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Online Therapy & SEO

During the pandemic throughout these past few years, online therapy has become extremely popular within the mental health field. This makes perfect sense given how accessible online therapy can be, especially during a time when meeting in person became very rare. I believe that after the pandemic, therapists have realized how important it is to offer this service and have often shifted more towards a hybrid style, offering both in-person and online services. More importantly, what does this mean for SEO? What are some advantages and disadvantages of offering this service? And what are some ways we can capitalize on this growing part of the mental health field?

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The SEO part of Online Therapy

Like many services, online therapy is a fantastic way of not only adding a new service to provide but also boosting SEO. With online therapy, depending on what state(s) you are licensed in, we are able to make an effort to rank in the entire state(s). This helps to cast a wide net keeping in mind your specialties but also having the advantage of being able to schedule online appointments from any area of the state. Although sometimes more competitive than ranking for a specific city, it is another one of the many ways we are able to get your name and practice out there and continue to improve your rankings. 


What does this mean for SEO?An image of hands on a compluter representing the question "Is SEO good for therapists?" | Hoe to rank on Google for Therapists | How to build SEO for therapists |

Having more services pages in general for various specialties you offer is always a good thing. Not only does this communicate with the viewer on the specifics of what services you provide, but it also adds more content we are then able to nail down keywords for and optimize. This is especially present for online therapy when we are able to pull specific zip codes from major cities in the state and try and rank all of them in different ways.  


The SEO Advantages

There are a few things to consider when making an attempt to rank for online therapy services. As always, we want to include those keyword-rich headings/subheadings in the copy as well as backend SEO, but we believe it is equally important to do so in a way that accurately represents you as a therapist and accurately depicts what you can offer. It is very important to rank well, but also important to accurately represent your process and lens through your voice. Furthermore, anytime we are able to add another service page or specialty, this allows us to track more keywords and implement them in an attempt to rank higher. Here are some advantages to online therapy and SEO:  


  • Able to rank for the entire state 
  • Including another service page for each state you’re licensed in 
  • The convenience of online therapy 
  • Opportunity for more internal links
  • Expanding the services you provide
  • Viable options for those in remote locations
  • Casting a wider net, obtaining clients from the entire state

You could be asking yourself, this is a good start but what about building or improving an online therapy service page? We have a blog that includes 4 Tips for Improving SEO for Online Therapy Services that has really good information about the specific of improving those pages to get an optimal ROI and the best possible “SEO juice” for rankings. One thing that was an important takeaway for me, was having separate online therapy pages for each state you are licensed in, helping to cast an even broader net with all the more opportunities to rank for more keywords and optimization.   

An image of a person pointing to a graph representing how SEO is good for therapist, and how to rank on google and build SEO.

Online Therapy and SEO Overview

Although sometimes hard to rank for considering the entire state, online therapy can be such a great way to help boost SEO and improve rankings. At Simplified, we want you to get great ROI while also representing your voice and practice in the way you see fit. Having the ability to not only offer online services in a time when they are so popular but also being able o rank for the entire state(s) you are licensed in is such a great advantage to SEO. We are always really excited to see new service pages added, as it can only help get you the clients you want in the door and improve SEO.  


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Justin Bohannan is an SEO specialist at Simplified. He works with clients across the nation to reach their goals and boost their SEO. Justin works with the team writing content, on-page optimization, and more! Justin graduated from the University of Missouri with his BA in Psychology.

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