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Google Analytics Issues and How to Fix Them

Google provides a variety of resources to help you better understand how your site is performing on the web. Many of these resources such as Google Analytics (GA) can offer invaluable data. But, this tool isn’t without occasional errors that can throw a wrench in your efforts to improve your site. So today, we are diving into some of the more common issues you may experience while using Google Analytics.  And, how you can go about solving them!

An illustration of a screen showing website data. This could represent Google Analytics in counseling and the effects it can have. Learn more about how to rank on google for therapists by contacting simplified seo consulting. 65202Getting Started with Google Analytics

It is first worth noting that the data Google Analytics offers isn’t native to your site. To start allowing Google to track data, you must first use your Google account to sign up for Google Analytics and set up your account. After doing so, you have to ensure the tracking code is installed on each page of your website. This may sound like a pain to do, but there are a few ways to simplify the process depending on the site builder you are using. 

Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Making sure the tracking code is on each page of your website has become a much easier process with the help of a few other tools often used alongside Google Analytics. The most straightforward method is still embedding the source code into the website. But, this process can be difficult and confusing depending on your familiarity with the technical aspects of your site. If done and cause issues if done incorrectly. As a result, we like to advise against this unless method unless you feel comfortable enough to do so, or if there are no other options. 

Alternatives to Install Your Tracking Code

But, one of the best options is the Google Tag Manager. This system allows you to add measurement codes and tags to your website or app. You only need to add the Tag Manager code to your site, and you can use the services available with the Manager. Another useful tool is the Google Analytics plugin itself. This will differ based on the website builder you are using but can offer a simple way to integrate the tool with your site. 

Using either of these can help you ensure the tracking code is ending up where it needs to be. However, based on the complex your site and practice are, there is a chance you may still run into other issues along the way. 

Data Issues

In the process of reviewing your Google Analytics data, you may find what is reported is nowhere near what it should be. This may manifest in the form of a very low bounce rate, inflated page views, or a variety of other ways depending on the issue. When this data fails to reflect the accurate metrics of your site, it can lead to a great deal of confusion and frustration. But, using the Google Analytics troubleshooting tool can help you get to the root of the issue. In many cases, these issues will relate to:

  • Data missing from reports
  • Pages being reported more than once
  • Internal traffic appearing in reports
  • Bots/spam skewing reported data

An illustration of a screen showing website data. This could represent Google Analytics in counseling and the effects it can have. Learn more about how to rank on google for therapists by contacting simplified seo consulting. 65202While these issues may be different, each involves becoming familiar with creating filters on Google Analytics. Creating filters will allow you to address each of these issues by changing what data you see in your reports. There are a variety of filters that can help your site in many ways. So, becoming familiar with them can go a long way in helping you curate the data you want to see on your site.

When Other Properties Affect Your Data

Depending on the size and scope of your practice, you may also experience issues related to the data of other websites appearing in the wrong report. This can occur if you have multiple Google Analytics properties on the same account and is often a result of the wrong tracking code being installed on the site. Using Google Analytics to track the data for multiple websites can be convenient. But, you must take extra care that it has been configured correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of skewed results.

One of the best ways to go about solving this involves logging into your Google account. From here, you can go to the property in question and see if it matches the tracking code installed on your site. Another important thing you may want to enable is cross-domain tracking. This will allow you to track data across multiple sites from the same Google Analytics account. But, you will not have the same access to the data you have with a single site. Instead, you will be able to access data including:

  • Pageviews
  • Unique visitors
  • Average session duration
  • Traffic between pages      

Taking this into account can help you better understand how best to track the data on your site, and help avoid errors in what is being reported.

A illustration of a person reviewing data with two magnifying glasses. Simplified SEO Consulting can offer support with Google Analytics in counseling. Learn more about how to rank on Google for therapists and other services. 65202Closing Thoughts

Google Analytics can provide invaluable insights about your site. But, the data isn’t always as accurate as one may believe. So, understanding how these issues can arise can help improve the reliability of your data and the overall health of your site. It can feel like a lot to take into account. But, remember that there is always support available should you need it! 

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