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How Important Is Social Media For SEO?

Sometimes, it feels like the world of social media is inescapable. On many platforms, you have the option to share to all of your accounts. Which, depending on the content, could have different outcomes. In SEO land, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the role of social media in SEO. Is active participation […]


Time and Place for Google Ads

Often times, our therapists come to us because their ideal clients aren’t finding them on Google. They’ve put time and energy into creating their website. There’s inspirational quotes, pictures of nature, people smiling; the whole nine yards. In addition, they take suggestions from other people on how to increase traffic to their website. They’ve thoughtfully […]


Comprehensive Guide to Earning Backlinks

In SEO land, the hot topic has been backlinks. They have been discussed so frequently that we hosted a webinar. This webinar went in-depth into all things backlinks. It is a two-part series that offers a lot of valuable information about all areas of backlinks. Jessica, Tappana Simplified’s founder, does a wonderful job explaining the […]