Small Group SEO Intensive: Why I Love Small Group Training

You may or may not have heard about the small group SEO training intensive courses that we hold each semester. As a professor for over a decade on university campuses in Missouri, I absolutely love the support and accountability that learning new concepts in a small group setting can provide. Of course, this is also a budget-friendly SEO option for those who want to learn SEO concepts themselves (Hello DIYer!), but also want the support and guidance of an experienced SEO expert. This is the beauty of the small group SEO training intensive program we hold.

Who is a good fit for the small group SEO training course?

Let me be clear, while I love this course, I know it is not going to be the best fit for everyone. Now that we have completed multiple semesters of the small group SEO training intensive, I can help interested practice owners and mental health professionals better determine which SEO option might be best for you. Like all of our training program options, you have to be ready and willing to fit in the work. As a company, we value transparency. We know that determining how to strategically invest your marketing dollars is incredibly important. We get it. As a small business as well, we have to make difficult decisions about how to allocate resources all the time.

Small Group SEO Training: Investment of Time and Money

You may have heard me say before that SEO is an investment of time, money, or a blend of both. This small group SEO training option is where that “blend of both” comes into play. Not only do you have to be willing to put in the work, but you have to have the time to do so. You can have the best intentions, but if the time for applying the concepts isn’t protected, we are unlikely to make this or any other training program worthwhile. Think about it, how many DIY courses or webinars have you purchased and never actually used? You know who you are. I’ve been there too! I don’t want this to be one of those courses. Ever.

What makes the small group SEO intensive different from our other SEO programs?

When motivated and dedicated practice owners are willing to put in the time and work to implement these new SEO concepts during our semester together, the potential for learning and growth for each participant is multiplied! Each active participant makes each active participant that much better. Let me explain.

Shows a therapist wondering about SEO marketing for Therapists. Represents how private practice seo can support therapists with SEO marketing.If you are a trained EMDR therapist in Denver, Colorado, you might choose to optimize a page of your website on virtual EMDR therapy, a page on trauma therapy and PTSD treatment and three supporting blog posts: “Benefits of EMDR for Trauma Therapy”, “EMDR Therapy for PTSD Treatment”, and “Creative Ways EMDR Therapy Can Help Denver, CO Locals”. After going through our Masterclass (the DIY Top of Search Engines Course), you’ll start to implement some of the SEO concepts yourself. Then, during our small group Mastermind sessions, I can pull your website up as an example to provide feedback, live review and what we call “SEO 2.0” for one of those pages. This benefits you AND the trauma therapist in Texas who has recently opened a new Plano location. They are able to take the live review feedback and apply it to their website. And so on, and so on.

Later in the Mastermind session, I might pull up a blog post on Postpartum Depression Treatment for New Moms in New Jersey and adjust some subheadings, finesse photo titles and tweak the call to action. The midwife in Seattle can then use that information to inform the work on their website! See where I’m going with this? And, that’s just the value of one Mastermind session. During the 16-week semester, we will have 8 live Mastermind sessions that will be recorded for all Small Group SEO Training participants in our cohort and posted to a private YouTube playlist that we will all have access to.

Support and Accountability: The Magic of SEO Small Group Training

Photo of an African American man smiling while working on his laptop. Learn tips to improve your rankings and how you can get your practice ranking in the Google 3-pack.Between sessions, I highly encourage participants to get together with other professionals and colleagues from the group for coworking. Apply the concepts from the course together. Live review and feedback is an absolute gift that you can give each other during these times. Is something unclear? Talk about it! Have a suggestion? Don’t hold back. We’re all learning together. So, there’s no fear of looking dumb. No point in holding onto imposter syndrome. We’re all in this together. The other beautiful part of this SEO group training program is that the practice owner doesn’t have to be the person going through the training. You can send a Marketing Manager, a dedicated Virtual Assistant, or another therapist in the practice to learn and implement the concepts. In fact, this has been a wonderfully successful strategy for larger group practices who know they need to step up their marketing and SEO efforts.

You Can Have SEO Success

Basically, I believe that this small group SEO training intensive program can be valuable for highly-motivated lifelong learners who are ready to spend the time investing in marketing efforts that will pay off long term. SEO is a long game. We don’t sell short-term SEO solutions. However, we do firmly believe that anyone can learn SEO. With the right components, you can have SEO success.

Start Your SEO Journey With Simplified SEO Consulting

If you’re ready to dive in, enroll now. You can get started on the Masterclass now in order to spend this time before our first meeting preparing your website for optimization. Simply visit our Small Group SEO Intensive enrollment page to get all of the information you need and register right away. We’d love to talk with you more about the small group SEO intensive. If you’d prefer to have private instruction from me, read about our 12-Week SEO Intensive Training Program. Or, if it all sounds like too much, let our team of amazing SEO experts do it for you. No matter what you choose, we are here for you and want the absolute best for your SEO success. If you are still on the fence about your SEO options, book your free SEO consultation to meet with a member of our team and talk about next steps. We look forward to connecting soon! ~Danica

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