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The Summer Slow-Down 2022

You may have heard of it, experienced it, or had no exposure to the summer slowdown, but it’s here! The summer slowdown is the time in the summer when counselors and therapists experience a reduction in referrals or find that current clients are canceling more often. This impacts the revenue of your business and can send you into a spiral if you have never experienced it, you just expanded, or you are not prepared. Know that this happens every year. Expect to see reduced referrals during summer and winter. However, SEO for therapists is a great tool to fight back against the slowdown. 

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some tips on SEO for therapists this summer!Man on boat typing. Are you in the midst of the summer slowdown in Chicago, New York, California, or Montreal? SEO for therapists can help. This is the best time to optimize your private practice website. Learn more!


SEO for Therapists Tip: 1 Blog. Blog. Blog.

You hear it from us repeatedly, but that’s because it’s so impactful! Blog and do it with intention. Think about writing one on online therapy. This is always a good idea because you can boost harder to rank keywords like therapy, therapist, online counseling, etc. It also aids in local SEO. You can create how-to guides, open letters, comprehensive therapy guides, coping tips for various issues, and a client-friendly understanding of therapy approaches. You can write about current events or make it more personal if it is consistent with your code of ethics. The options are limitless, don’t put yourself in a box when connecting with your clients. You have so much to share, so why what? If you are unsure about blogging for SEO for therapists, use our blogging course!Keyboard, plant, and notepad with blog written on it. You may be familar with the summer slowdown, but your private practice website hasn't experienced it, till now. No worries, seo for therapists, counselors, Occupational therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists can help!

Tip: 2 on SEO for Therapists Should I write cornerstone content or shorter blogs?

Both and! That is where SEO remains beneficial. Google reads everything to understand your writing and find key phrases. When Google understands your message, it can help you connect with the right people looking for your page. As a result, Google will search for keywords, readability, internal and external links, alt text, and other factors. That is what Google is for: matching the reader with the appropriate experience. So having long, in-depth blogs that are well optimized helps Google bring you the right traffic more accurately and consistently.

SEO for Therapists Tip: 3 Create Quality Service Pages

Regarding SEO, blogging versus service pages is not ranked in terms of  “more important.” Well, optimized content is well-optimized content! Google doesn’t care whether it’s a service page or a blog post. When it comes to SEO, both carry the same weight. However, in terms of user experience, service pages, and blog posts serve different purposes. When creating service pages, break them down into bite-size pieces. Don’t put teen therapy only if you work with anxiety, depression, trauma, and career counseling. Or, if you offer eating disorder treatment, don’t just create a basic landing page. Break it down into body image issues, binge eating, emotional eating, orthorexia, etc. 

Tip: 3 on Building Up Local SEO for TherapistsMagnifying glass with GMB on screen. Your private practice website has been thriving. Then the summer slowdown hit and you're having a hard time filling clinicans. Don't panic, this is normal. Try seo for therapists and get a headstart on the fall!

As many of you know, Google My Business is an important component of local SEO. We are more likely to show up for keywords like therapy near me, online therapist near me, or couples therapy Chicago when we can be found locally. Here’s a quick recap of my previous blog post on optimizing Google My Business. Check out Google My Business for Online Practices or Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile for more in-depth information.

A well-optimized Google profile lets clients quickly sense who you are as a private practice. When clients see how much care you have taken to keep your information up to date, they are more likely to become clients. As a result, you must set up and optimize your free account. Add relevant keywords wherever you can, for example, in descriptions, titles, etc.

Breathe and reap the rewards of your hard work

How long Will The Summer Slow Down Last?

After taking a look at these suggestions and incorporating them, take a breath. You had done some heavy lifting. The truth is that you set yourself up for success. The summer slowdown will end and pay off in the fall when you have put in the work early on. This is helpful for you and the longevity of your practice, This may happen year to year, and this is to be expected. Prepare some blogs in advance, build backlinks, and backload your caseload so you can still manage your finances. 

Our Team Can Teach You More About SEO for Therapists!Person on computer. Are you ready to begin blogging and writing content during the summer slowdown? Great! SEO for therapists can help you private practice website. Get started and book a free consult.

It’s time to get the private practice website assistance you require. If you are ready to get a kick start on your private practice marketing, SEO can help The summer slowdown is inevitable, but there are some measures you can take to protect your business and clinicians. Our team collaborates with a large number of therapists. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an SEO company that understands the world of mental health and how to market it ethically. Simplified SEO Consulting’s wonderful team of mental health SEO specialists would love to talk strategy with you and connect you with the best service for you. To begin using our service, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Make an appointment with our Consultation Team.
  2. Learn about our team!
  3. Kickstart your practices referrals

Other Services offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO consulting offers a wide range of services to help you begin working with your people. We offer Done for You SEO Service packages, online courses, and SEO training opportunities. Our most popular course includes our “Top of Google” online course, and we have 12 weeks of intensive SEO for those who want to learn with a guide. For those looking for a more specialized package, we also offer an SEO strategy package. To get started, schedule a consultation with our Client Success Specialist today! Are you looking to get ahead of the winter drop-off? We offer a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas for those needing blogging support. Visit the page, and we’ll see you on the seas!

Author Biography:

Jasmine is a Mental Health SEO Specialist and Simplified SEO Consulting’s Client Success Specialist. Understanding SEO shouldn’t be difficult, and Jasmine is here to help you figure out where to begin. Jasmine is one of many specialists who can assist you if you want an SEO company that understands the mental health world. Jasmine is an Aspire Counseling intern who works with body image, trauma, anxiety, mild eating disorders, and clients of various identities and backgrounds. If you require additional assistance with SEO for therapists, schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Simplified SEO consulting as soon as possible!

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