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Page Speed for Therapist Websites

Why a post about website speed? First of all, why is an SEO gal talking about speed?  Because Google (and other search engines! I don’t discriminate against Yahoo or Bing or any others!) like speed.  They know that website viewers in the year 2019 are impatient.  We get spoiled by fast websites across the web, […]

The Four Things Your Counseling Website Must Do

When I’m talking about Search Engine Optimization with therapists and other private practice owners, I emphasize that there are essentially 5 things that your website must do in order to bring you more clients.  I want to go over each of those briefly today, because if your website does one or two of these but […]

How Can Meta Descriptions Help my Counseling Website?

Does either of these situations sound familiar? You have a beautiful website that is easy to navigate, has beautiful pictures, and has text written to speak directly to your ideal client. The problem? Nobody can find your site.  If you search for counseling in your area or even specify your niche (ex: “help for postpartum […]

Google Analytics: How to Use the Data

You have Google Analytics installed for your counseling website.  In fact, you’ve even looked at Google Analytics a few times.  But what do all those numbers mean?  How do you actually USE any of the data?  Every time you look at Google Analytics you just feel overwhelmed and to be honest a little annoyed. You’re […]

Is Your Website Ready for SEO?

3 Tips to Get Your Counseling Website SEO Ready You’ve been reading my e-mails, maybe listening to some podcasts or even searching for some articles online about SEO.  Perhaps you’re even thinking about looking into the cost of paid SEO services. You may be asking yourself: Is my site READY for me to work on […]


Backlinks: Get Popular on Google

Backlinks Today we’re talking about backlinks – a really powerful tool for improving your SEO. A backlink is a link from another site TO your site.  Basically, someone else is saying that your site has valuable information their reader might be interested in on a particular topic.  For instance, if a local fitness instructor is […]