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SEO Backlinks for Therapists. . . With Ease!

You know you need to get backlinks to improve your SEO, however. . . you simply don’t have time for all that! It sounds overwhelming. There are so many different tactics and methods and a quick Google search leaves your head spinning. You’re a busy private practice owner, and managing a website and blogging is […]


Using Inclusive SEO Keywords

You are a diversity focused psychiatrist or therapist and want to rank for SEO keywords. Your practice is going, but could use a boost. You’ve done some keyword research yourself, or hired someone to do it for you and well, the keywords they recommend are. . . not the terminology you would use. “Mason, why […]

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Incorporating SEO keywords

Incorporating SEO keywords You know you need to incorporate SEO keywords into your copy, but it feels so clunky and awkward. You’ve done SEO keyword research and have come up with what you want to rank for but are struggling to add those keywords in a way that flows and makes sense.   Copywriting for […]

How Does Bounce Rate Affect SEO?

iThere is so much data thrown at you in the online world we live in. As you dive into SEO, it can be overwhelming to learn what exactly all the numbers mean. What are meta descriptions, alt texts, and keywords? How do you know what to track and then how do you track it? Well, […]