Everywhere you look everyone is talking about how to write blogs, social media posts, or anything content-wise, with AI. But, what if that’s just not your thing? Getting your thoughts on paper seems a lot easier than training an AI program to write for you. And, let’s be honest, it can feel overwhelming to look for tips to write content. Especially, when you are trying to forego help from ChatGPT or any other type of AI writing tool.


So, what do you do? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone. While I do enjoy using AI to write on occasion, writing without its assistance is refreshing. Seeing the work you put into writing and having it resonate with others is great. But, what if you’re not used to writing? Or what if are want to become a better writer without AI’s help? Let’s talk about how to efficiently write content without AI.

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You’re new to writing your own content and you’re not sure where to start. First, let me assure you that everyone has been here. Writing content, especially quality content, takes time and, honestly, trial and error. So, where do you begin? Let’s dive into copywriting tips for beginners.

Begin with Something You Know About

As a therapist, private practice owner, or any helping professional, you work with clients almost every day. You hear the questions they have, the concerns, but also the topics that each client wants to address in therapy. Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I had a resource to share with these clients! A lot of them have been asking me about this topic.” Well, now you can.

Taking topics, specific issues, or even direct client questions and writing them down can be great. It’s a way to come up with content ideas. For example, if a lot of your clients are wondering how their attachment style affects their relationships, that’s a great idea for a blog. Using these ideas and creating them into blogs is not only a great way to save your brain time from thinking about topic ideas but it’s a great way to address client questions and concerns. Plus, you will then have a resource to refer them to.

Do Research

This heading may honestly have felt off-putting because not many people like to do research. But, hear me out! If you’re not sure what your writing style is, your tone, or what you like, how will you ever know if you don’t find writing that you resonate with? Researching writing types and tones, even formats you like, is more beneficial than you think. For instance, when you find blogs you enjoy, take notes on WHY you enjoy them. Is it the way they make you feel? Maybe it’s the language they used or how they came across as knowledgeable.

 These factors can be a great way to consider what you like and how you want your content to sound. Plus, if you find a topic that interests you, you can write about it! Research doesn’t always have to be boring. It can be reading fun service pages, blogs, or articles to get a better sense of what you want to come from your writing.

Keyword and Topic Research

Besides researching writing that you resonate with, researching what SEO keywords and therapy topics are important. When you look into keywords and topics, it can be surprising to some, what keywords and topics are looked for more than others. If you’re writing solely for SEO purposes, you don’t want to just write a service page or blog that will never reach your ideal clients. Not just writing for SEO purposes? Well, this still can apply. When you see what keywords and topics are being searched for, it can better inform you and your writing.


For example, you wanted to write a blog about anxiety. But when doing keyword research, you saw that “anxiety counseling in Jonesboro, AR” is more searched for than “anxiety therapy in Jonesboro, AR”.  Reconsidering your word choice could be beneficial. It can help your ideal clients find you more easily with your content being served up by Google in relevant and direct searches. Choosing keywords and topics that your ideal clients are looking for can really help you decide on what to write or what words to use when writing.

Tips for Copywriting Efficiently without AI

Writing without AI has its perks. You don’t have to train it to write in your voice nor do you need to fact-check everything it says. Also, you know what you want to write and don’t have to cross your fingers that ChatGPT is going to understand what you want to write or guide it to write. But, how do you efficiently write content without AI? Maybe you’re not the person who loves to write or the person who has the ability to write like a grand novelist (I don’t either, so you’re not alone!) and you need copywriting tips. Well, here they are!

Create an Outline

This might make you feel as if you are back in an English or a writing class from school, but there is a reason behind me saying this. When your mind has so many thoughts, topics, ideas, or notes floating around, it can be hard to keep track of them. Creating an outline for each of them can help you figure out what is worth writing about. It can help you realize what ideas you have more fleshed out, or even just streamline your thought process.  For example, you have 3 different topics in your head that you’ve heard from clients in therapy throughout the week. 


Once you begin creating a blog outline for each of them, you realize that you really only have the time and focus for one of them which is your niche. Or that you only know a little bit about another. When you create an outline it can visually show you the pathway a piece of writing is going to take. It can make you realize that you’re not as passionate about an idea as you thought, or that you don’t have enough time to write it. And guess what! That’s okay. Save them for later, write them another day, or trash the idea, and don’t look back. Because writing, and creating outlines, is a process.

Drafts are a Writer’s Best Friend

When you are writing, it can feel as if you have to get it perfect the first time. But, here is a copywriting tip, you don’t! Drafts are great because they allow you to write your thoughts or stream of consciousness down then come back to them to organize your thoughts and make edits. After you write a first draft, you can come back and work on editing and adding content where needed. But, most importantly, add in your SEO keywords! 


Use your drafts to keep track of your changes, organize your thoughts, but also to give you space to process your writing. It’s also okay if you are on your 3rd draft to only realize you liked your second draft better. Version history is a tool for a reason!

Is It OK to Write with AI? Shows an iPhone with ChatGPT pulled up and the phone is on an Apple laptop. Represents how free copywriting ai tools can help with private practice SEO but may not be needed.

You may be wondering if it’s okay to use copywriting AI tools to write your content. Maybe you’ve heard rumors that Google will penalize you for using AI content. But I’m here to address this! It is ABSOLUTELY okay to use copywriting AI tools to create content. It not only saves you time in writing on your own but it can also help you create great content that is what your ideal clients want to read. But what’s the catch?

