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EAT as a Ranking Factor

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is confusing and certainly overwhelming when you first start out. And just like any other field, we use a ton of acronyms and short-hand terms. One of the common acronyms we use in discussing SEO is EAT. This stands for expertise, authority, and trust. What is EAT? Expertise, […]

Creative Ways to Organize Content on a Private Practice Website

As mental health professionals, we often want to simplify everything. We know that people already have enough barriers preventing them from getting support for their mental health and life overall. So, when it comes to writing and organizing content on a website, many of our therapists want clean, straight-to-the-point, content. This completely makes sense. However, […]

Ranking for More Than One Location

Our search engine optimization (SEO) consulting business helps private practice therapists across the country (and even in other countries) get ranking on Google. And as we’ve worked with more and more therapists over the years, we’ve gained experience in helping all different types of practices. Many of our clients come to us as solo private […]

Psychology and SEO

One of the major differences between Simplified SEO Consulting and many other SEO  companies is our understanding of psychology and therapy services. Our SEO Specialists prioritize getting “into the mind” of your potential clients and understand the importance of doing SEO in an ethical, client centered way. This helps us optimize your site in ways […]

3 Reasons To Track Data Related to SEO

You probably think about tracking the number of calls, intakes, client appointments, and your gross revenue. But have you thought about what data you should be paying attention to related to your website? I’ve found myself having more and more conversations about tracking data with clinicians and private practice owners. So, I wanted to write […]

How Long Does SEO Take?

So, you’ve discovered the magical place of SEO land. Perhaps you’ve been investigating this whole SEO thing for a while now and you’ve found Simplified. However, it makes sense that you have questions about the time, money, and energy investment that SEO requires. Today, we’ll discuss the time investment that you should prepare for in […]