Current Events Like Simone Biles’s Mental Health Can Improve SEO 

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We’ve all seen it by now. She is headlining current events everywhere. Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast of all time, dropped out of the Olympics to focus on her mental health. After feeling the weight from others with the expectation to be the best, being scored unfairly, and being scrutinized under every platform possible for not scoring “well” in prelims and the first part of competitions… Simone dropped out. 

She recognized that performing at such a high level, complicated stunts in a less than stable mental state was dangerous. She shared with the world that she was feeling the pressure and that it was simply too much. Not to mention that the whole point of competing this year was to show her teammates and other gymnasts that even after being victims of sexual assault, you can still be something great. She set an example for athletes, women, and people of color that it is okay to put your mental health first. Incredible.

If you haven’t yet started talking about this to your clients in sessions, I highly encourage you to do so. Truly, what an opportunity to connect to your clients, show them that even the most decorated and successful athletes in the world experience mental battles and need breaks. What a way to reinforce that they are not alone! 

Of course, you are therapists and mental health professionals, so you already know how huge this is. That’s not why you’re here. You’re here because you want to know how this news headline could possibly tie in to your SEO and improve your business. Let me enlighten you!

Speak to current events  

All throughout the thick of the COVID pandemic, many private practice therapists saw the opportunity to speak to current news and events and share how mental health was affected by the pandemic. Therapists explained how isolation lead to depression for many, and now many are writing about how re-entry in a post-COVID world is heavily anxiety inducing. Keep going! Blog about timely topics whenever you have the chance!

Yeah, a pandemic is a pretty heavy thing to deal with, and chances are (hopefully) that you won’t be covering anything that big again anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you should stop speaking to current events. You brought in so many clients by speaking to a major pain point and by gaining their trust through relatable content. Do it again! Talk about Simone Biles and how athletes are held to extremely high standards. Or, talk  about women of color and how they have to work harder to prove themselves. You could also talk about survivors of sexual assault and how trauma creeps back in at the worst times. Honestly, you could even talk about perfectionism and how it is important to know when to just take a break. See…. look at all of that content based off of one current event! You can do it. 

Take a stance

A laptop, plant, coffee, and notebook saying New Blog Post. Blogging is important for SEO. Reach out to an SEO specialist today to help with SEO for therapists.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. If you haven’t met me yet, I am kind of the social media queen of the SEO Specialist Team. I have a ton of tips related to interaction online and how to reach your ideal audience through social media. Kinda neat. Anyway, my tip for you today is to take a stance on these current events. Use the blog post as a chance to share your thoughts, and allow it to serve as a platform for your business.

By taking a stance, you are sharing your thoughts and humanizing yourself. This makes clients find you more relatable. Further, it provides content worth sharing. Let’s be honest… mental health blogs are kind of tough because speaking about mental health on a platform meant for showing your “best life” is just not common. Therefore, by talking more on current events and tying that into mental health, you can get on in there with all of the other articles being circulated all over Facebook and other social media. (Yes, share your blogs on social media… it can’t hurt.) 

Speak to your ideal clients 

Feather pen with a few scribbles. SEO for therapists can help reach your ideal clients by ranking higher on google. An SEO Specialist can help.

I know you already know this because you speak to your ideal clients in all of your blog posts. You’re a rock star at this. Therefore, I put this here as more of a reminder. Speak to your ideal audience and cater your message based on the pain points of your clients. Like I mentioned earlier, there are a ton of avenues to take just on the Simone Biles event, so imagine what else is out there that you can use for your clients to relate to! 

To wrap things up, I want to encourage you to speak to current events but also hit the major pain points of ideal clients in the same post. Get those keywords in there of course, but stay relatable and current!

Moral of the story here… talk about it! Use current events on your private practice blogs to stay relevant, become relatable, and to humanize yourself. Seize these opportunities to write about things your clients care about and teach them that mental health is a part of everyday life, not a separate part that has to stay silent and hidden.

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Reagan Sullivan will be starting her Master’s Program this fall in Clinical Counseling. She also has her own mental health blog. Currently, Reagan is an SEO Specialist also doing consults for anyone interested in starting our services.  She specializes in platforms such as Squarespace and WordPress. Reagan loves writing copy, but she really appreciates the ability to help private practice owners to expand their site and reach their ideal clients.

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