Illustration of a person copywriting on a computer. Including an "about the author" section can help SEO for therapists. This is part of what we suggest including them in blogs when doing SEO for private practices. Contact us today to learn more about therapist SEO.

SEO for Therapists: Value of an “About the Author” Section

Value of an “About the Author” section on your blog posts: increase your EAT score with Google

Image of a man smiling while typing on a computer. How to build SEO for therapists? Including and about the author will help with good SEO for therapists. Contact us today to see how we can help you with SEO for private practices. Reach out now!Did you know that there is value in including an “About the Author” section at the end of each of your blogs? It plays a role in EAT. Increasing your EAT score with Google means increasing ranking power which is what we are all about at Simplified SEO Consulting

Chances are that you are reading this blog because you are either interested in working on SEO for your website or you are already investing in SEO. This means (whether you realize it yet or not) that you care about establishing EAT with Google. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trust and it plays an important role in SEO. We are going to talk about how you can use your “About the Author” section at the end of your blogs to further your ranking power.

Make The “About The Author” Specific To The Blog

An important aspect of using the “About the Author” is to make the section specific to each blog. If the blog you wrote is related to trauma but the about the author is geared to anxiety then it isn’t going to have the full ranking power that it could. Both readers and Google want timely, truthful, and helpful content from a person specially trained expert in the area. By individualizing the “About the Author” we are able to use it as a part of EAT and as a ranking factor.

Example of an “About the Author”

Below is an example of an “About the Author” section for a blog related to trauma.

Jane Doe is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Example Therapy Group in Chicago, IL. She received her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St.Louis. As a trauma therapist, she specializes in working with teens and adults who have been through a traumatic event. She is specially trained in EMDR and uses it to help her clients process negative and traumatic memories. Jane believes strongly in the power of therapy to reduce and eliminate trauma and PTSD symptoms. It is her mission to support her clients in their healing journey so they can live a full and happy life.

In the example above Jane Doe is highlighted as a trauma therapist with expertise in treating trauma and PTSD symptoms. This helps solidify her as an expert and enhances her authority on the topic of the blog for both Google and the readers 

“About the Author” is for the Readers & Google

Establishing EAT for Google

Whenever we write content we want it to rank well on Google. Higher rankings mean people actually see the content you spent valuable time writing. This then leads to more visitors to your website and hopefully more conversions of visitors into clients. The tricky part is we have to convince Google that we really know what we are talking about. An “About the Author” section does just that. It establishes you as an expert and authority on the topic of the blog. Thus allowing Google to build trust that ranking your website highly is the right choice.

Image of a woman writing in a journal with a computer sitting in front of her. We provide help with SEO for mental health professionals. As a part of SEO for therapists, we suggest including an About the Auther section. Are you needing SEO for private practices? We can help, reach out now!

Establishing EAT for the Reader

It is important for people to know that what they are reading is credible and that it is coming from someone who knows what they are talking about. This is especially true in the medical and mental health fields. An “About the Author” tailored to the topic of the blog helps assure the reader that you have the expertise and authority to write on the subject. Further enhancing their trust in you and your website. This increases the likelihood that they will look at more of your pages, convert into clients, or come back to your website when they are ready for more help.

Why We Are Talking About This Now

With each Google update, including this section as a part of blogs seems to become more and more important as a ranking factor. In May 2022 Google released another update. Once again we saw the topic of the “About the Author” sections come up again. With their newest update including them in your blogs has more “SEO juice” and ranking power than ever before. 

Final Thoughts on SEO for Therapists &”About the Author” Sections

As an SEO specialist for therapists, I  suggest starting to write an individualized “About the Author” section as a part of your content writing process. After you create the main content of your blog then write a paragraph about yourself. 

  • What makes you qualified to give advice on the subject you just wrote about? 
  • Do you have specialized training that relates to the topic?
  • Who do you work with and how did you help them?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to this section on every blog. In other words, you don’t have to make these extravagantly different between each post. However, you do need to make sure that you do not have duplicate content on your blogs.

We Can Help You Learn More About SEO for Therapists

At Simplified SEO Consulting we know know that learning all the ins and out of search engine optimization for counselors can be difficult. Our SEO specialists are here to help! We have services ranging from SEO intensive training so you can learn how to optimize your own website to done for you SEO. It can be a big step to invest in SEO but we are here to help you at every step. Start by following these steps:

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Services Offered at Simplified SEO Consulting

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About the Author:

Image of the blogs author Winnie. As a mental health SEO specialist Winnie is ready to help you with private practice SEO. Contact us today to see what packages we offer for SEO help for therapists.Winnie is a part of our dedicated team of SEO Specialists at Simplified SEO Consulting. She enjoys learning and growing her knowledge in not only SEO but also mental health. Staying up to date on all aspects of SEO, such as about the author sections, so she can bring you the best service possible. (If you have read this far notice the customization to this particular blog.)

Her specialty is working with our clients who have picked our Done for You package. She embraces taking a team approach to optimizing in order to bring all of our clients the most comprehensive services possible. If you’re ready to start on your SEO journey, schedule a consultation. Speak with our Client Success Specialist to discuss how Winnie can support you.

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