Individualized SEO & Private Practice Help

Sometimes your need doesn’t fit nicely into a package.  Your practice is unique after all! From per hour services to basic copy writing, I am happy to individualize any of my services to meet your needs!

Per Hour SEO Services 

You can hire me to do specific SEO work outside one of these packages for a flat rate.  This might include going through all of your pages to update alt text on photos, meta descriptions or something else specific you are looking for.

Individual Consulting Sessions

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Are you looking for just one or two 1:1 SEO Coaching sessions? Do you have just a couple of very specific questions? Maybe you’ve already done a lot of problem solving on your own and just need help problem solving something specific. If you are just looking for a few quick tips, help implementing something specific or assistance making a plan for improving you website’s SEO, you may choose to purchase only a couple SEO Consulting sessions on their own.

90 Minute SEO Technique Run Through

A 90 minute individual SEO training session where we’ll move very quickly through all of the basic SEO techniques that I use.  You are welcome to record this session to refer to later, because we move at a pretty quick pace.

This type of session is highly recommended for:

  • People doing Done for You services who also want to have a basic idea of what I’m doing to their pages
  • Self starters trying to do it on their own without paying for the entire 12 week package. In this case, I strongly recommend you complete my 7 day free e-mail series first, participate in this 90 minute session and then sign up for at least two 45 minute coaching sessions to practice applying these techniques specifically to your site!

45 minute Individual SEO Consulting Sessions

In a 45 minute session we will do one of a few things:

  • Answer a specific question you have. For instance, “How do I write a perfect meta description? I’ve tried my hand a few, but how can they be improved?”
  • Begin optimizing one page together on the screen using several techniques on the same page.
  • Strategize the best SEO approach for your site overall

These sessions are usually held over Google Hangouts and we will use the “Screen Share” feature for much of the session.  As with all of my individual training sessions, you are welcome to record as long as you tell me you are recording.

Two people talking over a business plan at a table | SEO services for counselors | Simplified SEO Consulting

45 minute individual sessions are highly recommended for:

  • Practice owners who have been working on their own website SEO but want help with one specific thing. For instance, they’d like to perfect the art of writing a well ranking and client friendly meta description or learn to use optimized photos to improve their search engine ranking.
  • Practice owners who just want help developing a plan for improving their own SEO. In this case, I recommend going through my 7 day free e-mail series first. This will help us make the best use of our limited time by giving us a common language.

Spammy Backlink Help

Unfortunately, anyone who would like to can add a backlink to your website without your permission.  And it’s very common for therapists to find their site suddenly has a backlink from a spammy site. In fact, I’ve found that my own site gets more spammy backlinks the better our SEO so I regularly take a look at my backlinks and about once a year make sure I’ve disavowed everything I need to disavow. 
When you have a backlink that is spammy you have two choices:
  1. You can email the site owner and ask to have it removed. Honestly, this is your absolute best option as it will help your SEO the most if it’s completely removed. But this isn’t always effective-it can be difficult to find the site owner, they may not respond to your message or they could just decline to remove the link. 
  2. You can disavow the link and tell Google you don’t want to be associated with this website. 
 We cover both of these our “Building Backlinks” course.  We go in depth about how to disavow spammy backlinks including showing you our favorite tools to do this.  Please note that if you’re a Done for You SEO client we actually provide you this course free of charge the 5th month of working on your site.
On the other hand, if you’d prefer not to mess with it, you can always have us disavow for you as an al a cart service. The cost is $250 and includes us running your site through one of our tools to identify which backlinks may be hurting your site, creating the disavow file & uploading it to Google Search Console on your behalf. Please note that it you have a significant number of “bad” backlinks there may be an additional charge.

Basic Copywriting for Service Pages

I often recommend adding additional, specific service pages as a technique for improving your search engine rankings.  If you have the time, I highly recommend writing your own copy (incorporating suggestions we’ve discussed) so it is in your own “voice.”  However, another option is to hire me to create your initial text for the page.  You will then have the ability to go through and edit the text to make it sound more like you.  All copy (text) I write will be written with SEO and your chosen keywords in mind. 

When you have our team write a service page, the following is included:

  • Pages are written with the intent of speaking to your ideal client. The sections included are typicallY:
    • They will begin by demonstrating that you understand the reasons the client is seeking therapy. Usually this is done by asking a series of questions and then 1-2 paragraphs describing the pain you’ve said your client is feeling.
    • We then have a section describing signs or symptoms a person with those pain points might want to seek therapy.
    • The next section describes how therapy will help your client.
    • The final section is always a call to action encouraging them to contact your counseling clinic to begin services.
  • Each page will be at least 500 words long (typically significantly longer)
  • Keywords that we’ve discussed are distributed throughout the page to help your page rank well on search engines from the day it’s published.
  • Subheadings and headings are optimized for SEO.
  • A suggested meta description for the new page.
  • All content is unique to your site. I do not reuse content from another site.
  • If you have a Word Press Site, the copy writing fee will also include publishing the page on your website.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A detailed description of your ideal client including what pain points are bringing them into counseling. Why are they looking for help on the internet today?
  • A detailed description of the services you provide. For instance, instead of just “depression counseling” you will describe how you use CBT techniques to address core beliefs that developed when a person was a young child. It’s my job to help translate that into text that’s easier for a client to understand.
  • 4 pictures that can be used on the page. If you have a Word Press site, I will optimize these when I add them to the page.
  • We only offer this service to other mental health counselors, because we are very familiar with the field of mental health. In fact, each staff member has a degree in a related field (generally psychology or social work).  We feel it is important to have a copy writer familiar with your field. Therefore, if you are in another wellness related field I will likely encourage you to write your own copy or find another person in your field to help.

Begin Maintenance or Alumni SEO Service Packages for Therapists

If you want SEO services but our standard packages don’t seem to meet your needs you don’t have to settle. Sometimes individualized services can help you meet your goals more effectively when it comes to cost or time. You don’t have to pay for monthly services if this doesn’t seem to suit your needs, individual services are available. Our Skilled SEO specialists can provide individual consulting sessions, backlinks and copywriting services that can help you increase your rankings. Simplified SEO Consulting offers À la carte services to meet specific needs and make it easier for potential clients to find and navigate your site. If you would like to start one of our individualized services or have questions, please contact us or schedule a free consultation . You can join the many therapists who, with our SEO services, have seen great improvements in their private practice rankings!

Other Services Offered by Simplified SEO Consulting

In addition to our individualized SEO services, we also offer many other SEO services including done for you services, alumni & maintenance packages, and SEO training services. If you aren’t sure whether SEO is for you, feel free to check-out some of our other resources or blogs. We also offer a 7-day email series where you can start to learn SEO for free!