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6 Ways to Maintain SEO for Therapists When You Already Rank Well

You’ve invested a lot of time and/or money into getting your website ranking well. Now, you’re getting more calls from your website and it’s finally paying off.  You don’t need to work as hard on your SEO right now, but you also want to do what it takes to STAY on the top. So today, we are going over how you can maintain that SEO for therapists when you’re already ranking well. Let’s get into it.

Illustration of people holding up the letters to the word blog. They are symbolizing the importance of bloggin in terms of SEO for therapists. Tip #1 – Blogging

When it comes to blogging some of the most important things to remember are who your ideal client is, and how often you’ll able to upload content. In the eyes of Goggle, the consistency of your content is more important than frequency. That’s why we often suggest blogging at least twice a month and uploading your posts at a regularly scheduled time.

The more you blog, the more it will benefit your SEO. Giving Google fresh quality content on a regular basis is a great way to help maintain your rankings and build a presence. However, the best way to build authority is through our second tip, backlinks.

If you still have questions about blogging, check our Alyssa’s Guide to Blogging for Therapists which has a ton of great tips! Or contact any member of our team to discuss options for boosting the SEO on blog posts you’re writing or to discuss outsourcing your blog writing.

Tip #2 – Build Backlinks

Backlinks are those links that are on another person’s site but link back to your site. It may seem easy to do this with all the options that are present. But, not all backlinks carry the same weight. The quality of these backlinks also matters. You can view our comprehensive guide on gaining backlinks here.  Growing these will help you build trust with Google. But, it is a process that can also take some time to get to a point where you see results you are happy with. This will be something you want to monitor over time, alongside your rankings.

One critical mistake we see therapists make is to invest heavily in their website SEO but not build backlinks to their site. In fact, this is so important that we recently started giving away our backlinks course to our Done for You clients once we’ve gotten a good chunk of their site optimized.  It’s that important to us that our alumni are building backlinks!  Why? Because backlinks give your SEO staying power.  They’re a critical part of your long term SEO strategy!

A graph with a magnifying glass representing how I take a close look at predictable trends in private practice data where we expect a winter and summer slow down.

Tip #3 – Monitor Rankings

Conducting a monthly data review will allow you to check in on how your rankings are doing. This will also allow you to get a closer look to ensure people are making it to your site, how long they’re staying, and other valuable data. By doing so, you’ll be able to counter any large drops you might experience as a result of Google’s ever-shifting rankings. Staying up to date with your rankings will allow you to address whatever problem is occurring before it has a chance to affect the site. Keeping up is most important for the next tip as well.

If you’re used any of Simplified’s Done-for-you SEO services or our 12 week SEO Intensive, you’ll be able to purchase one of our alumni plans when you finish.  All of these come with access to a comprehensive data dashboard.  You can monitor lots of different types of data on there, but one of the big things we encourage alumni to look at is the rankings data.  Don’t forget that you can always reach out to us if you’d like to switch out keywords to monitor or notice a big drop and want some help figuring out the cause!

Tip #4 – Keep Your Site Current

Getting clients to your website isn’t very helpful if your site isn’t up to date.

Ensuring your unique voice is coming through is one of the most important aspects we like to address here at Simplified. It’s also why updating the client-facing portions of your website is also important. This doesn’t need to happen on a regular basis as blogging or monitoring your rankings. But, looking over your site every once in a while will help you to better recognize which aspects truly speak to your brand, and which do not. Keeping these aspects up to date will help you with reaching your ideal client.

Tip #5 – Check for Technical Issues

While reviewing data, it may also be a good idea to be on the lookout for technical problems your website might be experiencing. Having issues that affect the site such as slow loading times or broken links can hurt your SEO, and lead to a drop in rankings. However, occasionally checking for these types of issues can also help you in putting a stop to issues before they arise.

If you have any of our alumni packages, you have access to your data dashboard at all times.  We run a monthly site audit for you to help you catch these errors before they become a big issue. So, make sure you’re looking at that site audit. It’s also recommended that you check your website loading speed every now and then.  A slow website can really hurt you on the SEO front!

Tip #6 – Get to Know Google & Beware of updatesThe letters S. E. O. with a magnifying glass and errors pointing to it to show how this post focuses on keyword placement for counseling websites to improve search engine optimization.

The final tip from this guide is getting to know Google (the algorithm), and what it likes. Staying aware of search trends and algorithm updates will help you to decide what may need to be changed on your site. As new updates are regularly rolled out to the Google algorithm, some things that may have worked towards helping your SEO may not have the same effect over time. The truth is that over the last few years, most of the updates have helped our clients and have reinforced our SEO practices. However, there’s always a chance that the next update might really hurt your SEO for one reason or another. So, it’s important to know when updates come out and how those might impact your clients.

Our team watches for this sort of thing.  We may not always talk about minor updates, but when we know an update may have had a significant impact on some of our clients we’ll talk about it in the closed Facebook group.  So, if you’re part of any of our Alumni plans you’ll hear about it in the Facebook group and likely in the next Alumni newsletter as well!

Are you a Simplified Alum wanting to maintain your SEO?

You’re worked hard to get to the top of Google and now you want to stay there! We want to offer our alumni everything they need to maintain great SEO for years to come.  It’s a huge source of pride for us that some of the first websites Jessica optimized when Simplified first came into existence are still ranking on the first page of Google for key terms nearly 3 years later! We’re constantly hearing from our alumni how SEO was the investment that just kept giving!

If you’re ready for support keeping your site ranking, check out our Alumni packages and then e-mail your SEO Specialist or any of our staff with your questions! We’d love to help you figure out the package that’s the best fit for you!

Still needing to optimize your site?

It’s our goal to help improve your SEO and help get you more familiar with Google in the process. If your site still has some optimizing work to do, we’d love to help! To start finding your ideal client today, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a member of our team
  2. Learn more about our services
  3. Start ranking better on Goggle

Photo of Sterling, an SEO Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting that specializes in all things technical SEO!About the Author

Sterling Humburg-Cage is a member of the 2020 graduating class from the University of Missouri. He is intent on using his B.A. in Psychology to help provide the best results as an SEO specialist.  Sterling prides himself on helping alumni problems solve difficult SEO issues.  He’s great at giving clients multiple options about how to approach a situation and responding quickly to client concerns.  Since he started, Sterling has met frequently with our alumni and provided them extra problem solving support often going the extra mile to do outside research and make sure alumni have everything they need to continue ranking well!

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