It's Time to Outsource Your SEO

  • ✓ Are you tired of waiting for the next new client to call?
  • ✓ Does it feel like you're throwing money away on Google Ads every month?
  • ✓ Do you hate working on your own

  • ✓ Are you looking for an SEO company you can trust?
  • ✓ Is it important you find someone who understands the private practice world?
  • ✓ Are you wanting to get ranking as quickly as possible?

At Simplified SEO Consulting, we believe you deserve to grow your practice by getting in front of more of your ideal clients. We'll optimize your website so you can focus on serving your clients.


Are you a busy counseling practice owner wanting your website to rank on Google but you just don’t have the time to do the SEO work yourself?

Our “Done for You” SEO services allow you to do what you do best: provide excellent counseling services. Meanwhile, our team will put in the time and effort to optimize your website for SEO.


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How Long Does it Take to Optimize a Website?

Two important things to keep in mind here:

  1. SEO takes time.
  2. You don't have to invest in SEO forever.

So, these two things might seem a bit contradictory, so hang with us for a minute here.  The truth is, it takes time to build trust with SEO.

A photo of a man holding a tablet with a increasing bar graph on the screen | Therapists SEO services are available with monthly SEO packages available for private practice clinicians | Simplified SEO ConsultingMonthly SEO Package: Comprehensive Done for You SEO Services

This package is our most common package new clients choose.  

In Depth SEO Work

The way our SEO services work is that we do really in depth optimizing on a few pages each month. You choose a package size based on the number of pages you’d like optimized per month. In general, we recommend 2-4 page per month depending on the competitiveness of your market area. It’s important to note that you choose different pages for us to optimize each month.  So, if you choose Depression Counseling, Anxiety Counseling & Couples Therapy month 1, you then choose three completely different pages for month two.

Included in the Monthly SEO Package:

Comprehensive SEO Services

 This is what makes our services unique.  We do really in depth work on each page.  We take team approach so you have multiple people (2-3) looking at your website, looking at the data and trying to get your website ranking better.  For each page we edit, we’ll do:

    • Basic Keyword Research & Recommendations
    • Write a quality Meta Description
    • Optimize Headings & Subheadings
    • Optimize at least 3 optimized photos per page
      • We will add alt text to all photos currently on the page and if needed will add additional photos.  If you do not like the photos we choose to add, we will replace each photo once to make sure you have photos consistent with your brand that will also help you rank for the keywords we’re targeting. We typically use BigStock photos if we are adding them to your site.
      • We do not do photo editing such as adding filters to photos.  Therefore, some of our site owners choose to add their own photos to ensure brand consistency across the site.
    • Add internal links to other pages on your website. Unless you have a preference otherwise, we typically place these in a “Call to Action” and an “other services” section near the bottom of each page. These sections include a lot of internal links pointing to other pages from the optimized page. Internal links are added in the main body of the page as well when appropriate.
    • Do Basic Copy Editing – We will edit the body of your text to help use language that will both improve your ranking and convert clients. This includes:
      • Naturally incorporating keywords into your text
      • Improving Readability by shortening sentences, reducing passive voice on the page, adding transition words, adding sentences or even short sections to include keywords, etc. We are most effective with this part on Word Press sites, because we use the Yoast plugin.
      • If needed, we may add short sections with keyword dense subheadings. For instance, we may add a section called “Symptoms of _____” that then lists the symptoms. Another example would be a section called “Counseling helps _____” that is meant to provide the client hope
      • We try to use client friendly, easy to understand language whenever possible and incorporate everything we’ve learned about effective copywriting from reading blog posts & books, attending trainings, listening to podcasts, etc.
      • Please note: If your page needs to be completely rewritten we will ask that you do that or charge my copywriting fee.
    • Request Indexing of your pages by Google

Communication with Simplified SEO Staff

You will meet with our staff via Zoom every month.   These calls are planned for the last few days of the previous month or the first few days of the new month we will be optimizing.  The first month, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect working with us, make recommendations about what order to target pages to get you the best return on investment and your individual preferences.  We will also discuss your SEO goals, your local market, etc. Most importantly, this is your chance to ask us questions.

After the first month, you’ll use the calls to give us feedback so we can fine tune our approach and really make sure we are exceeding your expectations!  During this call, one of our staff will review your data with you so you understand the impact of what we’ve done so far and we can discuss how to tweak our strategy if we’re not getting the results we hoped for.  Furthermore, we’ll begin planning out what pages our staff will work on in the upcoming month.

Call length depends on the size of your package.  We will meet for 15 minutes per page we are optimizing.  These Zoom calls are required the first two months but are optional in future months.

