PSYPACT & SEO (Part 1: The Impact of PsyPACT)

What is PSYPACT?

You may be wondering what psypact is if you’re a psychologist in the counseling profession. This was approved back in February 2015 by the ASPPB Board of Directors. The goal is to offer online therapy services that extend past the boundary of normal state licensure. “PSYPACT is an interstate compact designed to allow licensed psychologists to practice telepsychology and conduct the temporary in‐person, face‐to‐face practice of psychology across state boundaries legally and ethically without necessitating that an individual becomes licensed in every state to practice”.

PsyPACT StatesBlack and white cartoon of individuals video calls. Needing support with psypact states? Learn more about the impact of psypact and seo psychologists today!

The current States Under PsyPACT:

  • Alabama – AL SB 102 (Enacted 3/18/2021)
  • Arizona – AZ HB 2503 (Enacted on 5/17/2016)
  • Arkansas – AR HB 1760 (Enacted 4/25/2021)
  • Colorado – CO HB 1017 (Enacted 4/12/2018)
  • Delaware – DE HB 172 (Enacted 6/27/2019)
  • District of Columbia – DC B 145 (Enacted 3/16/2021)
  • Georgia – GA HB 26 (Enacted 4/23/2019)
  • Illinois – IL HB 1853 (Enacted 8/22/2018)
  • Kansas – KS SB 170 (Enacted 5/17/2021)
  • Kentucky – KY HB 38 (Enacted 3/18/2021)
  • Maine – ME HB 631 (Enacted 6/22/2021)
  • Maryland – MD HB 970 (Enacted 5/18/2021)
  • Minnesota – MN SB 193 (Enacted 5/25/2021)
  • Missouri – MO HB 1719/MO SB 660 (Enacted 6/1/2018)
  • Nebraska – NE L 1034 (Enacted 4/23/2018)
  • Nevada – NV AB 429 (Enacted on 5/26/2017)
  • New Hampshire- NH SB 232 (Enacted 7/10/2019)
  • New Jersey – NJ A 4205/NJ S 2506 (Enacted 9/24/2021)
  • North Carolina – NC 361 (Enacted 7/1/2020)
  • Ohio – OH S 2 (Enacted 4/27/2021)
  • Oklahoma – OK HB 1057 (Enacted 4/29/2019)
  • Pennsylvania – PA SB 67 (Enacted 5/8/2020)
  • Tennessee – TN S 161 (Enacted 5/11/2021)
  • Texas – TX HB 1501 (Enacted 6/10/2019)
  • Utah – UT SB 106 (Enacted on 3/17/2017)
  • Virginia – VA SB 760 (Enacted 4/11/2020)
  • West Virginia – WV SB 668 (Enacted 4/21/2021)

To practice telepsychology using PsyPACT:

  • Apply for and obtain the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB)
  • E.Passport to practice telepsychology in PSYPACT states and pay associated certification fees.
  • Identify and notify ASPPB and the PSYPACT Commission of telepsychological practice into each PSYPACT state.   
  • Complete continuing education requirements for E.Passport.
  • Annually renew the E.Passport

The Impact of PsyPACT if You Are Not A Psychologist

Currently, PsyPACT only covers psychologists. While we want to have a greater reach as LCSW and LPC’s and social justice and outreach is part of our ethics, currently, this does not apply to our field. However, we can hold onto the hope that if this is able to be enacted for psychologists, then one day it may allow for therapists to do the same. In the meantime, we have other avenues to support the people in our states and potentially, we can hold on to this hope for the future. 

What is the Impact of PsyPACT on Clients?Black women video chatting. Dealing with the impact of psypact can be exhausting. Learn more about psypact states today. Begin psychologist Search engine optimization.

The impact of allowing psychologists to offer psyPACT and online therapy across state lines is offering greater access to care for individuals. Clients will not have to worry about receiving the right care from a therapist if they have big life changes and move from state to state. Often referral and finding a good counselor can be complex when for clients and is an added stressor they do not need. This offers more flexibility. And, allows therapists to serve minorities and underserved populations who are concerned about getting support from a truly culturally diverse therapist. 

In Part 2, we will learn about the strategy to take with SEO going forward with PsyPACT

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