Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts have paid off.

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You invested time and/or money in getting your website ranking well on search engines.  You have a good foundation for SEO. At a minimum, all of your service pages have been fully optimized.  You now show up on the first or second page for many of the keywords your ideal clients are searching for.  More importantly, your phone is ringing.  People are both finding you online and picking up the phone to call.


You want to maintain or even slightly improve your rankings.

You want to keep putting some effort into search engine optimization (SEO).  After all, you want to keep your spot in search engine rankings.  To be honest, you’d really like to rank even better than you do now.  However, you can move up more slowly now that you are at least getting a steady stream of phone calls

We can help.

Simplified SEO Consulting now offers several Alumni or Maintenance packages for private practice owners who meet the following criteria:

  • Your website already ranks on the 1stor 2ndpages for several of the keywords you track
  • All of your Service Pages are fully optimized



A man holds a tablet with increasing bar graphs depicted on the screen | Alumni SEO packages for counselors | Simplified SEO ConsultingThe Alumni Monthly SEO Packages

Basic SEO Tools & Support


This package is perfect for private practice owners who have completed the intense SEO work using one of our packages, are generally happy with their search engine rankings, are posting two new blog posts per month and just want a little extra support.

The Basic SEO Tools & Support package includes:

  • Continued Monitoring of Your Data: A subscription to the Simplified SEO Consulting Data Dashboard tool, so you’ll be able to continue monitoring your SEO progress.
  • Each month, you’ll receive a website audit so you can catch technical issues on your site.
  • Continued Support from the Simplified SEO Consulting Team
    • Membership in our secret Facebook group where we provide updates about the latest changes in SEO, answer your quick questions and have short educational/Q&A Facebook Lives
    • Up to every 2 months you can request a 15 minute call with one of our staff members to review your data or do some quick trouble shooting.
    • Send e-mails about quick questions and get answers/support

The Blogging Basic SEO Services Package

This package is for graduates of our “Done for You” services who want to continue writing their own blog posts or paying someone else.

The Blogging Basic SEO Services Package includes:

  • Access to our secret Facebook group
  • A subscription to our Data Dashboard tracking tool
  • “Basic” SEO serviceson two blog posts per month.We ask that these blog posts be already published or scheduled to publish on your site.  Basic SEO services will include:
    1. Write a quality meta description (1 draft)
    2. Write a Call to Action section with internal links
    3. Add Alt text to three photos
    4. Request indexing from Google

The Comprehensive Blogging Package

This post is for our practice owners who simply don’t have time to blog.  You understand the importance of
blogging….you just don’t have the time.  This monthly SEO blogging package is the answer for busy group practice owners serious about maintaining (or even improving) their SEO.  We created it in response to requests we received from graduates of our intensive “Done for You” SEO services who are now too busy to write their own blog posts.  You’ve invested in optimizing your service pages.  Why not make sure you make sure the upward trend continues?

The Comprehensive Blogging Package includes:

  • Access to our secret Facebook groupColorful letters spell out the word "blog" with arrows pointing at it | SEO marketing for therapists with Simplified SEO Consulting specialists
  • A subscription to the Data Dashboard tracking tool
  • Content writing & comprehensive Search Engine Optimization for 2 blog posts per month. Each
  • blog post will be scheduled to publish at a time of your choosing and will:
    1. Be written about a topic you work with your content writer to select. Topics are chosen to be both relevant to your niche & helpful for SEO
    2. Include at least 500 words (often closer to 700)
    3. Target specific keywords you are tracking on Brighter Insights or we would suggest you target
    4. Speak directly to your client in a way that both demonstrates that your practice cares about potential clients and sets you up as an expert on the topic
    5. Use headlines to target relevant keywords
    6. Include several internal links to other pages on your site (particularly linking back to service pages)
    7. Have a clear Call to Action
    8. Include 3 photos with relevant alt text
    9. Be checked for basic readability (less active voice, shorter sentences, simple language, etc) *Note we are able to do this the best on Word Press sites as we are able to incorporate suggestions from the Yoast plugin
    10. Request indexing through Google within 72 hours of the post being published
  • A list of 5-7 potential blog postse-mailed to you by the end of the month. These are samples of blog post topics you could choose next month to help improve your SEO. However, you are not required to choose topics from this list for the following

SEO Checkup: Recommended Every 6 Months


Once you have great SEO, it’s typically much easier to keep your excellent rankings. However, it’s good to check in and see how it’s going every now and then.  Therefore, we are now offering an SEO Checkup service that includes:

  • Review of your Data Dashboard data (if you’ve maintained access)
  • A 30 minute call with one of our staff to look at your website together, discuss how your business is evolving and discuss any additional work you may need done on your website.
  • 90 minutes of our staff member’s time to do small SEO tweaks such as rewriting some meta descriptions, updating photo optimization, adding some internal links, etc.  The specific work our staff will do is determined during your 45 minute call
  • A technical site audit through our tool with results e-mailed to you. This helps you catch any technical issues so you can work with your website developer to address those.
  • A summary e-mail with specific suggestions for moving forward and maintaining your SEO

Begin Maintenance or Alumni SEO Service Packages for Therapists

Perhaps you have seen great results in website rankings and traffic with SEO, but are afraid you may lose progress. You want to add blogs to allow for more specialization or are interested in targeting a desired type of client. You may also be happy with where you are, but want to slightly improve your rankings or click through rate. If you would like to continue by taking smaller “strides” with SEO, our maintenance and alumni SEO packages can help. Our Skilled SEO specialists can help with optimizing any new content, as well as, maintaining your progress in ranking and traffic. Simplified SEO Consulting offers alumni SEO packages that can help your site hold and even slightly improve its Google rankings. If you would like to start one of our monthly Maintenance SEO packages or have questions, please contact us or schedule a free consultation. You can join the many therapists who, with our SEO services, have seen great improvements in their private practice rankings!

Other Services Offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

In addition to our maintenance and alumni SEO packages, we also offer many other SEO services including SEO trainingdone for you services, and À la carte SEO services. If you aren’t sure whether SEO is for you, feel free to check-out some of our other resources or blogs. We also offer a 7-day email serieswhere you can start to learn SEO for free!