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Best Practices for Using Subheadings

Today we are covering a topic you are likely already familiar with on some level if you create content for your site. That has to do with what best practices are when it comes to using headings and subheadings throughout your pages. Your initial instinct may be to highlight the most important topics of your […]

Discussing 3 Common Site Audit Errors

Murphys Law famously states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”  While this (thankfully) isn’t exactly true, we may often feel like it is based on the many ways mess-ups can happen. This also rings true when it comes to SEO and creating or maintaining your own website. As your website grows in size […]

Understanding the Importance of E.A.T in SEO

  We love to talk about the best ways to improve your rankings, which is why today we are going to cover a popular buzzword that can help you get your site to reach your ideal client. Better yet, understanding how to excel in each of these aspects will help you to create high-quality content […]