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We know you want to be a successful private practice owner. In order to do that, you need more of the right clients calling. The problem is that nobody is finding your website leaving you feeling confused and discouraged. At Simplified SEO Consulting, we believe you do better work when you’re matched with the right clients and that there are plenty of clients out there who truly need your services.

Clients need to find your website before they can call.

You started your business to help people. Truly help people. And you have the skills to change lives. In fact, you’ve spent years fine tuning your approach, learning and gaining experience. Now you’re ready for more clients to call. Not just any clients either; the right clients. The clients you work with the best. You know they’re searching for your services online and you have an amazing website that you know will convert clients.

But they have to be able to find your website first.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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Looking to Outsource the SEO for your website?

Are you a busy practice owner who needs a website that ranks well on Google but doesn’t have the time to learn SEO yourself? Sometimes, outsourcing is just the more efficient option. If you fall into this category, I’d love to take on the role of focusing on getting you to the top of Google. This way, you can focus on what you do best: counseling & running a business!

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Prefer to learn to do your own
private practice website SEO?

Are you a go getter who likes to do things on your own? Or maybe you’ve hired an office manager, virtual assistant or have a spouse that you’d like to keep up your website for you. I’d like to simplify the world of SEO & train you (or your designee) using all of my SEO techniques to implement on your site! Truly, it IS possible to learn to do this on your own. I’ve helped other practice owners learn these techniques and when I’ve checked in a few months later they’ve kept working on their sites & continued to climb in rankings!

With an optimized website, you can stop worrying about when the next client will call or accepting clients that aren’t truly a very good fit. Instead, start getting calls from your ideal clients and begin growing your business!

Ready to improve your rankings and fill your private practice with your ideal clients?

What to expect with Simplified SEO Consulting

  • Learn to better understand SEO

  • Show up higher in search results

  • Get in front of more of your ideal clients

  • Begin attracting new clients!

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