Photo of a woman using her computer mouse and keyboard. This photo represents how data fluctuations can change your websites data to help Google build trust.
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How Data Fluctuation Helps Google Establish Trust With Your Website

Are you working on your SEO and started to notice changes in the data on your website? Have you noticed data fluctuation in your data between high and low and you’re not sure why? We’ve all been there. Your data had started to climb and you were excited that your page had begun to rank higher in Google’s search results. But a week later your back down where you started and not ranking as high for some key terms.

You’re probably wondering, why is this happening to my site. In this blog post, you’ll learn how and why your website’s rankings are changing and what you can do to fix them.

What Is Data Fluctuation and How Are They Affecting my SEO?

Data fluctuation happens to every website on Google. It is a normal process that helps Google understand your website and what your content represents. Since Google is a top search engine it continually comes out with new algorithms to update and improve itself. These algorithm updates cause your SEO to fluctuate as it builds trust with your website and understands what content you are representing. For more information, here is a blog post on Google Analytics to help you better understand them.Photo of a phone screen showing google analytics. Struggling with the data fluctuations on your website? Learn about Google Analytics to know why your data is fluctuating.

In this case, don’t sweat the small data fluctuations, it usually changes daily. Data fluctuations affect your SEO daily when they fall or continually rise. As Google builds trust with your website, you will start to see your data increase because Google understands what content you are trying to convey. Data fluctuations may be helpful to your page or can make them fall, it just depends on how much Google knows and trusts your site.

Is Pogo-Sticking Affecting My Data?

Pogo-sticking is very common with search users. When a user enters a site from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and then quickly leaves to go back to the SERP they are pogo-sticking. From an SEO perspective, pogo-sticking can seem a little worrisome but for SEO reasons, Google isn’t worried about it. Some ways you can keep someone from pogo-sticking from your site would be to have engaging content, make sure your page is clear and concise, ensure that it is visually appealing, use relevant internal links, and keep your content up to date. 

Pinging and What It Means in SEO

Pinging refers to the submission of a page to alert search engines that your pages have changed on your site. This helps inform the search engine crawlers that you may have new content or changed one of your pages and what information actually appears on your website. Pinging is important or else search engines wouldn’t be aware of new changes in your site when you are trying to improve your SEO. Any new updates or changes should help benefit your site.Photo of a cartoon graphic with an arrow pointing up. This photo shows how data can fluctuate on Google over time as it builds trust with your website.

Don’t Give Up on Your SEO Because of Data Fluctuation

Data fluctuation is normal and shouldn’t always be worrisome. If your data starts to decrease, take what you’ve learned and apply it to your site to start seeing changes in your data. This should continually improve your data as well as gain trust over time with the search engine. 

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Photo of a cartoon graphic with cartoon characters around a laptop screen showing data. Unsure why your data fluctuates? Learn here why data fluctuations are important to building trust with Google.

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About the Author:

Brianna is a Mental health SEO Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting. At Simplified, Brianna enjoys optimizing websites and interacting withPhoto of Brianna Joplin, a mental health SEO specialist who offers SEO for therapists at Simplified SEO Consulting. her clients. Her goal while working with our clients is to ensure they enjoy their SEO journey and to understand how the SEO process works.


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