Body positive women dancing. Looking for eating disorder keywords for your private practice website? we can help! We offer seo for eating disorder therapists, coaches, and dieticians.

SEO for Eating Disorder Therapists and Dieticians

We know that when you’re seeking SEO support, you’re looking for someone who understands your specialty. Perhaps, you have done SEO before, but the person or company just didn’t get your ideal clients and the importance of connecting with them. When you’re working with an eating disorder, body image, or trauma, trust matters. These people are very vulnerable and need to be able to trust you. That means when they find you, your website needs to be a safe haven for them to be seen and heard, but how does a therapist do this with just a website? Learn about SEO for eating disorder therapists here!


How do you want to be spoken to when you are struggling with something? What we don’t want to do is create content that only focuses on one population, isolates others, or causes offense to individuals. Eating disorders are complex topics. While as clinicians we have good intentions, our actions and words carrier meaning, and power. So when you are creating content for your ideal clients recognize when some statements or viewpoints may be more harmful than others. Talk with other eating disorder specialists and see how they perceive your content. Talk to individuals who are not a part of the therapy world and get their feedback. The people around you can give you some honest feedback and see where your blind spots may be. 

Specialties and Service Pages

One thing that often occurs on eating disorder therapists’ and dieticians’ pages is making the eating disorder page too general. Creating one page with eating disorder therapy on it isn’t specific enough for Google. Essentially, it serves the same purpose as when you have a general counseling landing page with all your core specialties on it. If you work with body image, binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, emotional eating, or nutrition counseling, you need a specific page with at least 800 words on it. You will also need to create a cornerstone blog ( 2,000 words), to move from an authority on Google to more of an expert

Inclusive PhotosAnimated women with different bodies. If you are a looking to optimize a private practice website for eating disorders or dieticans, we can help. We offer SEO for eating disorder therapists, SEO for eating disorder coaches, and SEO for dieticians here!

Are you representing, Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Trans, men, women, or non-binary individuals are your website? Who is your target? Do you say you work with all kinds of people, but only have white folks on your site representing eating disorders? The truth is many people have internalized white cultural standards of body image. Plus in some cultures, there is a heavy emphasis on body image that can affect individuals over the course of their lives. If you are trying to be inclusive, make sure you are adding photos where anybody could see themselves somewhere on your site. 

Blogs that Communicate That You Understand

Write blogs! They matter so much to the overall well-being of your site and SEO. Service pages can only take you so far. These set you up as an authority. However, blogging on your site is what sets you apart from other sites. A long-term intentional blogging strategy can take you far. After you have created your core cornerstone blogs. Writing shorter blog posts that are 800 words is important. You can create blog series, answer common questions that clients ask, or create blogs for queries on the internet that are not being addressed. We have so much power to connect, communicate and show you understand your clients. 

Who are you hiring and working with

Part of being an eating disorder therapist is recognizing your own cultural humility. Some individuals want to work with someone who understands body image and eating concerns from a cultural, racial, identity, and sexual perspective. It is hard to relate to someone who has never experienced what you have personally. While we want to be able to be supportive to anyone, the truth is that we are not the perfect therapist for everyone, and that is ok. Make sure if you plan to expand or you see a need in your community that you are doing your best to diversify your team and train them in some of these cultural issues. 

Acknowledgment that different people experience eating disorders

Recognize that we cannot use a one size fits all approach to working with eating disorder clients. If our content only communicates working with one type of eating disorder client that is fine, but we cannot claim to be diverse or inclusive if we are not recognizing the trauma roots and experiences of how others may develop or interact with eating disorders. Remain culturally humble and recognize that we are not for everyone. If we try, writing content will be more challenging and more inauthentic. 

Tips on SEO for Eating Disorder Therapists

How do you work?

Make sure you are clear about how you work with clients. Many clients are coming to you feeling like they have tried everything. Communicate what your theoretical orientation is and why it works. If you’re a HAES therapist, talk about why this matters for treatment. If you take an ACT, CBT, or DBT approach talk about the research support and skills they will develop. Or if you work with the trauma underlying an eating disorder discuss where this perspective comes from and talk about who this is for and who it isn’t for. The clarity in your approach offers kindness to your clients. 

Build Backlinks to Build Authority

  • Find people you trust and ask them to give you a backlink for your site. Consider colleagues, non-profit organizations, and other networks you trust. 
  • Guest Blog, do you know someone who has a mental health blog you could connect with?
  • Go on a podcast and ask them to link to your site
  • Submit your website to relevant directories
  • Create authentic and genuine content so you will get backlinks naturally.

Quick Tips:

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Want to understand how to add keywords to your copy? Check out this blog!

Learn More About SEO for Eating Disorder Therapists with Our Team!Body positive black women animated. Its time to get the private practice website support you need. Learn about some eating disorder keywords, and how SEO for eating disorder therapist may help you!

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About the Author:

Jasmine is a Mental Health SEO Specialist and our Client Success Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting. Understanding SEO shouldn’t be challenging and Jasmine is here to help you understand where to start. If you are looking for an SEO company that understands eating disorders, Jasmine is one of many specialists who can help. Jasmine is a counseling intern at Aspire Counseling and works with body image, mild eating disorders, and clients with different identities and backgrounds. If you need more support for SEO for eating disorder therapists, schedule your free 30- minute consultation at Simplified SEO consulting soon!

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