SEO for Therapists: Tips for Black Clinicians

Belonging, diversity, and inclusion on blocks with silhouette of man walking. Learn about seo for therapists with us. Copywriting for therapists wanting to begin marketing strategies for african american clients matters. Its time to connection and help the community around you. So you’re looking to invest in SEO for therapists because you’re trying to seek out therapy services offered to the black community. This is easier said than done. You may be wondering what BIPOC and POC are even searching for when it comes to mental health. After all, we are notorious for not seeking out mental health, and only in the past few years have we started to undo generational traumas, seek help, and begin to normalize needing help. With the change of the African American and black communities’ mindset, now we are seeing our fellow brothers and sisters reaching their hands out. 

Now it is our job to meet them halfway. However, as a black clinician, you may be struggling to communicate your services for POC because you’re worried about using the right language and finding the right keywords. Should you be searching for “ find a black therapist near me”, or “ Therapy for African Americans”. With the change in diversity language and the need to niche down, it can be challenging to know what our people are out there searching for. Luckily SEO is here to help. Gaining the right clients is more than adding the right keywords. There is much more that needs to be done before you begin to connect with your ideal people. Learn more about SEO for therapists. 

Tip #1: Do a Google search for the terms you want to rank for and see what you find

Sometimes people feel like they need a fancy system to do appropriate keyword research. However, a quick way for black clinicians to speak to their people is to look at Google itself. Have you ever typed in “ Black therapist near me”, or African American Marriage Counselor”? What you will find when you type in certain keywords, other suggestions will pop up. These are important to pay attention to. It means people are actually looking for these services. So if you are offering therapy for people of color and you’re not checking on what Google offers you’re missing out. This demonstrates an immediate need in your immediate market. This also means that if there is a need, there should be keywords and copy on your site related to these topics. 

Tip # 2 Write About Issues That Matter to the Black and BIPOC Community

If you want to work with the black community to improve mental health, then you need to talk about the issues that affect them. That means if you’re dealing with high achieving women of color, talk about the stress, burnout, anxieties, fears, and struggles with relationships and boundaries. For black men, creating a safe space to deal with emotions and trauma alongside the stigma of needing help. Or, even addressing the touchy subject and impact of the pandemic, vaccines, and skepticism with Covid in the black community. We have a lot going on. What you can do to connect with your ideal clients is to make sure you’re not giving them fluff for how to deal with their mental health. Be real and show them real ways to overcome and move forward. That means blogging and writing quality service pages for your people. 

Tip # 3 Display Diversity on Your SiteParents holding young black girls hands outside. Needing support with seo for therapists. Ready to reach out and support your community? Learn about effective marketing strategies for Africans Americans and the black community.

This means planning out the design of your site and photos to align with your ideal people. You may think that is simple, I mean you’re putting black and BIPOC people on your site. Right?! No, it means display us in all shades of the rainbow, all sizes, styles, and stages of life. Make sure you represent and do it well so that your people feel seen and heard every step of the way. 

Tip # 4 Make Sure You’re Showing Your Niches on Your Website

We say this all the time, build out pages! However, it is so necessary to do this. You cannot just talk about anxiety, trauma, and relationships in the context of what they generally experience. That doesn’t help anyone unless you’re a group practice with many different focuses. However, if you’re looking for specific people you have to talk about the struggle of dealing with mental health in the context of the environment. 

Tip # 5 Connect with the Community and Other Clinicians 

Reach out to local schools and universities. Talk with community centers and initiatives in your area. The more you connect the better the community knows you’re available. Allowing people to know you’re a good referral source will help you in the long run. Additionally, if you’re looking to get backlinks and set up credibility with your domain, make sure you have good connections that can also give you a backlink for guest blogging. Make sure you’re making good use of your external resources, making yourself known, and seeing how you can support your community. If you need more support with this, let us help, we have worked with many clients from different niches and backgrounds and would love to help you reach your ideal people. 

Start Making an Impact Effectively with SEO for Therapists!African american woman laying on bed facing each other with legs up on wall. Its time to invest in SEO for therapists and we are here to help. Begin learning more marketing strategies for African Americans and the black community today!

Are you wondering how SEO for therapists will support your marketing strategy for African Americans? Our skilled and passionate team of SEO specialists is here to make sure your SEO journey is tailored to your brand and identity. Simplified SEO Consulting would be excited to help you on your SEO journey. To get started with our service follow these simple steps:  

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About the Author:  Jasmine, an SEO specialists at Simplified SEO consulting. If you're looking for SEO help, then contact us today. You can learn about holistic SEO, an ethica coaching strategy and more. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today with our consult team and learn how we support seo for coaches today!

As an SEO specialist at Simplified, Jasmine is an SEO services consultant and helps new clients become oriented to our services. If you are ready to begin SEO services, then get in touch and schedule your free consultation today!   

Jasmine Jaquess is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University. Currently, she is seeing clients in practice as part of her practicum. She serves as the Client Success Specialist in new client consultations with Simplified SEO Consulting. Plus she is one of our Mental Health SEO Specialists. She specializes in platforms such as Squarespace and Wix. If you’re ready to see how Simplified can serve you, schedule your next consultation. As our Client Success Specialist, see how Jasmine can support your business needs!

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