensure your online presence shines, captivates, and connects with audiences.

Walker Strategy Co. -> Anna and her team specialize in niche-ing, website copywriting, and website design for therapists. Get support with your website and copy through their DIY program, marketing mentorship, or done-for-you services.

Practicery -> A Great Husband/Wife (she’s a therapist!) duo creating Squarespace sites for therapists. Jessica has met Kim & Justin and has seen several of their very creative sites. What an awesome couple! We are also working on a partnership with The Practicery where they will incorporate our “wish list” as they build your website so your new site is all ready to be optimized the day it goes live!

Hoot Design -> Hoot Design Company makes beautiful websites for therapists. They offer both a Sprint Website Build for therapists looking for a great Squarespace website they can maintain themselves that will be perfect for most therapists.  They also offer a Full Website build option that can be on WordPress for therapists who may be in a more competitive market and need a little more intense ongoing developer support with their site.  They are local to Columbia, MO where Simplified is based. 🙂

Private Practice Videos

Wildwoods Creative -> Brent is a therapist himself, so he understands the private practice world well. Additionally, he’s an amazing videographer! Working with Brent is comfortable and calming. He truly sees the best in people and can bring out your personality and professionalism at the same time. Check out the video on our Home page to see a sample of his work with our Simplified team!

Private Practice Consulting

We have some AMAZING consultants in this field!!  The truth is we have several we frequently recommend depending on your needs.  So, feel free to send us an e-mail ( and tell us a little about what you’re looking for in a coach and we’re happy to point you toward one or two options that sound like they may be a good fit!

Trauma Therapist Network is a website focused on teaching the general public about trauma and how it shows up in our lives, and supporting trauma therapists. On this platform, everyone can learn about trauma through blog articles, current and past episodes of Therapy Chat and Trauma Chat podcasts, lists of resources, and a searchable directory of trauma therapists by specialty which includes U.S.-based members of the Network.

Trauma Therapist members receive additional support through weekly live online meetings facilitated by Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, host of Therapy Chat and Trauma Chat. Every month members are invited to participate in one Self Care call, one Case Consultation call, one Q&A call, and one training call. We also have 4 Community Calls per year which are open-ended opportunities for networking and discussion. Members also have access to recordings of past meetings in case they cannot attend live.

The Wise Practice Community is a membership community founded by Jessica’s friend and colleague Whitney Owens. It’s a space for faith-based practice owners to connect with one another while learning the steps to growing their practice. Simplified SEO Consulting is proud to have worked with many members of the Wise Practice community and can honestly say we love working with practice owners in this community because they’ve developed clear systems, understand their ideal clients, and see great success when they pair great SEO with great business practices.

Firelight Supervision is a clinical supervision/consultation and professional development one-stop shop for private practice therapists. Offering individual and group clinical consultation virtually for licensed therapists and social workers, we help you develop community and connection while honing your clinical skills. Monthly “Lunch & Learn” clinical trainings, drop-in supervision sessions, and parallel working sessions are also included in some plans. You can choose which clinical supervisor to work with based on your specializations and clinical needs, to help you become the best therapist you can be!

Virtual Assistants

The Productive Therapist -> The Productive Therapist is another VA company owned by a group practice owner. Uriah is all about helping therapists run in a way that is productive and allows them to maintain a good life/work balance. One thing we really like about The Productive therapist is they provide various levels of support including online courses for your in-house VAs (Jessica used this to train her newest assistant at her practice) or full-service VAs if you’re looking to outsource. In other words, they support practices of all sizes & needs.

Your Assistant Is Here -> Your Assistant Is Here is a full-service virtual assistant company that specializes in working with private practices from solo practitioners to group practices with over 20 providers. At Your Assistant Is Here we understand therapist’s busy schedules and how overwhelming the admin tasks can be at the end of a long day of seeing clients. Our team helps busy practice owners streamline their processes, take over daily admin tasks that include billing, insurance claims and concierge, scheduling, onboarding new clients or employees, email marketing, and other administrative duties. Our goal is to give practice owners their time back so they can focus on the growth of their practice and leave the details to us.

Copywriting Services

Empathy Copy-> Empathy Copy is an affordable, quick way to generate some great service pages focused on reaching your ideal client.  We recommend using the generator and then reading through to tweak/further customize your new service pages. Even if you take the time to really tweak the content after, having this generate your first draft of a service page will save you a TON of time!  Best of all? you can create unlimited pages, so join for 1-2 months and set aside a good chunk of time to just create all of the pages you need.

The Productive Therapist -> The Productive Therapist offers copywriting services and can help you use Storybrand techniques to really create service pages that convert website visitors into clients!

Walker Strategy Co. -> Walker Strategy Co. specializes in niche-ing, website copywriting, and website design for therapists. Get support with your website and copy through their DIY program, marketing mentorship, or done-for-you services.

Simplified SEO Consulting -> OR consider working with our in-house copywriter! We’d love to help capture your voice. Talk with your SEO Specialist or inquire during your free consultation!

