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All About Wix and SEO

You may have heard it time and time again. Wix doesn’t always produce the best SEO results, especially in highly competitive areas. However, we have as mental health SEO specialists have seen some good rankings in areas like Wisconsin, Florida, Oregon, California, and such. Usually, we recommend Squarespace or WordPress. However, to those who love […]


 Impact of PSYPACT & SEO (Part 2)

Impact of PsyPACT and Your SEO Strategy Now that you have a better understanding of the basics of PsyPACT, it’s important to understand how to optimize for the newly added states. It’s important to know that we recommend optimizing for one or two states over a six-month period of time. Some areas in the US […]

SEO for Therapists: Tips for Black Clinicians

So you’re looking to invest in SEO for therapists because you’re trying to seek out therapy services offered to the black community. This is easier said than done. You may be wondering what BIPOC and POC are even searching for when it comes to mental health. After all, we are notorious for not seeking out […]

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Importance of Diversity in Therapy and on Your Website 

In honor of American Indian Heritage Month, the topic of diversity with websites is something that is becoming more necessary in the SEO world and branding for therapists. As many of you know, cultural competency, or better yet cultural humility is something that is drilled into us in graduate school. However, when you are in school, the discussion of […]

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What is Black Hat SEO

Imagine this, you’re going into an ice cream shop. You’re told on Google that this is the best ice cream in the world. In fact, you notice a ton of comments on their Google my business page, Good ratings, and a ton of options. So you and your family choose to go into this ice […]


SEO Tips for Writing a Website About Page

Writing a Website About Page Many of you are expanding, growing, and thriving. You are adding new clinicians, specialties, and services. As you grow your practice, your identity shifts, and changes. We have gotten many questions about team me pages and team pages. “How do you create one?” “Do you optimize website about pages for […]