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Blogging for SEO: Where to Find Inspiration

As an SEO expert and someone who loves to write, I often struggle to come up with creative blog post suggestions. Frankly, my ideas become stale after a while. This in turn makes writing less enjoyable and much more time-consuming. But, recently I was inspired to change my mindset and shift my thinking to make blogging a much more enjoyable creative outlet. And let me tell you, it’s working. What’s my secret you ask? Well, it’s allowing myself to look for ideas in the most unconventional places.

Wait a minute, if you’re not targeting keywords while you write your first draft, how will you optimize a blog for SEO?

young woman sits in her living room typing on her computer as she blogs for SEO. Learn SEO and more about copywriting from an SEO expert at Simplified SEO ConsultingIf you think blogging is just for SEO, then my last statement may have worried you a little bit. Perhaps you’re wondering, how do I target keywords? Can I even optimize them to boost my ratings? YES! You absolutely can! It requires a bit of practice but it’s totally doable. And you’ll find that once you learn to write this way, you’ll enjoy blogging so much more.

Here’s an example:

I recently saw a popular television show depicting an EMDR session to treat a character that had severe war-related PTSD. At first, I was a bit excited because I saw a topic I write about often getting the attention it deserves, but as the scene wore on I quickly realized, this is NOT the way my therapist clients talk about EMDR. There were no protocols being followed. And in the end, the client left more keyed up than when the scene began.

Honestly, it was not a good look and it did not adequately portray the healing that can come from working with a therapist trained in EMDR. The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I felt. Then as I was laying in bed I thought to myself, you should blog on this. Talk about what you can expect from an EMDR session and dispel the myths that make people afraid to try it.

Truthfully, this was one of the best blogs I’ve written. Why? Because I was inspired and it was fresh on my mind.

Say What You Want to Say and Enjoy the SEO Process

As someone who’s made their career practicing therapy, I’m sure you could talk about mental health issues at length. Maybe you do, but maybe you hold off. When you get inspired to talk about a mental health subject, in a conversation with friends, after watching tv or reading a book or news article, I encourage you to blog on it. Allow your passion and expertise to shine through in your writing. Think of it as your opportunity to voice your thoughts and show others who you are as a clinician.

Optimizing Your Blog for SEO

older woman types on her laptop. Perhaps she is a therapist learning how to blog for SEO. Learn how to draw inspiration from a copywriter and SEO expert at Simplified SEO ConsultingAfter you’ve written the blog, you should optimize it for SEO. Perhaps the topic you’ve written on pertains to a keyword you’re tracking, but maybe it does not. If it does, great! If it doesn’t don’t worry, you can still make it work! Just look for opportunities to tie what you’ve written to a keyword you are wanting to optimize for. Say you’ve written a blog about how to apologize after a big fight with your spouse because it’s something you were inspired to write, but couples therapy isn’t a keyword you’re tracking. What do you do? We’ll look for other keywords that can relate to the content of your blog. You could choose therapist, mental health support, or even anxiety treatment and weave it into the content you’ve written. For example, you could title the blog “A Therapist Shares 5 Things You Must Do When You Apologize” or something like that. You could tie in the anxiety piece by discussing how anxiety can cause you to be irritable and snap at your spouse when you don’t actually mean to. Then, you can share how anxiety treatment can help.

Where Will YOU Find Inspiration for Blog Posts?

Look for inspiration in your everyday life and blog on them. Some places I frequently get inspiration from include:
Conversations with friends and family

  • The news
  • Social media
  • Movies
  • Television
  • Books

Next Steps to Learn More About Blogging for SEO

I hope this helps you make the mental mind shift to think about blogging in a new light and gather inspiration where you can. My hope is that by writing on things you feel passionate about in the moment, you’ll let your personality shine through and write an awesome blog!

If you’re looking for more information on blogging our Blogging for SEO E-Course is a great place to start. Here you can learn more about what we look for in blogs and how to optimize the amazing content I know you will write.

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