Doctor or psychiatrist talking to their client. Speaking to your ideal clients and listening to the words they use or reviewing intake paperwork is a great way to begin your keyword research.

SEO Services: Who We Serve

The truth is that our SEO practices would work well for a variety of businesses.  However, we choose to limit ourselves to optimizing websites for very service based businesses. Why? Because they’re more in our wheelhouse.  They’re issues we know a lot about….or at least enough to be able to ask questions and make sense of the answers.  And knowing the questions to ask so we get the right information is key to us getting you the best possible return on investment.

That’s an important thing to think about when choosing an SEO company.  You want people who understand your ideal client/patient/consumer.  Someone who “gets” the pain your audience is facing.  When we understand your ideal client, we can do better keyword research.  But we also do better optimizing.  We can write headings that balance using keywords with truly answering questions.  Our meta descriptions are more likely to convince people to click on your site.

In short, we want you to get the best possible return on investment when you choose us for SEO by helping you not only get to the top of Google but really reach your ideal clients!

Where we got our start as an SEO Company

I joke that Simplified SEO Consulting is the business I accidentally started.  I was already very busy running a growing counseling practice myself and still seeing a full time caseload of my own clients.  However, I’d taught myself SEO and found myself helping friends out. The next thing I knew, they were encouraging me to offer my services for a fee to other therapists.  So, I did.  And gave as much attention and care to other therapy websites as I did my own.  That meant I got results, kept learning more ways I could help and the business started growing primarily by word of mouth.

In other words, we started by helping other psychotherapy private practice owners like myself.  But even early on there were others as well. In fact, one of the first people I taught SEO to was an author creating a website to showcase a book.  Even early on there were therapists wanting to get websites ranking for their side hustles.  And I was able to quickly see that our approach to SEO works well for any health and wellness website as well as other helping type businesses.

Now, I still often speak directly to therapists, counselors, psychologists and others who offer psychotherapy services since that’s my own background.  But we can actually offer SEO Services to a wider range of small businesses.

Businesses Who May Benefit From Our SEO Services

Some of the types of clients who may really benefit from our SEO services include:

  • Psychologists, therapists & counselors
  • Psychiatrists in Private Practice
  • Chiropractors
  • Tutoring Programs, Advocates or Other Educational Supports
  • Doulas or Midwives
  • Speech Language Pathologists (SLP)
  • Physical Therapists (PT)
  • Personal TrainersSEO Tips & Tricks

Below I’m going to offer a specific tip for each of the sample businesses I mentioned above that might really benefit from our services.  But the thing is that most of the tips are pretty interchangeable.  So, you probably want to read through these categories regardless of which category you fall into.

Young man having a conversation with his therapist about depression or anxiety representing how our SEO Services help psychologists and others offering psychotherapy services.Quick Tip About SEO for Psychologists, Therapists & Counselors

Through ranking on Google, a psychotherapy practice can reach potential clients 24/7.  In general, I encourage you to target specific keywords like “trauma therapy in Atlanta, GA” first and then more general keywords like “Psychologist” or “therapist.” The most motivated clients are often looking for their specific issue and it’s easier to rank for more specific terms anyway.

Quick Tip About SEO for Psychiatrists in Private PracticePhoto of a psychiatrist or doctor speaking to a client. It represents how SEO can help psychiatrists reach more potential patients.

Psychiatrists in private practice, often who are also private pay, benefit from getting their website ranking well on Google. Clients looking for the help your services provide are often looking online. Try writing blog posts explaining various diagnoses, the benefits of a private pay psychiatrist or answering common questions.

Essentially, the goal is to provide education in addition to just explaining your services on the website. People often understand they need medication. But they may not understand the benefit of seeing you when it may cost a lot more. After all, they’ve gotten medication from other systems in the past (primary care doctor, a large agency, etc) and been left frustrated. Perhaps they’re even wondering if medication can truly help.  By writing really good content on your site that answers the questions they’re asking, you’ll rank better on Google. More importantly, you’ll convert the clients who do land on your site.

