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Examples of Meta Descriptions for a Sample Therapist Website

Meta descriptions are often overlooked on websites, but they are a very important part of your website’s SEO. This is especially true for private practice websites. A good meta description can entice people to click through to your website, and a bad one can cause them to skip over you entirely. In this blog post, we will give specific examples of effective meta descriptions for a therapist’s website.

Tips for Writing Great Meta Descriptions

– Keep it brief. Aim for less than 155 characters, as that is the maximum number of characters Google will display in search results.

– Make sure your description is relevant to the page content. You don’t want readers clicking on a page only to be disappointed with what they find upon entering the website.

– Don’t include too many keywords, as this does not look natural. Instead, focus on making the meta description sound appealing and informative to readers while naturally incorporating a couple of the top keywords you’re targeting on that page.

To illustrate these points further, I’ve provided some examples of what a good meta description could look like for a sample website.  For this illustration, all of these examples will be for a private practice that specializes in treating eating disorders in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Sample Meta Descriptions

I have often heard that  the best way to learn is by example, so with that in mind here are some examples of meta descriptions our SEO clients could use on their website:

Home Page Meta Description Example:

Title Tag: The Hope Eating Disorder Recovery Center | Treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder | Bismarck, North Dakota

Meta Description: The Hope Eating Disorder Recovery Center is a counseling center that offers effective eating disorder treatment with experienced Eating Disorder Therapists to treat anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder & other eating disorders.

You can see more examples of meta descriptions for a private practice website homepage here.

A Specific Therapist’s About Page Example:

Title Tag: Meet Dr. Bruno Madrigal, The Hope Eating Disorder Recovery Center |Bismarck, ND

Meta Description: Dr. Bruno Madrigal is an eating disorder therapist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. He has extensive training in DBT, family-based therapy, CBT & interpersonal psychotherapy to help his clients recover.

You can see more examples of meta descriptions for a therapist about page here.

An “Our Office” Example:

Title Tag: Directions to Our Office, The Hope Eating Disorder Recovery Center in Bismarck, ND

Meta Description: If you’re looking for treatment for an eating disorder, Our Office, The Hope Eating Disorder Recovery Center in Bismarck, ND can help. Located just 5 minutes from Sanford Medical Center, we offer eating disorder treatments that work.

Two Blog Post Examples

Title Tag: Signs Your Teen Has Binge Eating Disorder

Meta Description: Do you know the signs of binge eating disorder in teenagers? Learn what to look for and how to get help if your teen is struggling. Licensed Professional Counselor Nala Rafiki at The Hope Eating Disorder Recovery Center in Bismarck, ND offers tips and advice.

Title Tag: Introduction to Types of Eating Disorders

Meta Description: This post provides an introduction to the five types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, pica, and rumination disorder.

You can see more examples of meta descriptions for mental health blog posts here.

Begin Writing Your Meta Descriptions

Ok, so hopefully that gives you a bit of a picture of what a good meta description looks like on a private practice or mental health-related business’ website.  In short, think of your meta descriptions as an opportunity to entice readers and provide accurate information about the page content at the same time. Keep it brief, relevant and informative, but also make sure it’s interesting enough to draw people in!

More SEO Help for Therapists, Psychiatrists & Private Practice Owners

If you need more help optimizing your website for search engine results, we offer comprehensive SEO services for mental health-related businesses. We believe your ideal clients are looking for you. They deserve your help. But first, they have to find you.

To get started, simply schedule a time to chat with one of our team about which one of our SEO services would be the best fit for your practice.

Good luck with your meta description writing efforts! I’m sure your website visitors will thank you for it!

About the Author

Jessica Tappana is a private practice owner herself. Additionally, she is an SEO consultant specializing in helping healthcare professionals, private practice owners and therapists rank higher in search engine results. With over 5 years of experience in digital marketing & over 13 in the mental health field, she’s seen firsthand how effective SEO can be for a private practice business. Jessica is passionate about helping her clients succeed online, so they can reach more people and help them get the help they need. She hires team members who are just as passionate about mental health and her team invests substantial amounts in making sure every team member is trained in the current best practices for online marketing in the field of mental health.

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