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Our Therapy Clients Need us More Than Ever

Like so many of you, I find myself worried as I’m writing this. I’m worried about my children who had to say goodbye to their friends for who knows how long. Even more so, I’m worried about loved ones who might be more vulnerable to the Coronavirus going around. I’m also worried about my clients’ […]

The First Three Things You Should do for SEO

You’ve heard that in the modern area, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be part of your marketing strategy. And you know it’s true that most of your potential clients are looking for your services online. But the truth is, it just feels overwhelming to even think about working on your own website SEO. Most of […]

Are blog posts just for SEO?

I guess because I’m the SEO guru, when I start talking about blog posts, people assume they’re just to help you rank better on Google. In fact, I’ve had many private practice owners say, “Nobody will ever read my blog posts anyway.” Talk like that breaks my heart! The truth is, I see blog posts […]

Keyword Research Tools for Therapists

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I figure out what keywords to target on my website?”  I think there are two important topics to cover here: Where to look for keywords and how to choose which ones to target.  Today, I’ll touch on the where to look and then we’ll […]

SEO Marketing Goals for 2020

Let’s start with: HAPPY NEW YEAR!   When I look back over 2019, I think not only about the growth of my own business but also about the growth all of our clients have seen!  I’ve been looking at data for people we served early in 2019 and listening to new clients telling us that their […]

Website Copywriting for Christian Therapists

By Whitney Owens We all remember when fish decals on cars and WWJD bracelets on wrists were the fad. When we saw these items, we knew the users were Christians displaying their faith for the world to see. In some cases, this can be a powerful message. Yet, in other situations, it can send the […]

3 Tips for Maximizing Your “Slow Time” in Private Practice

If you’ve been in private practice for long, you’ve probably realized that there are some predictable slow times.  It’s scary!  The first couple of years you’re in private practice you may even wonder if you’ll survive the slow down.  What if it doesn’t pick back up?  And aren’t people stressed during the holiday season having […]

SEO & Story Brand

  Do I have any other Story Brand fans out there?  If you haven’t read Donald Miller’s book “Story Brand” yet, I highly encourage you to pause for a moment and go purchase it on Amazon.  I’ve read through it 3 times myself, participated in a small group study where we went through it together, […]