Chiropractic spine and hands logo. Represents how SEO can help a chiropractor attract more patients.Quick Tip about SEO for Chiropractors

SEO helps you reach a wide range of patients.  Consider creating a specific service page for the top few issues you see. For instance, “Chiropractic Care for Back Pain,” “Help for Migraines & Headaches” and a page for “Chiropractic Treatment for Kids.”

Quick Tip about SEO for Tutoring Photo of an anxious teen student. It represents how SEO can help education providers like tutors and advocates serve more of the students they can help.Programs, Advocates or Other Educational Supports

A big part of SEO is creating high quality content that is easy to understand. Even the most educated parent struggles to concentrate if stressed if they’re worried about a child’s education. Therefore, keep the language on your site (also called readability) very simple.

Photo of baby sleeping close to mother. Represents how our SEO Services for midwives and doulas allow them to help more new moms.Quick Tip about SEO for Birth Workers (Doulas, Midwives, Lactation Consultations & Birth Educators)

SEO for birth workers is a particular passion of Simplified SEO Consulting, because our Director of SEO Services has worked as a doula for years. She’s passionate about helping others get the visibility they need to reach more new parents looking for support throughout their child birthing and parenting journey.

One quick tip for birth workers looking to improve SEO is to create a couple of FAQ pages & related blogs. For instance, a FAQ page with questions parents ask about pregnancy, another about birth and then postpartum. Next, write a blog post that answers each question in more depth. Now, link FAQ pages to the blog posts. Parents appreciate this information and you’ll show up when they search for these questions!

Looking for SEO help as a midwife, doula, lactation consultant or birth educator?

Because this is a world Danica knows well, she’d love to chat with you personally about SEO for birth workers.  You can always book a consultation with any of our staff members, or feel free to reach out to her directly at  While we generally only offer copywriting to therapists, this is one other area where our copywriting services may be useful! Danica oversees copywriting for birth and postpartum related website pages several times a month.

Quick Tip about SEO for OTs & PTs Athlete with a shoulder injury working with a PT or OT. Photo represents how SEO can help occupational therapists and physical therapists reach more patients.

An important tip for occupational therapists and physical therapists looking to improve your SEO is simply this: Explain everything. I’ve found that people often confuse OTs and PT’s and that’s why I’m grouping you together here. Because I think you all can benefit from this tip. Don’t assume people understand your services or what they need. Write a lot of great content (service pages, FAQ, blog posts) that explains how you help patients in depth and you’ll naturally include the right keywords.

SLP uses emotion emoticons with a young boy.Quick Tip about SEO for SLPs

Include plenty of photos on your website.  You can use alt text, photo file names and captions to optimize the photos for keywords.  This will help with SEO. It can also help communicate to your clients what your page is about. Notice the photos on this page as an example. They’ll both help with my SEO and also help speak to each profession I’m writing about.

Quick Tip about SEO for Personal Trainers

A man does push ups on a gym floor. As a personal trainer, he recently started working with Simplified SEO Consulting to get his website ranking higher.

Think about when you first became passionate about fitness. Do you remember how intimidating it was? Learning how to track macros and how to create the perfect training split was at one time an overwhelming task. Additionally, consider how unsure your clients might feel about themselves, their abilities, or starting their fitness journey. Speak to that. Make it clear that you get it and that you’re here to support their journey. Furthermore, articulate what separates you from other personal trainers.

What types of businesses benefit from SEO?

In summary, most businesses benefit from SEO. Why? Because people look to the internet for answers to questions, things to buy and also service providers.  So, search engine optimization allows you to meet your potential clients/patients/customers where they are.

However, Simplified SEO Consulting specializes primarily in those in service based business.  Particularly those in the health and wellness industry.  Even if you’re specific profession isn’t listed above, we’d love to help.  We offer DIY online SEO courses for self motivated business owners with plenty of time, personalized 1:1 SEO Training for those looking for support learning to do SEO right from the beginning and our most popular service, our Done for You monthly SEO packages for business owners ready to outsource!

Getting Started with SEO Services

You do your best work when you have a steady stream of your ideal clients.  We’d love to help! Starting SEO Services with us is easy.  Here’s how:

  1. Schedule a 30 minute pre-consulting call
  2. Develop a plan to use our service that’s the best fit for you
  3. Get started & rank better on Google!
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