Part 2 of the Blogging Webinar Series: Why does blog content have to be original?


Blogging. Round 2.

An animated picture reads, "blog." This relates to an upcoming blogging masterclass hosted by Simplified SEO Consulting.

Welcome back! This week, we’ll be discussing the second factor that is important for blogging. If you read the previous blog in this series, you know that blogging is important for SEO. In addition, you know that how often you blog depends on your goals. Understanding both of these components is imperative to ensure the best ROI. So, now that our bases are covered, on to the next piece of our blogging puzzle: content. In part 2 of this blog series, we’ll be looking a little bit closer at the role content plays in blogging for SEO. When focusing on content, there are two components to consider: how helpful and original the content is.

Helpful Content

The content in your blog is incredibly important. Thinking about what your ideal clients will read can help gauge what you incorporate in your blog. The more interesting your content is, the more likely readers will stick around. And, come back for more. In addition to a blog being interesting, your blog should be helpful for your ideal clients. Helpful as in offering some kind of resource to navigate issues or situations that many of your clients are currently navigating. For example, “8 tips to navigate anxiety to get through the rest of the semester” if you work with college students. If college students are your ideal clients, it’s easy to see that dealing with anxiety might be a common experience among your clients. So, this would likely be a blog that is helpful for them.

Why does this matter? Because reaching your ideal clients in as many different ways as possible is the best way to make sure that they “see” you. In addition, this is a good way to show your ideal client how valuable you are as a resource.  If they can see that you know your stuff and can help them out, they’re more likely to reach out to you for your services.

A picture shows an animated girl. This reflects concepts discussed in an upcoming blogging masterclass hosted by Simplified SEO Consulting.

Original Content

Content that is original is imperative for SEO. What does “original” content mean? In SEO land, “original” content is content that is not duplicate.  This means that this content is not on another site or even another page of your own site. So, this means that you can’t copy a great blog you read on Pinterest and post on our site. Essentially, this is like “cheating.” Except you’re probably going to get caught. Google will notice two pages with the same content and won’t know which is better to rank. So, it will likely hurt the rankings of both pages. Therefore, having duplicate content on your site will likely drop your rankings.

This is an important factor to keep in mind when someone outside of your practice is creating your blog content, because you want to make sure they aren’t giving you a blog post that’s been posted on another website somewhere else.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t post multiple blogs about a similar topic. This also doesn’t mean that you can’t create a blog post series. However, this means that the content needs to be different from the other content on your site. .  . and other sites. Most of the time, Google catches this and essentially “flags” your website. Overall, this often means that your rankings can drop.  And, unfortunately, fewer people will see you.

Wrapping up Part 2 for Blogging

So, there you have it! A short and sweet explanation about the role that content plays in blogging. Overall, the content that’s included in your blog is extremely important for SEO. And, it’s extremely important to your ideal clients. Content that is relevant and helpful to your ideal clients is paramount when creating these blogs. In addition to helpful content, the content needs to be original. Having duplicate content can lead to a significant drop in rankings. So, this means that fewer people will see your site.

Because this was a quick overview, you probably have more questions. How do you know what topics are helpful to your clients? What can you do to make sure that your content isn’t duplicated? Is there some way to check what would make sense to write about? Is there an SEO company that’s hosting a masterclass about all things related to blogging?? Yes!

These Questions Can Be Answered In Our Upcoming Masterclass!

An animated photo shows a computer screen. This relates to concepts discussed in an upcoming blogging masterclass with Simplified SEO Consulting.

We’re excited to announce that we’re hosting a two-part masterclass on December 4th and December 11th! In this two-part masterclass series, we’ll discuss all things blogging and SEO. In addition, we’ll give you some practical tips to kickstart your blog. I will be the cohost, along with Jessica Tappana. Click here to register for our webinar. We look forward to seeing you there!

Other Services With Simplified SEO Consulting

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