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Footer SEO for Mental Health

So much of our time is spent focusing on optimizing service pages and blogs but what about the other parts of SEO? For example, the footer can have an impact on SEO. While it is not the most important factor when working on SEO for your site it is still good to know about it and keep it in mind.

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What is the purpose of the footer?

Before we get into the “how” of your footer SEO let’s talk about the “what”. More specifically what is the purpose of the footer? Overall the main purpose of the footer is to enhance navigation throughout your website. Increased ease of navigation leads to increased conversion from visitors that are on your website. This can be achieved by providing location information, contact information, and some links.

How to Set Up Footer SEO

Now let us look at the “how”. How do we optimize the footing of a website to help increase conversion? Here are some of the top things to keep in mind while setting up the footer.

Include Service Area & Contact Info

One of the most important things to include in your footer is your contact information. At a minimum, you should have a link or a button that directs visitors to your contact page. Additionally, it is beneficial to have your phone number and any other form of communication, such as an email address, listed on the footer. This allows visitors immediate access to contact information the moment they decide they want to begin services with you.

Another important detail to include in the footer is the areas where you provide service for. If you provide in-person services you will want to list the address of your office. If you provide online therapy services in addition to your in-person services it’s good to list that as well. List all of the states that you are targeting. For example:

“We can see clients anywhere in Missouri & Kansas with our online therapy services”

“Online Therapy available to all residents of Missouri & Kansas”

On the other hand, if you are an online-only practice it’s important to consider what areas you are trying to target the most. Which cities have a higher population of your ideal clients? Identify those areas and try to naturally include them. One example would be:

“Services available online in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, or anywhere in Missouri”

Graphic of people piecing together a website on a giant computer. It is important that search engine optimization for counselors is done ethically. Part of that include being mindful when working on footer SEO. This is included in our services for mental health SEO. If you're ready to get started call today!Have Intentionally Organized Links

Here is where things get a little tricky. We want to include SOME links in our footer without overdoing it. Try to make sure you are selecting links that will be the most beneficial without overstuffing the section. For example, if you offer a lot of different services then listing every single service page might be a little overwhelming. Instead, it might be more helpful to link to your services landing page.

Make sure that you are organizing the links in your footer in a way that will make sense to the viewer. What are your ideal clients most likely to be looking for? Before placing the links in the footer try to really understand which links will be most beneficial in helping to convert someone into taking the step of contacting you.

Keep It Clean & Easy to Read

While keeping the footer clean and easy to read ties heavily into organizing your links it’s important enough to reiterate. Remember the goal of a footer is to enhance navigation throughout your website. This is why it is better to keep the footer short and to the point. It’s not a place to be including a paragraph or two about your services.

Instead, try making organized sections within the footer. For example, you can include 3 separate sections. The first section can include your logo and/or a contact button. The second section can include the name of your private practice and your location. The third section or column can include important links. This allows for your footer to remain clean, and easy to read. As well as providing quick uncomplicated access to information for potential new clients.

What Not to Do For Footer SEO

Now that we have taken a look at what to do in for footer SEO let’s take a deeper look at what not to do. There is such a thing as over-optimizing on a page. This can be prevented by not overstuffing links within the footer. In a previous post, it was discussed how links and anchor text can boost SEO. So why am I saying not to put too many links in the footer of your website? Links carry more weight when they are in the body of a page compared to in the footer. That is why at Simplified SEO Consulting we suggest having an “other services” section underneath your call to action.

Image of a man working on a desktop computer. While footer SEO doesn't have the largest impact it is important to remember in mental health SEO. We can help with that! Contact us about search engine optimization for counselors. Call today!Other Services Section Vs Footer SEO

Earlier I mentioned that the footer is not the place for a paragraph about your services. That is what the other services section is for. In this section, we urge you to list out and link to the other services that you offer. This allows you to boost whatever keywords that need support by using them as anchor text. Just remember not to link back to that current page. Whereas for footer SEO you are going to be more selective with what pages you link to.

Ready to Get Help With Footer SEO?

At Simplified SEO Consulting we know know that learning all the ins and out of search engine optimization for counselors can be difficult. Especially while also running your own private practice. That’s why we provide support ranging from SEO private training to done for you SEO. It can be a big step to invest in SEO but our mental health SEO specialists are here to help you at every step. Start by following these steps:

  1. Schedule a consult with our knowledgeable Consultation Team
  2. Learn more about our dedicated team of SEO Specialists for therapists
  3. Start ranking higher on Google and filling your schedule with clients

Services Offered at Simplified SEO Consulting

Our Mental Health SEO specialists are here to help you get optimal search engine optimization for counselors. Simplified SEO Consulting has several options to help with your private practice website. Is the thought of trying to find more time in your schedule to optimize your website daunting? Then one of our Done for You SEO packages might be your best option. Looking to build your knowledge on SEO for yourself? Then take an online course or SEO training. No matter which package you choose to go with we will ensure that your website is optimized in an ethical way. Get started with your free 30-minute consultation with one of our client success specialists today!

Image of the blogs author, Winnie Youger-Rash. Winnie is ready to help you with Search engine optimization for mental health professionals. Contact us today to see what packages can help you with to build your private practice website.About the Author:

Winnie is part of the caring team of SEO Specialists at Simplified SEO Consulting. She enjoys learning and growing her knowledge in not only SEO but also mental health. Her specialty is working with our clients who have picked our Done for You package.

She has a lot of passion for providing SEO help for psychiatrists and therapists. If you’re ready to see how Simplified can serve you, schedule your next consultation. Speak with our Client Success Specialist to discuss how Winnie can support you on your SEO journey.

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