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Who should do their own website optimization?

One of my favorite things about Simplified is that we challenge the “one size fits all” approach. Through years of working with therapists throughout the country (and internationally!), we know that every practice is starting at a different place. And, that each practice has different goals. With that in mind, we’re also very aware of […]

How to optimize for a podcast & build podcast SEO

“Have you listened to this podcast before?” I think it’s fair to say that most of us have a favorite podcast, whether it be an episode or a series that you listen to every week. Podcasts can be a great source of entertainment, education, and all things murder mystery. What’s more, podcasts are a great […]

How headings and subheadings can help your SEO

If our SEO specialists have optimized your pages, there’s a good chance that the formatting looks a little different than it did previously. Is this because we think our “eye for design” is superior? Of course not! But, we do know that having certain things on a website’s page can help boost SEO. One of […]

5 tips to build SEO during the slow season

It’s no secret that the end of the year is a slow season for the counseling world. You’ve likely noticed that you probably have more canceled appointments than you usually do. In addition, you might notice that fewer people are reaching out for your services. If you know a thing or two about SEO, you’ll […]

Unofficial Part 2 In The Social Media Series: Live Feed

A fun fact about me: I’m a geek for blog post series. I think that when they’re done well, they can be super informative. I appreciate that the information builds throughout the series and incorporates a multifaceted approach. And, that the end result is practically a novel of all of the things you didn’t know […]