Image of a man at a laptop overlayed by an orange search bar. Which highlights the importance of knowing how to write a meta description for a private practice website. Especially for a therapists about page when it comes to their SEO.

Meta Descriptions for Therapist “About” Pages

Let us start with the basics of what a meta description is really for. The short answer is that it gives both Google and potential clients a snapshot of your page. The tricky part is that you have to summarize your 500+ word page within a certain amount of characters. All while making sure the meta description positively affects your SEO.

In order to fully utilize your meta descriptions it must fulfill its two main jobs. The first job of the meta description is to help improve search engine rankings. So that your page will appear in Google searches for your ideal clients. Its second job is to navigate people from their search and onto your page. Thus improving your “click through rate”.

Tips for Writing A Good Meta Description for Your About Page

Image of a mental health professional in a white shirt reaching out her hand. Showing how meta descriptions for therapists "about" pages can help them connect with clients. If they learn how to write a meta description for a private practice website.For service pages, the meta descriptions highlight that specific therapy technique or service page that you offer. While on blog posts they display the topic of the post and your expertise on the subject. However, your meta description on your about page should specifically showcase your area of expertise and your specific niche. That being said you know what you are offering to your clients better than anyone. This means you basically have everything that you need to write the meta description for your about page. However, these guidelines can make crafting it a little easier.

Picking the Right Keywords

The best keywords for your about page are normally going to be general “counselor”, “therapist”, or “psychologist” type keywords. However, if you specialize in one specific area then you might have a more specific keyword. For example, if you are a counselor who focuses mainly on trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, and emotional abuse recovery then your main keyword might be “trauma therapist”. Another example is if one therapist in a group practice only offers couples or marriage counseling. The main keyword on their about page might be “marriage counselor” or couples therapist”.

Keep It Unique

If you are the only therapist at your practice then keeping your “About” page meta description unique will be fairly simple. It will already stand apart from your service pages because you are highlighting yourself as a counselor/therapist/psychologist. However, if you have a group practice you will want to make sure that you have unique metas for each of the therapists. Tailor the meta descriptions on their pages to their unique skills, strengths, and niches. One of the ways to do that is to highlight different keywords for each person’s page when appropriate.

Not Too Short & Not Too Long

Watch the length of your meta description carefully. To start you want to make sure that it is over 120 characters but do not want it to go over 155 characters. If you go over the 155 then you risk the text getting cut off. However, if you are under 120 characters then your meta description might not be picked up by Google at all and they will just pick a snippet from your page. In order to get full use of it I like to make meta descriptions as close to 150-155 characters as possible. Honestly, I rarely find it hard to meet the 120-character minimum. Instead, I sometimes struggle to keep it under 155. In these cases, I will reword sentences or change out phrases until I get a combination that meets all the guidelines listed above.

Image of a man in a blue shirt in a wheelchair typing at a computer. Showing the type of clients you can reach when you invest in SEO for therapists and mental health professionals. Where you can learn to where to use keywords within your meta description on your about page.Other Things To Consider

  • If there is room at the end include a call to action. Such as:
    • “Learn more now”
    • “Call today to learn more”
    • “Read on”
  • When you can include a location within the meta description

Examples of Meta Descriptions for Therapist “About” Pages

Mary Smith | Trauma Therapist | Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0X3

Mary Smith is an expert EMDR & trauma therapist in Winnipeg. She specializes in treating emotional abuse, CPTSD, & PTSD. Call to learn more!

Dr. Kent | Psychologist | Little Rock, Arkansas 72002

Learn more about Dr. Kent who is a Psychologist in Little Rock, AR. He provides counseling for general anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks & more. Read on!

Jane Foster | EMDR Therapist | Dublin, IE D07 V57C

Jane Foster is an understanding EMDR therapist at Example Therapy Services. She specializes in trauma recovery with children, teens, & adults.

Final Thoughts on Writing Meta Descriptions for Therapist “About” Pages

Search engine optimization is not always an exact science. It’s a dance of balancing what Google wants, maintaining your voice or vision, and appealing to your ideal clients. This means you might find yourself needing to rewrite your meta description and that’s alright. When optimizing your about page try starting with the meta description. Then after optimizing the page go back to the meta description and see if you want to make any changes to it. Another time you might end up rewriting the meta description is if you are not seeing the “click through rate” that you are wanting. For example, if Dr. Kent, from the meta description above, is ranking well for “psychologist in Little Rock, AR” but isn’t seeing a lot of clicks then it might be time to do a rewrite.

Learn More About SEO for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals

If you are interested in learning more about SEO for Therapists, Psychiatrists, or Psychologists then Simplified SEO Consulting can help guide you.  We offer services that range from completely do-it-yourself SEO courses to done-with-you SEO classes to done-for-you SEO. Whether you want to learn how to do search engine optimization yourself or if you are looking to work directly with a Mental Health SEO Specialist we can help you grow your business! Ready to find the best way to get your website in front of your ideal clients? Then book a free consult today!

SEO Specialist for mental health therapist websites, Winnie. She specializes in helping therapists to understand where to put keywords on their websites. Including how to incorporate them within a meta description.About The Author

Winnie is a Mental Health SEO Specialist who enjoys helping private practice owners grow their websites and their businesses. Her primary focus is working with therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and functional medicine doctors who choose our done-for-you services. She has written meta descriptions for home pages, about pages, service pages, and blogs for mental health professionals across the United States and in Canada.

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