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Website Copywriting for Christian Therapists

By Whitney Owens We all remember when fish decals on cars and WWJD bracelets on wrists were the fad. When we saw these items, we knew the users were Christians displaying their faith for the world to see. In some cases, this can be a powerful message. Yet, in other situations, it can send the […]

3 Tips for Maximizing Your “Slow Time” in Private Practice

If you’ve been in private practice for long, you’ve probably realized that there are some predictable slow times.  It’s scary!  The first couple of years you’re in private practice you may even wonder if you’ll survive the slow down.  What if it doesn’t pick back up?  And aren’t people stressed during the holiday season having […]

SEO & Story Brand

  Do I have any other Story Brand fans out there?  If you haven’t read Donald Miller’s book “Story Brand” yet, I highly encourage you to pause for a moment and go purchase it on Amazon.  I’ve read through it 3 times myself, participated in a small group study where we went through it together, […]


Where to Fit Internal Links

You’ve heard that internal links (any time you have a link that sends someone from one page of your site to another) are great for SEO.  But you aren’t sure where to fit them into your website.  Sometimes, they seem to fit in naturally.  For instance, on an anxiety page you may mention that anxious […]

Getting High Quality Backlinks: SEO Tips & Tricks

Backlinks for Therapists Mason here to add my two cents on what exactly high quality backlinks are and how to go about getting them. At this point, perhaps you know what a backlink is. A backlink is a link from someone else’s website to yours. These help Google know that you are an authority as […]

Is SEO Important for Mental Health Professionals?

Perhaps you’ve started a private practice counseling clinic and your new website doesn’t seem to get be getting much traffic. Maybe when searching keywords that you think you should rank for on Google, your webpages are nowhere to be seen. You might even wonder how the sites of other therapists in your area rank so […]

How Long Should Blog Posts be to Help SEO?

I have a confession. I love writing blog posts.  In fact, earlier in my practice when I had more time I was literally publishing two blog posts per week on my counseling website! However, after a year of helping other therapists on their websites, I realize not everyone enjoys writing blogs.  In fact, most of […]

Do I need a Website Designer?

Up until now, you’ve managed your own website.  Maybe it’s out of necessity….creating your own website saved some money.  Maybe it’s because you’re the DIY type.  I know there’s a huge thrill in creating something yourself AND it gives you the ultimate control over your own brand. But let’s face it….managing your own website can […]

3 Important Tips for Writing a Guest Blog Post

Writing a guest blog post can be a great way to get more backlinks for your website! I highly recommend reaching out to therapists and asking if you can write a blog post for their site, or better yet write one for each other’s site so you get fresh content on your site as well! […]