Additional SEO Tools & Supports

Your monthly SEO package also includes:

  • The Simplified SEO Consulting Data Dashboard included in the cost of your plan each month to help you (and us) track progress
  • Assess to the Simplified SEO Facebook Group
  • A monthly list of potential blog topics to improve SEO for your keywords (3+ page per month package only)

**We typically recommend that practices commit to this package for at least 6 months to get your website consistently ranking well. However, if you are satisfied with your results earlier you can always move to a smaller package or one of our alumni packages earlier.

*The price of this package ranges from $350/month to $975/month depending on how many pages you choose to optimize each month.

Time Commitment for Comprehensive SEO Services

New clients generally commit to 6 months of ongoing comprehensive SEO services. This is because SEO doesn't happen overnight. We've found that around 6 months of services seems to be the sweet spot for most of our clients.  Occasionally, clients in less competitive areas will reach their goals more quickly and stop after 4-5 months.  Or perhaps someone will expand to a new specialty area, is trying to rank nationally for a coaching service or add a second location to target. In those instances, they may need our comprehensive services a little longer than six months.

The main thing we want you to know is that you aren't paying for this level of services indefinitely, but it will take a little while.

After our clients finish using our comprehensive SEO services (usually after 6 months), most transition to a much smaller Alumni package.  This is because you want to continue to monitor traffic to your website, be aware of any major changes in the SEO world and do a few other things to keep your SEO up.  But know that after you rank pretty well, your site just doesn't need the same intense level of work.  So, our Alumni packages are pretty minimal and just meant to help clients continue to have the support to maintain your rankings with perhaps slight, gradual improvements.

A photo of a computer showing a upward sloping graph | SEO for Mental Health Professionals can help counselors improve their search engine rankings | Simplified SEO Consulting

2 Month Jumpstart Package

This package is perfect for private practice owners in very competitive areas looking for a quick boost to their SEO. Typically, practice owners complete this package and then move to our 3 page package for several months as well.

Included in the 2 Month Overhaul SEO Package

  • A planning call at the beginning of each month over video chat. In this call, we will identify the specific pages our staff will optimize this month. We will also discuss your SEO goals, your local market, etc. This call will be 60 minutes and is held over Zoom.
  • Comprehensive SEO Service for 4 pages per month
    • Basic Keyword Research & Recommendations
    • A quality Meta Description
    • Optimized Headings & Subheadings
    • Keywords woven into your text
    • At least 3 optimized photos per page
      • We will optimize all photos currently on the page and if needed can add additional photos with your input.
    • At least 3 internal links pointing to other pages from the optimized page and at least 1 (typically several) internal link on another page pointing toward the page we are optimizing
    • Basic Copy Editing: Spreading keywords throughout the text, shortening sentences, reducing passive voice on the page, adding transition words, adding sentences or even short sections to include keywords, etc. If your page needs to be completely rewritten we will ask that you do that or charge my copywriting fee.
    • Request Indexing of your pages by Google
  • Meta Descriptions written for up to three additional pages each of the two months
    • This might include a directions to our office page, the main blog page, an about page or other pages we will not be doing comprehensive optimization on.
  • Sitemaps submitted to Google Search Console the first month
  • Optimized Photos: If you have Word Press, we will also add Alt Text & optimize the file names for all of the photos in your photo library
  • The Simplified SEO Consulting Data Dashboard included in the cost of your plan each month to help track progress
  • Assess to the Simplified SEO Facebook Group for the 2 months
  • A list of 7-10 potential blog topics sent to you each month. We encourage you to use this list to inspire your writing for the next several months.


A drawing of a mountain and a dotted path from the snowy base of the mountain to its' peak | SEO consulting services for therapists | Simplified SEO Consulting

Begin Done For You SEO Services for Therapists

As a therapist, you don’t have to divide your time between seeing clients and doing your own search engine optimization. In many cases, it may be more practical to free up time so that you can spend more time counseling. Skilled SEO specialists can help by optimizing your website, so that you can spend your time taking on more clients. Simplified SEO Consulting offers done for you SEO packages that can help your site move up the ranks of Google. If you would like to start one of our monthly SEO packages or have questions, please contact us or schedule a free consultation . You can join the many therapists who, with our SEO services, have seen great improvements in their private practice rankings!

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Other Services Offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

In addition to the done for you monthly SEO packages, we also offer many other SEO services including SEO training, alumni & maintenance packages, and À la carte SEO services. If you aren’t sure whether SEO is for you, feel free to check-out some of our other resources or blogs. We also offer a 7-day email series where you can start to learn SEO for free!