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Where to Fit Internal Links

You’ve heard that internal links (any time you have a link that sends someone from one page of your site to another) are great for SEO.  But you aren’t sure where to fit them into your website.  Sometimes, they seem to fit in naturally.  For instance, on an anxiety page you may mention that anxious people also often feel depressed and be able to link to the depression page.  But sometimes you just can’t figure out where to fit in an internal link.

2 Sections to Include on Most Pages of Your Website for SEO

There are two important sections that we often add to websites when we’re optimizing websites for our “Done for you” clients. These sections serve multiple purposes, but one purpose is that they give us space to include valuable internal links!  Feel free to add these two sections to your own website or to do a hybrid option.  For instance, some people will kind of combine them into a single section.

#1: A Direct Call to Action Section

A lot of therapists include lots and lots of fun content about why depression stinks, how A therapist with a client in a full private practice | SEO tips and tricks | SEO Consulting Serviceyou really want to feel better from depression, and how counseling can help with depression. However, we often need to include some sort of call to action to encourage people to take the next step from reading and digesting this information to actually acting.

For example, at the bottom of a page about depression counseling, I would encourage you to have a direct call to action that says: “Begin depression counseling in Tulsa, Oklahoma.” This should be in an H2 subheading.  Then describe exactly how they would go about beginning depression counseling.

Two Benefits of a Call to Action Section

It is really important to have a section with a very direct call to action.

First of all, you’re able to use some great keywords in a subheading. For example, take the above example of a section titled, “Begin Depression Counseling in Tulsa, OK.” You now have ‘depression counseling’ and you have ‘Tulsa, Oklahoma’ in a higher level (H2) subheading. Those are great keywords and Google will assume they’re important since they’re in a subheading.

The second benefit is that this section invites the client to move beyond simply reading your page and actually book an appointment with you. You’re very simply spelling out the steps that they need to take to begin depression counseling. So many people looking at your website are flooded with emotion or in a hurry when they are taking a quick look at your website.  If we make it super clear, then the minute they have read enough to know you are “the one” they can easily scroll to the bottom to get started.

*Note this does NOT replace having a clear “Start now” or “Contact us” button at the top of the page as well!

Example of a Call to Action

You don’t have to keep living with these symptoms, when you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to get started! Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. First, contact us through our website – here you will include an internal link to your contact page.
  2. Next, it is to meet with one of our caring therapists – include an internal link to your therapists page.
  3. Then, it’s time to begin healing – Or whatever the outcome is going to be-no link, just paint a picture of the outcome.

Other Mental Health Services Section

Pieces of the puzzle | SEO course | SEO marketing for therapistsAnother addition you can include on many of your website pages is a small section at the bottom of the page our SEO team often call the ‘Other Services’ section. So, the subheading might read: “Other mental health services offered by ABC Counseling Center,” or something like that. I recommend including this on all of your service pages and on many blog posts as well. For example, we’ll have a paragraph mentioning that we know that mental health is complicated, so depression counseling isn’t the only thing that we do at ABC Counseling. We also offer anxiety treatment, common meditation training, couples counseling, etc. Then, you can include an internal link back to each of those services.

This section gives you a chance to include a BUNCH of internal links. These internal links are really good for SEO. However, it also has the added benefit of potentially encouraging people to check out other pages on your website, which decreases your bounce rate and tells Google that people must find this website valuable.

SEO Services for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals

Simplified SEO Consulting provides SEO services for therapists.  We offer “Done for You” monthly SEO packages where we optimize several pages each month for you as well as SEO Training services.  We believe in going really in doing in-depth SEO Services that truly work.  If you are a mental health provider and are ready to get your page to the top of Google, schedule your free 30-minute consultation today! We’ll answer any questions you have and see if any of our SEO Services might be a good fit for your practice.

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