You’re an independent minded “Do It Yourself” type of business owner.  Or maybe you have the perfect person to maintain your website and SEO for you…they just need some help learning the ropes.  Either way, I’m happy to help!

I affectionately call this my “Teach a Man to Fish” service. Have you heard the saying that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a meal, but if you teach him to fish you feed him for a lifetime?  I’d love to teach you to fish so you can continue doing basic SEO on your own!

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Self Paced SEO Training Online

Online SEO Training Courses

If you’re a mental health professional interested in learning to optimize your own website for search engines, you may want to start with our self paced online SEO courses.  Jessica designed these courses to show you what you need to do to get to Google.  So, you’ll hear her talk about each topic and then the concept will be demonstrated on screen.  We have one large, comprehensive course that shows you everything and then a few shorter courses that will each teach you specific strategies you can use in more bit sized pieces.

Learn About our Online SEO Course

In Person SEO Training Workshops

*We love offering in person trainings!  Our favorite is our 2.5 day “Top of Search Engines” online workshop where we teach you everything you need to know to get long term SEO results and you leave having already done comprehensive SEO for at least 5 pages of your site!  It’s intense.  It’s exhausting.  And most importantly, it’s effective!  unfortunately, we don’t have any specifically planned right now due to Covid 19.  But, if you are interested, please reach out to and let us know.  We’ll put you on the list to be notified when our next in person event is planned!

Learn SEO in a Weekend

12 Week SEO Intensive Coaching & Training

Who is this package for?

You’re a new private practice owner.  The truth is that you’re strapped for cash but have a lot of time on your hands.  You’re learning to do all kinds of new things and have a “Do It Yourself” attitude that’s going to help you grow quickly.


You run an established practice but want to continue growing and know better SEO will help.  Perhaps you have a Virtual Assistant, marketing person or spouse who can work on SEO for you if they can learn how.

If either of these experiences sounds familiar, you are in the right place!

What’s Included:

This SEO training package focuses on teaching YOU (or your designee) to do your own SEO work on your website.  It includes:

  • One(1) 90 minute SEO Consultation Session: In our first session we will do a quick overview of all the basic SEO techniques we will be using, I’ll answer your SEO questions and we’ll develop a game plan

  • Five (5) 45-50 minute SEO Consultation Sessions: These sessions are generally scheduled every other week over the 12 weeks. We will use an online platform (generally Zoom) to video chat and often screen share while together we optimize pages together.  Sometimes this may involve me logging into the backend of your website and making changes for you while you watch, but often I have you making changes yourself using the screen share function while I coach you through the changes.  We generally optimize one page per session.

  • Access to the full, self-paced online “Top of Search Engines” Course
  • Between SEO training sessions, you will practice optimizing pages on your own so we can discuss successes & challenges at the next session.

  • 2 People from the same practice can participate in calls. This way if a practice owner and office manager, for instance, want to both learn to optimize the website each can participate in the calls at the same time. 

  • You may record calls to refer to later if you let Jessica know you are recording.

  • Support and quick questions throughout the 12 weeks. You are welcome to send me messages as questions come up between sessions.

  • 3 Months of our Data Dashboard tool to help you track your progress!
  • During the 12 weeks, you will also have access to our private Facebook Group where you can receive feedback on your website from peers, read quick tips, watch videos and ask questions for me to answer.

  • Reduced rates on additional Simplified SEO Consulting services purchased during the 12 weeks.

Two people sit at a computer working and one is pointing at the screen | Therapist SEO courses are available to mental health professionals | Simplified SEO ConsultingIt’s a Time Commitment to Learn SEO

Every person I’ve trained who has put in the time has been able to learn these concepts!  The tricky part is that whole “putting in the time” thing…I ask that you put in a minimum of 2 hours per week working on your website outside of our training sessions.  Basically, the more you put in the more you’ll get out of your training.  You’ll be adding service pages, adding photos, editing text, writing meta descriptions and more. It’s essential that you practice outside of our sessions and come prepared with questions and ready for feedback!

Begin SEO Training for Therapists

As a therapist, you don’t have to struggle with low website traffic or rankings on search engines, such as Google. Sometimes you have a beautiful website, but it doesn’t seem to serve its purpose because few people are seeing it. You can move up in the rankings of Google and bring in significant traffic with the proper SEO training. Our Skilled SEO specialists can teach you how to optimize your own website, so that you can increase your rankings. Simplified SEO Consulting offers training packages that can help your website become easier for potential clients to find and navigate. If you would like to start one of our monthly SEO packages or have questions, please contact us or schedule a free consultation . You can join the many therapists who, with our SEO services, have seen great improvements in their private practice rankings!

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Other Services Offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

In addition to SEO training packages, we also offer many other SEO services including done for you services, alumni & maintenance packages, and À la carte SEO services. If you aren’t sure whether SEO is for you, feel free to check-out some of our other resources or blogs. We also offer a 7-day email series where you can start to learn SEO for free!