Unofficial Part 2 In The Social Media Series: Live Feed

A fun fact about me: I’m a geek for blog post series.

I think that when they’re done well, they can be super informative. I appreciate that the information builds throughout the series and incorporates a multifaceted approach. And, that the end result is practically a novel of all of the things you didn’t know before spending 3 hours reading blog posts. Really, it’s so fun. Or, it’s just fun for me.

A second fun fact about me: I have a growing fascination with the algorithms of social media.

A globe depicting social media is displayed. Learn about the role of live feed in boosting your web presence and the impact on SEO with Simplified SEO Consulting.

I can spend hours reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and searching the interweb (old reference there, I hope someone gets it) to learn more about how social media works. “Works” as in how to utilize it as a tool for marketing. I’m by no means an expert, but I have learned a thing or two.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, friends, this blog post will combine my two fun facts. Previously, I wrote an unofficial part 1 blog post about how social media affects SEO. In this post, I talk about the correlation between social media use and SEO. The reader’s digest version is that social media, in and of itself, cannot “boost” your SEO. It can help you get in front of more users, but that connection has to be established.

Based on context clues, you may have guessed where this is heading: this blog is the unofficial part 2 in the social media series. I’ll share some tidbits of information I’ve learned about how to utilize social media in a way that is beneficial for your practice.

Live Feed

An individual uses a phone and a laptop. This reflects components of boosting social media presence through live feed and the impact SEO. Learn more with Simplified SEO Consulting.

In social media land, the buzz has been live feed. This means going “live” on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms.  It’s been found that live feed has higher retention of viewers and platforms prioritize live feed. I’ll break these concepts down a bit more.

Higher Retention of Viewers

Live feed has a similar marketing strategy as flash sales: it creates the idea that the product (in this case, your video) is first come first serve. Viewers often stick around longer to watch live feed versus prerecorded content. There are many different factors that contribute to this phenomenon. It often generates curiosity among consumers. Live feed produces excitement among viewers. In addition, studies show that 80% of viewers prefer live feed over previously recorded. Live feed has an aspect of authenticity and vulnerability that viewers are seeking. Which, makes sense in our current climate of experiencing a global pandemic. It’s fair to say that some people are engaging in less social interaction than they were previously. Because of this, many viewers crave that human connection. And, live feed captures that better than prerecorded feed.

Interaction Through Live Feed

Additionally, live feed can turn into a conversation. Viewers can post comments or “react” to the video. This aspect ties into the connection piece that often attracts viewers. Interacting through comments and live responses often encourage viewers to watch the video longer.

Social Media Platforms Prioritize Live Feed

A vlogger uses her camera. This reflects components of boosting web presences through live feed. Learn more with SEO Consulting.

Yep, they sure do. You know how you get notifications when a Facebook friend or Instagram follow goes live? This is why. Social media platforms prioritize live feed, as it’s seen as more “urgent” than other content. This way, you won’t have to engage in the social media battle of viewers seeing your content. An example of this is Facebook Live. On average, Facebook Live videos receive six times more interactions than prerecorded feed. The more reactions we get, the more people see our videos. Make sense?

So, How Can You Use This Information For Your Practice?

Well, a lot of ways. You can use live feed on social media as a marketing tool to reach potential clients in a different way. Maybe you have an amazing idea for a blog post, but you can’t stand writing blog posts. An alternative is to share your thoughts by streaming live feed!  You may have better results capturing the authenticity you feel about a topic in an organic way. Additionally, it can be used as a networking tool. You can invite someone in your community to join you on live feed and discuss topics that are relevant to your climate. Of course, these are only a few options you can explore with live feed. The possibilities are endless!

Moving Forward

Channel your creativity and reach your ideal client through an avenue you might not have considered before. Navigating the waters of social media can feel overwhelming. So, come up with a plan you can stick to that’s realistic for you and your practice. Don’t have expectations of yourself to go viral after week 1. And, challenge yourself put some effort into establishing your social media presence.

Begin Working With One Of Our SEO Specialists

So, I hope you like what you read! Granted, our SEO specialists are not experts. But, we do have a few helpful tricks. You know what we are experts in? All things SEO and we’d love to work with you! At Simplified, we offer many different services to help boost your SEO. We offer Done For You services as well as a 12-week training option. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us. 

About The Author

Alyssa is one of the SEO specialists with Simplified. She has been part of the team for the last few months and has loved every minute of it. She is currently in the Advanced Placement MSW Program at Mizzou. So, this provides a unique opportunity to apply the concepts she’s learning in class in real practice! She’s written a few blogs about Google Ads and SEO, a guide to building backlinks, and the unofficial part 1 of incorporating social media with SEO. 

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