Can Zip Codes Really Help With SEO?

The answer is yes they can help us target the right audience so you are not just getting clients you are getting the right clients!

There are several factors that go into establishing a location with Google. Such as:

The unique purpose of zip codes is to pinpoint locations where your ideal clients live, work, and play. For example, if you are trying to rank in Oklahoma City, OK there are 50+ associated zip codes. Your rankings are going to fluctuate some between the different zip codes. So we want to ensure that you have the strongest rankings in the right areas. We do this by creating a list of 6 to 15 zip codes that can be used during optimization. So how do we make sure we are picking the right zip codes?

Where Do Your Ideal Clients Live, Work, and Play?

Identifying popular locations for ideal clients is one of the most important factors when picking zip codes. When I talk to private practice owners about picking zip codes I get asked a lot if I can just pick some zip codes for them. In truth, I could do that but all I have to go on is the demographic information of the zip codes (which can be helpful). But you know your city better than I do. You can more easily identify the areas in which your ideal clients live, work, and play. Which will ultimately give you the best ROI when it comes to incorporating zip codes.

The reason we want to target where potential clients live is fairly obvious. It is generally where people spend most of their time outside of work. If they are Googling for professional mental health with 3 am trauma brain they are probably at home. Whether they are dealing with issues as a family or between couples, or just tired of hurting and want help there is a good chance they will be at home when they start looking for services.

But, why are we also interested in zip codes where ideal clients work and play?

While being at home isn’t the only time that people search for mental health support. This is especially true with the increased awareness of work stress and burnout. Ultimately, if you are looking to offer burnout treatment, stress management, career counseling, or therapy for young professionals then targeting where people work is especially important for you.

Zip Codes for Higher SES Areas: Does That Matter?

The second thing you want to consider when compiling a list of zip codes is demographics.

To the left is an example of demographic information for some zip codes in Oklahoma City. Just based on this information provided I would suggest the use of 73170 because it is one of the most populated areas with the highest income. Additionally, I would suggest using 73173 because it has had the most growth and a higher level of income rate. If I was selecting zip codes solely based on demographics I might pick a few other zip codes with this information but then I would want to continue my research. For example, we want to be careful when selecting zip codes with a small population. However one of those listed under “Least Populated” might be an area where a lot of young professionals work. If that is the case I would want to include that zip code in order to capture where my ideal client works.

How can zip codes help your ideal clients see you more? (Private pay practices: consider higher SES areas or areas with concentrated groups of young professionals – include all of the social justice fine print here…it doesn’t preclude you from showing up to everyone in an area, etc.)

Where Are The Zip Codes Used For SEO?

Generally, there are two places where we utilize zip codes when optimizing a page for SEO. The main area in which we use zip codes is as a part of the photo title. I have found it most beneficial to put two to four zip codes on each photo in the image title. Secondly, we often try to put a zip code in the SEO title. Here are two examples of how I would include a zip code in an SEO title for a service page and a blog post in Oklahoma City.

Depression Treatment | Depression Therapist | Oklahoma City, OK 73064


5 Things to do in Oklahoma City That Can Help Reduce Your Stress | Stress Management  | 73064

Are You Ready To Start SEO for Therapists?

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About the Author:

Image of the blogs author Winnie. As a mental health SEO specialist Winnie is ready to help you with private practice SEO. Contact us today to see what packages we offer for SEO help for therapists.Winnie is one of our caring Mental Health SEO Specialists and our Done-For-You Coordinator. Her specialty is working with clients at Simplified SEO Consulting who have picked our Done for You package. This includes helping them figure out how to pick the best zip codes and putting them in the right locations on their websites. You might also see her on our Facebook page answering questions. If you’re ready to start getting the most out of your website with SEO then schedule a consultation.

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