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What is List Management?

In the world of SEO, there are many strategies to improve your private practice SEO.

A close up of. aperson typing on thier phone while sitting at their laptop desk. Learn how to imporve private practice seo and local seo for therapists by contacting Simplified SEO Consulting.One of these strategies that has been around for a while is known as list management. It can be an important part of improving your local seo strategy, but what does it actually mean? Today, we are going to discuss what exactly list management is, why it is important, and how it can benefit your private practice.  

What is List Management?

List management involves collecting important information about your site and ensuring it is the same info across the internet. This almost always includes elements like the name, address, and phone number of your practice. But, you can often benefit from including your hours of operation, photos of your practice if applicable, accepted forms of payment, etc.

As you can expect, collecting accurate info about your own practice may not sound like too difficult a task. However, the hard part comes in the form of making sure this information is accurate, regardless of where you see it on Google. In short, list management can help you manage the information of your practice across every directory that has your site’s info. Using a list management tool like SEMRush can help you distribute your practice data across multiple creditable citation websites. List management also involves making sure that there are no duplicate listings, or existing listings with conflicting information.

What Are Citation Sites And Directories?

When talking about list management in relation to SEO, the information gathered from your website is added to sites that contain a list of other websites based on different categories, specialties, or locations. These are directories and “citation sites” that list your business data, and have a wide range of uses. You have likely heard of some of the most popular directories such as Youtube, Postmates, Google Business Profile, Better Business Bureau, and Best Of The Web (BOTW). 

A close up of a phone with the Google Business Profile logo. Learn how to use Google Business Profile for therapists and how it can offer support with local SEO for therapists today.Some directories may be focused on specific services like Uber Eats. But, others are focused on specific geographical locations in order to help local area businesses find potential clients, like Nextdoor. There are many different kinds of directories, but you must also be mindful that not every directory is going to be beneficial for your practice. It wouldn’t make sense for a private practice to be listed on a directory like Postmates, so making sure your practice is listed on a variety of directories that are applicable to the services you offer is important. 

Why Should I Care About List Management?

List management is vital to ensure the information of your business is accurate no matter what site or directory a potential client may find it on. It plays an important role in establishing authority and a positive reputation with Google, which can influence your placement in the search rankings. Plus, many private practice owners likely don’t have the time to ensure their business information is being corrected on each directory their site is listed on. 

As a practice grows along with the number of directories it is listed on, it can become even more difficult to keep up with all the manual changes you would need to make to keep consistent NAP information. Using list management can help reduce the tedium of checking in on each directory. By using a tool like SEMRush, you can ensure that every directory your site is being listed on has the same, updated, consistent information. You can also update your business information in one place, and have it distributed to each directory on your behalf instead of updating each directory yourself.

How can list management help my practice?

While you may have been unfamiliar with what list management is before today, it can still offer support for many private practice owners. Providing accurate information about your practice will help make you more discoverable than other sites with incomplete or inconsistent information. This is why it can be helpful to ensure your practice is listed on both major, trusted directories such as Apple Maps or Facebook and smaller, location focused directories like 2FindLocal and AroundMe. Regardless of the directory, ensuring your information is accurate across all the directories your site is linked to is vital.

List Management and Local SEO

There are many different types of directories, and many can help your practice become more prominent on a local level. However, this is only applicable to practices that offer in-person services, since the service area for online only practice is often harder to pinpoint. Showing up with accurate information on directories such a Google Business Profile for therapists makes it so much easier for potential clients in your service area to find and contact your practice. Having consistent information can also help drive more traffic to your site when people see your directory listing. Plus, it can also 

Finally, it is also worth noting that not all directories are credible. You never want to pay for something that will promise you a large number of high quality backlinks. This could be seen as a black hat SEO tactic which is often seen as unethical. Worse, it could also tank your site’s authority and reputation with Google as well.

Start Improving Private Practice SEO with List Management Services from Simplified SEO Consulting

Our team understands that it can be difficult to keep up with the directories your practice is listed on, let alone start finding directories to list your site on. This is why we are happy to offer support with a list management baseline report for your practice. We are also happy to offer a variety of services to support your private practice SEO. You can start your SEO journey with Simplified SEO Consulting by following these simple steps:

  1. Apply to work with us to improve your SEO
  2. Meet with an SEO specialist 
  3. Start improving your online presence and trust with Google!

Other Services Offered with Simplified SEO Consulting

Our team knows there are many aspects of SEO that you may need help addressing to improve your private practice website. This is why we offer a variety of SEO services including our Done For You SEO Servicesand DIY Online SEO Courses. We also offer a 12-week Done With You Intensive SEO Program. Visit our blog to learn more valuable SEO info today!

About the AuthorPhoto of Sterling, an SEO Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting that specializes in all things technical SEO!

Sterling Humburg-Cage graduated from the University of Missouri with a BA in Psychology in 2020. He has integrated what he learned in school into his work as an SEO Specialist with Simplified SEO Consulting. Sterling prides himself on helping current clients & alumni problems solve difficult SEO issues.  He’s great at giving clients multiple options about how to approach a situation, finding solutions to some of the more technical aspects of SEO, and responding in a timely manner to client concerns.  Since he started, Sterling has met frequently with our alumni and provided them with extra problem-solving support. He now provides additional support with a variety of local SEO services. He often goes the extra mile to do outside research. By doing so, he sure private practice owners have everything they need to rank well on search engines long term for the keywords their ideal clients are using!

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