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Are blog posts just for SEO?

I guess because I’m the SEO guru, when I start talking about blog posts, people assume they’re just to help you rank better on Google. In fact, I’ve had many private practice owners say, “Nobody will ever read my blog posts anyway.”

Talk like that breaks my heart!

The truth is, I see blog posts as a way we can better serve our clients!  In fact,

3 Important Reasons to Write Blog Posts That Aren’t Directly Related to SEO

The words "If content is king, consistency is queen" to illustrate the importance of content strategy and blogging in SEO marketing for psychotherapists and private practice owners. Learn how we can offer support with SEO from Atlanta, GA to Seattle, WA.

Yes, consistency in blogging is important for SEO…but that doesn’t mean your blog posts are ONLY for SEO.

Yes, writing regular blog posts helps with SEO. But it does so much more!  Here are three MORE reasons to write blog posts!

Blog post use #1: To help current clients

I’ve written many blog posts that even 2+ years later I still assign as “homework” for my clients.  In other words, I try to write blog posts about topics that really matter to my clients!  My old rule of thumb was that if I had the same conversation with more than 2 clients in a day, I needed a blog post on that topic. So, I have blog posts on how to talk to someone about your sexual assault, how to validate your teenager, what to do if you wake up from a nightmare, basic sleep hygiene and SO MANY OTHERS.  These are topics that I wrote about to genuinely help my clients!

Blog post use #2: To help potential clients

I feel like Danica addressed this one well in her recent blog post.  She talked about choosing blog post topics that are timely for where you clients are in that moment.  Remember in January when I wrote a blog post on setting realistic marketing goals for 2020? That was timed so it could really meet business owners where they were in that moment. Maybe for February you’re going to write one on 3 tips for surviving Valentine’s Day when you’re single.  Or in May you’ll write one for coping with grief around Mother’s Day when you’re mother has passed away.  Again, truly helpful blog post topics.

Blog Post use #3: To help people who will never come through your doors

The truth is that the blog posts on my private practice website reach people all over the world. I can tell from Google Analytics that there are a LOT of people finding my blog posts around the world thanks to our excellent SEO.  Those people are reading my posts, and I hope they’re finding something helpful in there. I like to think that these tips I’m giving out are truly helping people all over who aren’t anywhere near Missouri and therefore will never be my counseling client.  But I’ve expanded my impact just by writing those blog posts…

I hope our blog posts fall into all three of these categories!

For all of these reasons, I train my staff at Simplified to know that blog posts are really so much more than just an SEO tool.  When they write their blog posts, I want them to assume that people WILL read them. Sometimes, we e-mail links to our blog posts to current clients to follow up on conversations we’ve had. Other times, someone on our mailing list will read a blog post and decide to sign up for our services.  And then, I know there are a number of you who read these posts but haven’t yet signed up for our online course, attended one of our trainings or asked us to optimize your site.  And that’s great.  We’re helping you grow your business and expanding our impact.

Bonus Tip: How to Write A Long Enough Blog Post

As the SEO space has become more competitive, the minimum requirements for competitive blog posts have also increased. While therapists could usually get away with having at least 500 words per post at a minimum, in 2023, that number has increased to around 750-1000 words. This allows you to elaborate more on specific topics or services you offer and can help show that you are knowledgeable in your field.

Good luck with your writing!

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*Updated on April 29th, 2023*

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  1. Harry Ferguson
    Harry Ferguson says:

    I have an opinion because I do think blogs should provide a point of departure for interactive commentary, but I get a high proportion of spam comments. The nature of comments on a blog is different from those on a social media platform.

  2. james
    james says:

    It was helpful when you explained that SEO helps to promote brand authority for our business.
    Thanks for helping me see why SEO would help us accomplish that goal!

  3. Technsol
    Technsol says:

    Blogging is important for SEO but that doesn’t mean your blog posts are ONLY for SEO. Yes, writing regular blog posts helps with SEO. But it does so much more! this is aspect is clearly explained by the writer in this article. thanks for sharing the incredible thoughts.

  4. Matilda Holloway
    Matilda Holloway says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog post on SEO.
    Very informative and interesting to read. Looking forward for another blog of yours.
    Keep on posting!

  5. LegUp SEO Vancouver WA
    LegUp SEO Vancouver WA says:

    Really useful article. We often forget that, we should write content for our target audience not just for satisfying search engine. Thanks for pointing to the truth.

  6. Roots
    Roots says:

    Mobile optimization has become a critical aspect of SEO Services In the USA, as more users are accessing websites on their mobile devices, making it essential for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website to improve their search engine rankings.

  7. Mathilde Taylor
    Mathilde Taylor says:

    Thank you for this vital blog post. As you point out, the experiences that comprise the customer’s journey are more important than ever in the new hyper-connected world enabled by social media. Brands can now use insights from social datasets to fuel their decisions to improve the customer experience, help define content type and channel, and surface opportunities to remove barriers in the path to purchase – don’t you think it’s a great time to be in marketing?

  8. LL
    LL says:

    Blog posts are an excellent way to share valuable information and insights with your audience. Whether it’s industry news, how-to guides, or expert tips, blog posts can educate readers and establish your authority in your niche.

  9. Webtoniq
    Webtoniq says:

    Absolutely not! While blog posts certainly contribute to SEO efforts by providing fresh, relevant content that search engines love, their value goes far beyond just optimization. Blog posts serve as platforms for sharing valuable insights, engaging with your audience, showcasing expertise, and building a community around your brand or interests. They’re vital for establishing credibility, fostering relationships, and driving meaningful conversations. So, while SEO is an important aspect, it’s just one of many reasons why blog posts are essential in today’s digital landscape. Great topic to discuss!

  10. Denise
    Denise says:

    In search engine optimization, blog commenting is the process of adding comments to blog entries with the goal of constructing backlinks to your own website or raising the exposure of your website. This is how it usually operates:

    Locating Related Blogs: Search engine optimization professionals look for blogs where they may post comments that are relevant to their industry or specialty.
    After reading the blog entries, they submit thoughtful comments that are pertinent to the discussion. They frequently provide a link to their own website in these comments.
    Link Building: In SEO, constructing backlinks to one’s website is the main objective of blog comments. The search engine rating of a website can be raised by backlinks from reliable and pertinent websites.


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