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3 Signs of An SEO Scam

Let’s Face It, No One Likes Scams I’m pretty certain we’ve all experienced cold calls, random emails, and scam artists that try to hurt your business or take your hard-earned money. In fact, something like this occurred recently with a client of mine! In this case, the email they received was a fairly obvious example […]


Which Website Platform Is Best for SEO?

What website platform is best for Your Private Practice Website SEO? When building your private practice website, you have a LOT of options to choose from. As the digital world has expanded, so have the choices for creating your own website. Today, we are going over which website platform is best for SEO. When comparing […]


4 Common Mistakes with Keyword Research

In the past, we’ve covered researching keywords for therapists is so important. But for our topic today, we are going over some of the most common mistakes people make when doing keyword research. Now we all make mistakes, it’s only human to do so. But, those mistakes can have ripple effects that affect the overall […]