Private Practice Paperwork

Having good paperwork that covers all of the legal stuff AND includes the information you want to get from new clients is important.  In a perfect world, we’d each have the time/money/energy to have an attorney help create new paperwork for your practice from scratch. But since many of us don’t, some consultants offer great paperwork packets you can use as a base.

FREE HIPAA form -> Kate & Katie from the Private Practice Startup offer this important form to include in your packet for free.

Paperwork Package -> Kate & Katie’s full paperwork package.  Now, we are an affiliate for this package. But we’re sharing it because we truly think it’s useful. Jessica downloaded the package and used it to update her own private practice paperwork.  Also, use the code “SAVE40” for $40 OFF the BASE PACKAGE or “SAVE80” for $80 OFF the PEAK PACKAGE.

Google Adwords

We often get asked about who we recommend for Google Adwords or if we offer that service. We don’t, because we prefer to really, really, really focus our efforts on being awesome in helping therapists with organic SEO.  However, in some situations, it’s helpful to think about both SEO and Adwords.  In those cases, we strongly recommend hiring a professional at least to help you set up, and likely to help monitor and tweak your campaigns.

RevKey -> We love working with John and have several collaborations with him on websites at any given time! Several of our clients have used RevKey, saying great things about their Google Ads management services. RevKey is especially helpful for private practices that want to attract more private pay clients. In fact, we’ve been able to collaborate on our approach for clients using both of our services in a streamlined and strategic way. If you see us both at a conference, we’re probably hanging out!

Ardent Healers -> Ardent Healers is a group of psychologists who became Google Ads-certified managers to help you fill your practice. Being therapists ourselves, we only take on clients when we truly believe we can deliver a positive ROI for their practice. Whether you have a new solo practice or an established group practice, you can set up a free strategy call to see if Google Ads makes sense for your practice goals. 

Social Media Management

The Productive Therapist -> The Productive Therapist offers social media management services as part of their digital marketing services.

EMDR Consultation

I (Jessica) have fallen in love with EMDR after years of using Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing my old trauma therapies out the door but I love having EMDR as an added resource. Someday I’ll have time to go through the whole certification process, but in the meantime, there are two amazing EMDR consultants I follow now that I’m fully trained and using EMDR myself:

Marisol Erlacher -> Marisol is full of knowledge & insight when it comes to EMDR!  She is culturally sensitive and understands the whole person including the impact of childhood trauma and attachment concerns. She’s experienced providing support and consultation to EMDR therapists and her kindness comes through in every conversation leaving you feeling motivated & excited to see your next client.

Dana Carretta -> Dana and Jessica met at Slow Down School in 2018 and quickly bonded over a passion for providing high-quality trauma therapy.  She is now offering EMDR consultation and Jessica personally follows her through social media and her mailing list. She has a way of explaining some of the more complicated EMDR concepts in really relatable ways.

Financial Life Planning

Turning Point is a financial planning firm designed just for therapists. Financial planning helps organize and prioritize every element of your financial life – so you can stop worrying about money and feel confident you’re on the right track. Everything from practice bookkeeping, personal budgeting, investing, retirement plans, student loans – even smart tax strategies. Turning Point will have you feeling great about your finances in no time!

Bill Like a Boss Course -> This is a course created by Kym Tolson that provides comprehensive training and support for accurate insurance billing. The program is suitable for both beginners and those looking to enhance their existing skills. The course offers step-by-step guidance from experts in the field, along with interactive modules, downloadable guides, webinars, and four live biller meetings every month. The aim of the program is to help private practitioners ensure that their insurance claims are handled accurately, correctly, and efficiently. The program emphasizes the importance of accuracy in insurance billing and provides a supportive community for learners.

Traveling Therapist Course: The Experts’ Guide to Becoming a Traveling Therapist -> This course is designed for therapists who want to lead an unconventional lifestyle while maintaining their practice. It provides strategies and wisdom from 20+ experts on how to travel and see clients while managing HIPAA compliance, reliable internet access, and additional income streams. The course covers four categories: Backend Logistics, Money & Lifestyle Mindset, Business Strategy for Traveling Therapists, and Travel. Participants will learn how to understand insurance billing, file taxes, navigate GDPR requirements, pack minimally, and save money on travel. The course offers 20+ videos that participants can access at their own pace and choose the information they need. By the end of the course, participants will have the tools and strategies to become a traveling therapist with more time to enjoy life and make money.

Facebook Groups

My Private Practice Tribe -> This group provides a TON of great information about running a private practice.  Amanda, the administrator, does videos with tips on things such as filling your daytime slots, using social media, and more.  I highly recommend joining this group!

Treat Yourself!

Self-Care Workbook -> Do you feel exhausted, struggle with self-care, or feel the flames of burnout approaching? You are not alone. “Take the Struggle Out of Self-Care” with Yunetta Spring’s revolutionary 6-week self-care journey. Our team worked through this workbook together during Summer 2023 and loved it. Highly recommended!

Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate -> Our team recently had a virtual chocolate tasting with Jody from Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate. So yummy! And, we learned so much about the social and ecological impact of cacao practices. Treat yourself! You deserve it.