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Using the “Down Time” While Business is Slow During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Business is slower than usual. You took your counseling practice online, but your caseload took a serious hit.  Clients are canceling appointments. Or, if you’re like me, you have college students who returned to their homes out of state and now you can’t see them through Telehealth.

You may have some downtime in the upcoming weeks.

There’s no way around this.  Many of us may very well have gaps in our schedule in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully, if things last too long, we’ll start getting calls as people realize they need to prioritize their mental health. But in the meantime…you have downtime.

As business owners, we have a choice.

I know you feel anxious about the future of your business.  I am worried about both of mine as well. But I also know we have a choice. We can focus all of our energy on those anxious thoughts, or on trying to avoid those anxious thoughts. OR, we can accept our anxiety and choose to be productive despite it.

I’m investing in my business during this Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Picture of a cell saying "coronavirus" representing the downtime that private practices are having. Work on your SEO for private practice during the downtime with Simplified SEO consulting

Hear me out. I’m selectively, carefully investing in my business.  I’m thinking about how I can use this time to best set my business up for the future.  So, late last week I met with a business coach for a 1:1 session. We left with a whole list of things I’m going to work on during this time!

In truth, you’re seeing part of my list of how to invest my time. I’m writing more blog posts than I have for a while. Blog posts I hope are helpful to you!  Other things on my list include working on another e-course (this one on blogging for SEO so stay tuned!), redoing my ideal schedule to be more realistic, fine-tuning my leadership skills, etc.

SEO is one thing you can invest your time into right now to improve your business.

I can’t even tell you how often I work with motivated, intelligent business owners who just don’t have the time to invest in SEO!  Well…now you can use some of those canceled session times to invest your time in that thing (your website) that you’ve known for a while you needed to get to.

The most efficient way to improve your search engine rankings during the Covid-19 outbreak.

hispanic woman working on her SEO from her home during COVID-19 outbreak. Begin SEO services with Simplified SEO Consulting now!My staff and I are experts and we know what we’re doing when it comes to optimizing websites. So, the most efficient thing you could do would be to hire us to optimize some of your pages while you add more blog posts and/or service pages and start building backlinks!  We’re doing the in-depth on-page SEO that we’re really good at.  Meanwhile, you’re doing additional things that are 110% necessary for a good SEO strategy but we often see therapists struggle with.

So, most efficient strategy = Outsource on-page SEO to us + write content (blog posts & service pages) for your site + Build Backlinks

Outsourcing + Building Backlinks:

If this is the option you’d like to go with, we’d love to help.  We can take the on-page optimizing part for you….For April only, if you sign up for at least a 3 page “Done for You” package, we’ll do a quick optimization of a 4th page FREE as long as the 4th page is a blog post relevant to Telehealth or Covid-19. We want to support other mental health businesses during this time and hope this additional page will help you really get the highest ROI this month. Also know we’ll be providing you tons of information about those other two pieces of the puzzle (what and how to add content & building backlinks) through our Facebook lives.

And then, we can help you with the backlink building part as well…We have written blog posts on building backlinks that are available for anyone to read, but this is also a topic we’ll tackle on an individual basis during on boarding meetings and are always discussing on our closed Facebook page.

The DIY option: Invest your time in optimizing

Now, while I love optimizing pages for you, the simple truth is that I believe EVERY mental health professional has the capacity to learn how to optimize their own site!  You just may be lacking the time.  So….if you have the time to invest right now, I recommend trying your hand at optimizing yourself.  You may even be surprised how much you enjoy it… I used to be so intimidated by this stuff and now I get excited every time I go to optimize a new website or page, because it’s like a giant puzzle. So…if you’ve ever thought about learning to optimize your own site, now might be the time!

This is especially effective for people who have a lot of time to sprint during this stressful period.  If you really have time to devote to learning to optimize your own website, I recommend considering our online courses.  In fact, you can use the code “Covid” to get 15% off ANY of our online SEO training courses right now!  Anyone with a paid package for the month of April (even our alumni package or our smallest Done for You package) will get a different code for 25% off any of the courses!

But where should you start?

If you feel overwhelmed easily, just start with our “SEO First Steps” course.  It’s priced at only $97 (before the discount) so you just get a feel for how much of this work you want to do yourself. I’ll walk you through the basics of keyword research, what content to add to your website and how to make sure Google knows all of your pages exist.  Then, you can move on to the next three steps in our “Moving the SEO Needle” course.  But if you’re ready to just jump in with two feet and confident you’re going to put the time in to optimize your site, you may just jumps straight to our “Top of Search Engines” course.

Lastly, if you are looking for more support and want to really learn this stuff in depth, schedule a 30 minute Zoom consult and we’ll talk about our 1:1 training options as well. 🙂

Get Started Optimizing Your Therapy Website:

woman at laptop drinking a cup of coffee working on her private practice's website. Begin SEO services with Simplified SEO consultingIf you are ready to begin optimizing your website yourself or have the Simplified staff help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. This is a great time to work on your website & ensure it reaches more people. To being SEO services for your private practice, please follow these steps:

  1. Book a free 15-minute consultation with a member of the Simplified SEO Consulting staff,
  2. Speak to an SEO specialist. During your free consultation call, we will help you determine what service or package is the best fit for your private practice,
  3. Work on your SEO and see your practice’s website rank better on Google!

Other SEO Services offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

Simplified SEO Consulting is proud to offer a variety of SEO services designed for private practice owners. We know you’re busy, so you may not want to optimize your website. So, we offer a popular Done for You SEO Services. With this package, our team of SEO specialists will optimize your pages for you. Additionally, we offer alumni packages and al la carte SEO services. If you are the do-it-yourself type, we can help your site rank better as well. We have SEO training packages that will teach you the skills you need to get your website ranking well including our “Top of Google” online course and 12 weeks of online video training. Or, if you are just beginning your website journey (or considering a redesign), we offer an SEO Strategy package as well.

Contact us to ask any questions, or book a free SEO Consultation to decide which service is best for your private practice.

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