When using AI, you need to make sure that you are doing a few things:

  • Fact-checking your content as AI can and will write false statements at times.
  • Make sure the readability of your content is still around a 6th-9th grade reading level.
  • Personalize your content by adding content and implementing SEO.

When You Use AI to Write Content, it Can Come Out as Generic Writing. 

You don’t want that, your ideal client doesn’t want that, and neither does Google. So, what do you do? You make changes. When you go into your AI copywrited content, add details that you know your ideal clients may appreciate. This can be specific examples like coping mechanisms, locations, or going in-depth about a topic. Also, implementing SEO is a great way to personalize your content. Not only does it help Google see what you are trying to rank for and establish credibility for, it changes the content from being strictly AI written to having more human aspects. 

This helps to set your content apart from other strictly AI written content. Instead of it being generic and strictly for having content on your website, it becomes quality content that can be a resource for clients but also help establish your EAT factor with Google. If you don’t know what the “EAT factor” is, here is a blog about it! Ultimately, using copywriting AI tools can be a great idea! However, making sure you’re creating quality content needs to be your main focus. Also, I want to address the rumors about Google and AI content. Google is fine with AI content! You read that right. Google is fine with it but what Google wants is it to be QUALITY content. So, what ChatGPT gives you immediately isn’t that. Take that, make edits, add content, and implement SEO then it is quality content!

What is the Golden Rule of Copywriting?

As someone who is new to copywriting or is wondering how to become better at writing content without AI, there is a golden rule you need to follow. Quality content is always going to be better than quantity. For instance, writing generic or spammy blogs just to have content on your website isn’t going to have the effect you want. Or, buying prewritten blogs can seem like an easy way to gain content, but can also not be an ethical way. Ensuring that you are striving to create or gain quality content over quantity is a goal. 

Also, as another part of the rule is making sure that you are gaining content in an ethical way. I mentioned prewritten blogs not being a great way to gain quality content, and that is true. Websites who offer prewritten blogs sometimes offer blogs that are almost verbatim what another person has written. Or they are offering the same blog to more than just you. Meaning? It is not longer quality content as it is on other people’s website and, at that point, is almost spammy content as it is on more than one website. You can still pay a copywriter to write blogs for you, but ensure that they are not giving that same content to someone else!

Is it Okay to Use ChatGPT for Copywriting?

All free copywriting tools are created differently and, often, have different strengths. When it comes to ChatGPT, it is a language based AI that has read articles, books, stories, etc. up until 2021 to learn how to help individuals write. Now, does this mean it’s perfect at it? No. ChatGPT is a wonderful tool but requires supervision and some training so that you can have it do what you need it to.

But as one of the many free copywriting tools, ChatGPT is a great one! It not only can be directed easily to be trained to use specific tones, it can also be used to help you bounce around ideas or you can even ask it if an idea makes sense! Which, I personally do all the time. It’s a great free resource that can allow you to write outlines, blogs, blurbs, etc. to begin your journey to creating quality work.

How Can I Make My Copywriting Better? Shows a woman therapist smiling and typing on her laptop as she uses free copywriting ai tools. Represents how seo for online counseling and private practice seo can be implemented with or without using AI writing tools.

As I mentioned above, taking topics that you are passionate about, topics your clients have inquired about in therapy, or adding in specific examples can go a long way. When you are passionate, your writing will show that. Then it not only tells your ideal clients, and Google, that you are passionate about it but that you are also an expert on that topic. Now, when you address topics that come up in therapy often, it allows you to create a resource that may be incredibly useful for current or future clients. Plus, using my last tip, you can take specific examples from your clients and put them into these blogs.

When you do this, it makes your blogs more personalized. It allows you to show who you are in writing form and gives potential clients an opportunity to to connect with you. This can be such an amazing way to not only gain clients and establish credibility, but also share about your niche and passion. Because your blogs, service pages and other forms of content on your website are really what potential clients are looking for when searching for their ideal therapist. Let them get to know you through your quality content and topics you are passionate about.

Empower Yourself to Write Your Blog Efficiently Without Copywriting AI Tools

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About the Author:Lynsey, SEO Content Writer for Simplified SEO Consulting. Lynsey provides tips copywriting tips for beginners to help you better implement private practice seo.

Introducing , the dedicated SEO Content Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting. With a focus on mental health and SEO, Lynsey guides therapists in leveraging SEO to elevate their online presence. Recognizing the vital role of SEO for mental health professionals, she crafts personalized strategies to amplify your brand. Enhance your practice’s success through SEO investment. Explore more about Lynsey and our team at Simplified SEO Consulting. Ready to boost your online visibility? Reach out to Simplified SEO Consulting today and witness the SEO advantage for mental health professionals like you.

Meet Lynsey, the SEO Content Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting, dedicated to helping therapists enhance their online presence without relying on copywriting AI tools. With a focus on mental health and SEO, Lynsey crafts personalized strategies to amplify your brand efficiently. Discover how to write compelling content and boost your practice’s success through strategic SEO investment. Learn more about Lynsey and our team at Simplified SEO Consulting. Ready to elevate your online visibility without AI? Reach out today and experience the advantage for mental health professionals like you.