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Advocacy and SEO…What’s the Connection?

I’m an advocate. It’s core to my heart to help others in a very specific way. Using my role and voice, power and privilege, education and experiences. In all ways/levels, I truly believe we can make a difference when we engage with folks in a meaningful and respectful way. This can happen through individual advocacy, […]


How to Write a “Long Enough” Blog Post

“What I really want to tell you is…” I’m an avid listener of the Being Boss podcast, and this statement is one of the most impactful things I’ve learned over the years of learning from Emily and Kathleen. Sometimes, the idea of writing a blog post is overwhelming or intimidating. Does anyone else feel that […]

Timely Topics for Blog Posts

It’s a new year! We made it to 2020, y’all! Have you heard people talk about this being the year of finding your vision? (Get it, 20/20?) Also, hot tip: don’t shorten this year when writing things like checks and other official documents. When you write it out like this [1/13/20] it’s way too easy […]

Alt Text as an Ethical, Accessible and Effective SEO Strategy

As you all know by now, I come to Simplified SEO Consulting from the world of academia. During that time, it was my privilege to learn from experts on website strategy, especially within the context of an educational institution. While learning about website editing and additions, it was important to consider accessibility and inclusivity for […]