Pink table with a laptop, coffee and flowers on it representing the process of blogging to improve SEO.

In The World of YouTube is Blogging Still Worth it From an SEO Perspective?

In this day and age where we are bombarded with YouTube videos and Instagram reels, some of you may be wondering if blogging is still a worthwhile endeavor. Sometimes it seems so much easier to just record a quick video than commit the time to sit down and create new content by writing a blog.

The truth is, blogging is more important now than ever. Google wants to see new content that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge and blogging accomplishes this far better than a YouTube video.

With that being said, it is not to say that YouTubing is not important. Realistically the two platforms work together in sync to reach the widest audience possible. Let’s take a look at the importance of blogging and how it can work in conjunction with YouTube to grow your exposure on the web exponentially!

Pink table with a laptop and pink flowers on it representing the importance of blogging to improve SEO.

Is blogging still worth it from an SEO perspective?

Blogging Provides Content For Search Engines

Blogging provides content that search engines can index and use to understand the topic and context of a website. Regularly publishing high-quality, relevant blog posts can help increase a website’s visibility in search engine results, attract more traffic, and establish a website as a credible source of information in its niche.

Blogging Allows You to Perform On-Page SEO

In addition, blog posts can target specific keywords and provide opportunities for internal linking to other pages on a website, both of which can improve a website’s SEO.

Allows You to Attract and Engage Users

Overall, blogging can still play an important role in a comprehensive SEO strategy, providing valuable content that can attract and engage users, and improve a website’s visibility in search engines.

Blogging is also a valuable tool for content creators in the YouTube world because it offers the following:

Increased visibility:

Blogging allows creators to reach a wider audience beyond just their YouTube subscribers. People who stumble upon a blog post can then discover the creator’s YouTube channel.

Better search engine optimization (SEO): Blog posts allow for more specific keywords to be targeted, which can increase a content creator’s visibility on search engines such as Google.

Deeper engagement with the audience:

Blogs provide an opportunity for creators to share longer-form content and dive deeper into topics they cover on YouTube. This can help foster a deeper connection with their audience and keep them engaged.

Monetization opportunities:

Blogs can be used to promote products and services, including those related to the YouTube channel. This can provide an additional revenue stream for creators.

Improved brand image:

Blogging can help establish a content creator as a thought leader in their niche, improving their brand image and reputation.

Gray table with a laptop, coffee and flowers on it representing the process of blogging to improve SEO.

Now You May Be Wondering… Is blogging more important than posting YouTube videos?

It depends on the goals and target audience of the content creator.

Blogging and posting YouTube videos both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Blogging allows for longer-form, in-depth content and can provide better SEO benefits. However, video content is often more engaging and can reach a wider audience.

For content creators whose goal is to build a strong personal brand and establish themselves as a thought leader in their niche, blogging might be more important. However, for a content creator whose goal is to entertain and engage with a wider audience, posting YouTube videos might be more important.

Blogging is important to maintain SEO for several reasons:

Fresh content:

Search engines favor websites that regularly publish fresh, relevant content. Blogging provides an opportunity to publish new content on a consistent basis.


Blogging allows for targeting specific keywords and topics relevant to a website, improving its relevance in search engine results.

Long-tail keywords:

Blogging provides an opportunity to target long-tail keywords, which are more specific and have less competition, improving a website’s visibility in search results.

Internal linking:

Blogging provides opportunities for internal linking, which can help distribute link equity and improve the overall SEO of a website.


A blog provides an opportunity to engage with users and build a community, which can improve a website’s relevance and visibility in search results.

Regularly publishing high-quality blog posts can play an important role in maintaining and improving a website’s SEO. It provides fresh content, relevance, opportunities to target long-tail keywords, internal linking, and engagement with users.

On the other hand…

YouTube can be important for SEO for several reasons:

Video content:

Video content is highly engaging and can attract a large audience. This can drive traffic to a website and improve its visibility in search results.


YouTube videos can be optimized with relevant keywords and descriptions to improve their relevance in search engine results.


YouTube videos can include links back to a website, providing valuable backlinks that can improve a website’s SEO.

Social signals:

YouTube is a social platform, and the engagement and shares a video receives can provide valuable social signals that search engines take into account when ranking a website.

User engagement:

Engaging and relevant YouTube videos can encourage users to spend more time on a website, which can improve its relevance and visibility in search results.

While YouTube is primarily a video platform, it can play an important role in a comprehensive SEO strategy. By providing engaging video content, relevant keywords, backlinks, social signals, and user engagement, YouTube can help improve a website’s visibility in search engine results.

Ultimately, both blogging and posting YouTube videos have value!

The most effective content strategy is likely to involve a combination of both. It’s important for content creators to assess their goals, target audience, and strengths, and then develop a content strategy that leverages both blogging and video content.

White table with a laptop and yellow flowers sitting on it representing the importance of blogging to improve SEO.

Here are a few ways to effectively use blogging and YouTube together:


Promote each other’s content on both the blog and YouTube channels. For example, include a call-to-action in a YouTube video encouraging viewers to check out a related blog post.

Repurpose content: Convert popular blog posts into YouTube videos, or take key points from YouTube videos and expand upon them in a blog post.

Use blog posts to complement videos:

Use blog posts to provide additional information, background, or context for a topic covered in a YouTube video. You can take this one step further and embed your YouTube video at the top or bottom of the page. And then create a blog on the same page that summarizes the video. With this method, you get twice the return on your investment and twice the exposure!

Optimize for SEO:

Optimize both blog posts and YouTube videos with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and tags to improve search engine visibility.

Build a community:

Encourage audience engagement through blog post comments and YouTube video comments, and respond to comments on both platforms to build a loyal community.

By using blogging and YouTube together, content creators can reach a wider audience, provide deeper engagement with their audience, and improve their overall online presence.

In Conclusion, Blogging is Still a Key Piece of the SEO Puzzle!

Blogging is still definitely a key factor in the success of your business and its growth. Creating new content for Google and other search engines to index demonstrates your expertise, knowledge, site structure, and visibility on the web.

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