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Four Common SEO Mistakes Made by Private Practices

Are you a private practice owner looking to start working on your SEO? SEO is important when it comes to your website as a private practice to help improve your rankings on search engines. With it, your website will be able to rank and your ideal clients will have an easier time finding your site. But did you know there are some common mistakes practitioners make when it comes to their SEO?

Despite how important SEO is, it can be easy for a practitioner to still make common mistakes. These mistakes typically include: ignoring local SEO, neglecting on-page optimization, focusing too much on keywords, and ignoring technical SEO. Follow along to see how you can avoid making these four common SEO mistakes.

Four Common SEO Mistakes by Private Practices

Neglecting Your Private Practices Local SEO

The first mistake practitioners may make when working on their website’s SEO is ignoring local SEO. Local SEO is the practice of targeting and optimizing a website to be found by local clients who are searching for specific therapy or practices in a specific geographic area. An example of this practice could be a potential client searching for, “trauma therapy in Little Rock, AR”. Local SEO is important for practitioners as it helps generate clients for their practice due to clients searching for services in their local area. By optimizing your website and creating a local online presence, you will have a better chance of finding clients in your local area you may be trying to reach and appearing at the top of search results when they search for, “anxiety therapy near me”.

Many private practices may overlook local SEO in favor of broader state or national SEO strategies as well. These can be important but being established locally can be a great start in creating a base for your SEO practice. Some tips on improving your local SEO include optimizing your Google Business Profile if you have one, using local keywords, replying to your reviews, and creating location-specific content. Optimizing your Google Business Profile is absolutely crucial with local SEO and will help establish you with Google. Make sure your Google Business Profile NAP (name, address, and phone number) is complete, accurate, and up to date as it can affect your rankings.

Neglecting On-Page OptimizationPhoto of a woman working on her laptop and smiling while a graphic displaying the word SEO and other website graphics. Are you a private practice owner wanting to improve your private practice SEO? Discover the common mistakes website owner's make when working on their SEO.

The second mistake most private practice owners are making is neglecting their on-page optimization. On-page optimization is important when it comes to your website ranking and getting organic traffic by optimizing various elements on a web page to make it more search engine friendly and relevant to the targeted keywords. Without it, search engines would have a difficult time with the content on your webpage which will then affect its visibility in search results. The most common way to optimize your website is by optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, URLs, images, and content to provide search engines with relevant information about the web page, which in turn will help it rank higher in search results. 

While many private practice owners might optimize the pages on their websites, some might not put in enough effort in their optimization, thus not generating the traffic they need to their websites. So if private practice owners utilize their on-page SEO strategies, they can improve the relevance and quality of their content, which can ultimately result in higher search engine rankings and more organic traffic.

Focusing Too Much on Keywords

The third mistake private practice owners face when working on their SEO is focusing too much on keywords. Keywords are a critical component of SEO. They are terms and phrases that people use to search for information and services on search engines. By optimizing your content and website for relevant keywords, you can improve your website’s visibility in search engine results pages and attract more organic traffic. Without them, it would be hard to optimize and rank.

But there are dangers in using keywords as well. When optimizing a page or photo you must make sure you are using both relevant keywords and not keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing typically happens when someone excessively adds keywords to a page or photo. Usually in hopes to manipulate the search engine. This can be very harmful to your SEO and result in consequences for the search engine. Thus, causing your website to no longer rank. Be sure your keywords are always used in a natural and relevant way to the page you are optimizing.

Ignoring Your Private Practices Technical SEO

Technical SEO is another important factor in ranking on search engines. A lot of private practice owners optimizing their websites may ignore technical SEO. It’s the process of optimizing a website’s technical side and backend elements. Both will help to improve its search engine visibility and its ability to be crawled. Typical ways you would work on technical SEO include optimizing website speed, mobile-friendliness, and website architecture. Most private practice owners skip this part of optimization.

As they are not well-versed in the technical aspect of their website. But these are important ways to help boost your website’s rankings. Here are some tips on improving the technical side of your SEO: check your page speed (slow loading times can negatively impact user experience and lead to lower search engine rankings), optimize for mobile friendliness, make sure your website has proper site structure and have a clear navigation system so the search engines can easily crawl the pages, don’t use duplicate content as it can lower your rankings, and make sure internal and external links are not broken and link back to a live site.

Photo of two women smiling and celebrating in front of a laptop. Discover the four common mistakes private practice owners make when it comes to optimizing and improving their private practice seo.Invest in Your Private Practices SEO

As a private practice owner, these are all common mistakes that can affect your website’s SEO. If you want your website to rank well be sure you are investing your time and effort into your SEO strategies. This is ideal as it will help improve your online visibility to attract your ideal clients. Remember, optimizing for search engines is like going to the dentist. It may not be the most fun thing in the world, but it’s necessary for a healthy practice!

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