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Google My Business: Optimizing Your Profile

We all like to get the hands-on tools that are going to better help us in life. A hidden gem that some business owners do not take advantage of is Google my business. It is more than just a simple verification tool for your business to have a spot on Google. It actually has many […]

Why Keywords Research is the Foundation of SEO

As we know, stories, papers, and treatments come from a great foundation. There is an art to telling a great story and presenting information. Your approach doesn’t need to be the same as others, but there is a similar formula. If you want to convince someone that a treatment modality works, the base to your […]

Quality Content and SEO Return

The Balance Between Quality Content and SEO Return So you want to do SEO? Wonderful, but you’ve heard that it can take a while to see results. This may cause some uncertainty or confusion as you decide how to begin marketing your practice to build your business or gain more clients. If you’re looking to […]