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How to Write An SEO-Focused Google Business Profile Update

Your Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) offers many ways to inform potential clients about updates to your practice, and is helpful to those that may benefit from your therapeutic services. Thankfully, creating the best Google Business Profile post is easier than you may think. But, it can still take time to highlight each important element of an effective GBP post. In this post, we are going to go through how to write an effective SEO-focused Google Business Profile update. 

Focusing Your Google Business Profile Update

Before even starting your GBP post, you need to have a clear understanding of what the post is going to be about. Google Business Profile updates only allow for a certain number of characters, so brevity is vital. Updates must be under 1,500 characters (not words), which means each post will generally have one main focus. You can first start improving SEO for private practices by highlighting specific topics related to your practice, or services your practice offers. An image of a blank Google Business Profile update. Learn how to improve private practice SEO with updates to your lisitng. We offer support with your Google Business Profile in counseling and more.

Effectively Sharing Information

Google Business Profile updates can be a great way to share information from your blog posts or service pages that can help generate more interest in the content of your site. You can take a little fact or tip from a blog post or page and describe the steps in your GBP update. You can also provide a link to the page you are referring to, and pick out a photo to help catch the viewer’s eye. Or, you may also decide to promote new services you offer and provide more information about your practice.

In addition, you can also use these updates to let folks know about upcoming events your practice may be involved in within your community. Updates that are focused on a specific location can often benefit from references to notable location indicators in the area, such as:

  • Local parks
  • Hiking trails
  • Local landmarks
  • Local structures (banks, hospitals, libraries, post offices, etc.)

It can be difficult to strike the right balance between keeping posts brief but informative. But, writing posts that are under 700 characters can be good practice for getting your point across quickly. Using lists like the one above can be an effective way to cut down on your character count, describe steps to a process, or address multiple points.

Sharing your Surroundings

Not every post may be as focused on location as others. But, working in references using keywords that are location specific can be a great way to incorporate useful local SEO info within your post. This may include keywords such as “anxiety therapist in *insert service area here*”, “trauma therapist near me”, or “eating disorder therapist in *insert service area here*”. The specific keywords will vary based on your private practice SEO goals. But, the general rules still remain the same, and the same precautions must be taken when using keywords. In particular, it can be easy to focus too much on keywords like these, and force them into the post unnaturally.

Including location references to Google Business Profile updates in a natural way can take time.

Creating posts and looking at examples of other similar updates can offer a great way to see what works, and what doesn’t. GBP updates can help Google understand where exactly your practice is located and the services you are focusing your private practice SEO efforts on. Here is an example of a Google Business Profile update that introduces a new therapist while still referencing the location, and the services they offer.

An example Google Business Profile post showing how to improve private practice SEO. Learn more about using your Google Business Profile in counseling today for support.

Choosing the right photo

In this example, it makes sense to include an image of the new clinician. However, when it comes to deciding on the best photo for your post, it is best to choose something that relates to your topic in an uplifting, or outcome-oriented way. Google has strict guidelines it requires posts to follow. Images that depict things that go against their community guidelines may cause your new post to get taken down from your listing. So, it is important to review them to get an idea of what may be seen as prohibited content. 

Addressing Google and Content Guidelines

Sometimes, Google will delete your post due to something going against their guidelines around updates. While this can be discouraging, it shouldn’t stop you from creating new posts. Google loves to see consistent upload schedules, and you can always try to reword the post to exclude the part Google may deem inappropriate. For some therapists, this may be a harder battle than others due to the nature of the services they offer. For example, a sex therapist will have to be more mindful of the language they use in order to establish context for Google to avoid having their GBP updates taken down.

In Conclusion

A message that a Google Business Profile post was taken down suggesting to review the content policy. Learn more about improving SEO for private practices through GBP updates. Simplified SEO Consulting can help address private practice SEO today!Putting each of these pieces together to create effective SEO-focused Google Business Profile updates is easier said than done. But, with time and practice, the process can be a fun and fulfilling way to make the most of updates to your practice. It is also worth stating that linking back to the specific blog or page you’re referring to is a very important part of the process! Make it as easiest as possible for people to reach your site. Doing so will go a long way in helping your practice get discovered on a local level. For most posts, you will likely want to choose the “learn more” button even though it is optional. This will allow you to include the link to the specific page on your site you want to go.

Begin Improving Private Practice SEO with Simplified SEO Consulting

Creating effective posts can take time. Our team of SEO specialists would be happy to offer support in capitalizing on each and every update. All while supporting your organic SEO presence as well. We offer a variety of services to support you and help grow your practice on a local level. You can start working with us by following these steps:

  1. Apply to work with Simplified SEO Consulting
  2. Meet with an SEO specialist.
  3. Start improving Google’s rankings and meet your practice’s goals!

Other Services Offered With Simplified SEO Consulting

Our team at Simplified SEO Consulting is happy to offer support in a number of ways. We can offer support in improving local SEO for therapists as well as DIY Online SEO Courses. We also offer Done For You SEO services, and a Done With You 12-week Intensive SEO program as well. Feel free to visit our blog to learn more today!

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