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4 SEO Tips From a Therapist

By Amanda Holmberg MS LMFT

Owner/Therapist, Sexual Wellness Institute 


Are you a therapist who is brand new to this whole SEO for therapists thing? As a therapist who is not “techy,” I was surprised at how fast I learned what these three letters meant and why they are so important.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. If your website has “good” SEO it means Google thinks you have good and relevant information on your website and will place you higher on search results for certain keywords. 

What are Keywords? Keywords are words that clients use to search for something in Google. If they are looking for a therapist, they might search for words like, “couples therapist near me” or “depression counseling”. If your practice serves couples or individuals who are depressed, you’d want Google to put you on the first page for clients searching those keywords so that they can find you, and schedule with you!


How do you get on the first page of Google for the services your practice provides? I learned SEO for therapists from working with Simplified SEO Consulting, and I will now share these SEO tips with you!


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Yes, I know it’s annoying. I know we’ve heard it a million times. But it is so so important to blog for several reasons. 

  1. A way to get more keywords on your website
  2. A way to establish yourself as an expert in your specialty areas
  3. Give clients something to try if they aren’t ready to start therapy yet
  4. Attracts visitors to your website
  5. Google favors websites that have regular updates and fresh content 


SEO Tips for Creating a Blog


  1. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. Think of things you are always repeating over and over to your clients and write them out in a clear and concise way.
  2. Resist the urge to be “perfect”. Your writing doesn’t have to be academic, in fact, it shouldn’t be. Google doesn’t like that and neither do clients. Your writing also doesn’t have to be the best thing you’ve ever written. Get your thoughts out, proof it once, and be done with it. The point is to get information out to your clients and also get keywords on your website. That’s it. 
  3. Use “tips” and numbered lists Ex: 5 Ways to Improve your anxiety RIGHT Now!”
  4. Blogs should be at least 500-600 words
  5. Use headers to separate paragraphs to make it easier to read
  6. Link to other pages on your website or other blogs in your blog
  7. Share on all of your social media
  8. Blog regularly and consistently. Blogging once per week or once per month consistently is way better than blogging 7 days in a row and then nothing for a month. 

Service PagesShows a client searching for a therapist's service pages. Represents why our team at Simplified SEO Consulting says "Yes" when therapists ask "is seo important for therapists".


Service pages are headers at the top of your website that lead to pages that give clients more information about your services. These should be very specific. I am a relationship and sex therapist and my services pages are things like “desire concerns”, “marriage counseling”, and “sexual trauma therapy”. 

Each specialty in your practice needs a page with at least 500 words on it. This page will include “pain points” (what clients with this issue may be feeling), how you treat the issue, and what outcomes the client can expect by entering into therapy with you. Please see my service pages for examples!


Add information about your location throughout the website


Make sure you have a header with “Our location” or “Our office” that has a Google map linked with your address. Your address should also be at the bottom of every page. Another one of these more local SEO tips is that you should also list cities or landmarks that you are close to, as Google likes this. It shows that you really know the area and convinces Google that you are really located there. This strategy is a part of Local SEO.

Create a Google Business ProfileShows the Google My Business Profile app on someone's phone. Represents how SEO consulting encourages therapists to sign up for a Google My Business Profile.


A Google business profile is another way to show up on Google. This is where a few different businesses are listed upon searching for something with the map above it. This is also another way to legitimize your business.

Create your profile by following this link


Don’t do all these things at once or you are sure to get overwhelmed. Pick one of these SEO tips and work on it for a couple of weeks. Then move on to the next. You got it! Sending you and your business high-ranking vibes!

Interested in SEO Consulting?

Learning SEO Marketing for therapists and receiving SEO consulting can really help boost your private practice’s rankings. If you’re looking for SEO support, we would love to support you in reaching your ideal clients and the top of Google’s rankings. When you’re ready to begin SEO consulting, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply to work with us and learn more about the members of the Simplified SEO Consulting team
  2. Learn more about our SEO services and training opportunities
  3. Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube! Or join our newsletter to keep up-to-date on SEO tips!
  4. Begin using these SEO tips to boost your rankings today!

About the AuthorShows Amanda Holmberg MS LMFT. She has learned SEO marketing for therapists and is excited to share her SEO tips.

Amanda Holmberg, MS LMFT is a Clinic Director/Owner of Sexual Wellness Institute. With a Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy, Amanda teaches as an adjunct instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She has extensive experience in working with sexual concerns, trauma, and EMDR therapy. Amanda is passionate about helping couples, individuals, and non-traditional relationships (poly, swinging, open marriages, kink, etc.). She also works with high-conflict couples, those considering divorce, and blended families. Amanda is dedicated to making her clients feel comfortable and confident in therapy. She offers free consultation appointments and provides supervision, internships, and consultation to therapists.

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    “What an unexpected yet insightful perspective on SEO! These tips from a therapist offer a refreshing take on improving website visibility and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Incorporating empathy and understanding into SEO strategy is a game-changer. Thanks for sharing these invaluable insights!”


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