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High Quality Search Engine Optimization Services!

Our team does SEO a little differently…

Jessica believes you do your best work when you’re matched with your ideal clients.  Therefore, that is the focus when the Simplified SEO Consulting team is helping in optimizing a website.  Whether you are a couples therapist who does amazing work with married couples thinking about divorce or an SLP who has the experience and knowledge to help children with autism find their voice-we want to help you get in front of those clients.

We don’t just do service level work using the keywords you give us on the first call.

First, we take the time to really do the keyword research needed to figure out what YOUR clients are searching for.  We ask you questions about these clients and then consult multiple keyword research tools before we ever start working on your site.

Next, our SEO Services go in depth.  Whether we’re optimizing your website for you or teaching you to do your own search engine optimization, we believe in taking the time to do SEO right.  This means pulling out all our best SEO tricks the first time such as meta descriptions, internal links, readability, optimizing photos & more!

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Woman working on a laptop showing how the SEO Specialists at Simplified SEO consulting know how to help women owned businesses dominate Google and other search engines. Let's grow your business!

Ready to Outsource SEO?

As a business owner, your time is valuable.  As in, really valuable.  I know from experience that it’s hard to learn something new when you’re too busy balancing your time between running a business, helping your clients, making sure the kids are fed and *hopefully* slipping in some date nights with your spouse.
T Sometimes, it’s just not worth your time or effort to learn to do your own Search Engine Optimization, because the truth is you wouldn’t have time to keep it up anyway! I’ve heard so many private practice owners say, “I’m sure I could do this….but I’m learning to that be successful I need to let go and find some people I trust to do these things.”

That’s where the Simplified SEO Consulting team steps in!

Our “Done for You” services are different than other SEO companies.  When we’re working on your website we offer:

  • Transparency! You can see the exact list of SEO factors we work on our website. Furthermore, you know exactly what we’ve done on any given page thanks to a Google sheets document we update as we work. The truth is, transparency is one of Jessica’s core values and a very important part of how we’re building this business.
  • A team approach. There will always be at least two SEO specialists looking at your website over the course of the month.
  • Communication. You’ll have the e-mail address for the entire SEO team working on your site.  Many of our business owners have found been impressed when they send out a group e-mail and get a response within mere hours!  Furthermore, you can request a 15 minute Zoom chat at any point to ask questions or go over something on your site!
  • Data driven SEO work! We are constantly monitoring your data and tweaking our approach to get you the best possible results!  This means looking at the “big picture” sometimes. We not only look at how you are ranking, but also make sure people are actually “clicking” on your page, staying on the page when they arrive & converting to client phone calls!
  • As much SEO education as you’d like!  You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group where we regularly share information and answer all of your SEO questions. Then, if you decide to learn more later you’ll get a reduced rate on our SEO training services as well!
  • Direct, clear suggestions & tips about what you can do to help your site rank even faster. We know what it takes to get websites ranking.  Therefore, we offer clear, direct advice. Sometimes we offer advice about pages to add, blog posts to write, backlinks to seek out & more.
  • Regular updates about your progress with 24/7 access to our data tracking tool & monthly data reports!

“Done For You” SEO Services

Want to do your own SEO?

Jessica first came up with the idea for this business when she was teaching others about SEO at Slow Down School in 2018, and teaching other business owners to optimize their own websites has remained a core part of our business!
Not all business owners have the time and motivation to learn SEO.  But if you do? Our team can help.

We teach you all our best tricks!

Theresa's SEO ranking data from first in person SEO training workshop showing her counseling website improved in it's Google rankings by over 1,500 spots for less than 50 counseling keywords in only 3 days.

Check out the results one of our SEO workshop participants had in a competitive area with only 3 days of intense SEO work!

I (Jessica) believe very, very firmly that any determined business owner can learn to do their own SEO if they’d like! I don’t believe in sugar coating things or giving you a watered down version. No, I’ve seen women who know nothing about technology work with me, learn the key techniques we teach and get their own website to the top of Google for at least some of the keywords they’re targeting!

When it comes to SEO training, we don’t hold anything back!  My SEO Specialists teach you all of our best tips & tricks so you can go just as in depth in your optimizing as we do with our Done for You services!  Most importantly, our SEO training clients get RESULTS.

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SEO Training Online: A great place to start!

Our “Top of Search Engines” Comprehensive Online Training course will give you all the information you need to get started.  With over 4.5 hours of video, this course offers you specific steps you can take to get your own website to the top of Google! Furthermore, Jessica demonstrates on screen how to use the techniques she is describing.  So, you’ll learn what to do for your site and how to get started!

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You can see all of the SEO courses we are currently offering by clicking the button below. Once you choose a course (for most people, I recommend going with the Comprehensive Course), click on the button that says “enroll in course,” choose “add coupon” and enter the coupon “Empowered” to get 20% off the price of the course!

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Tablet with the word "SEO" and some icons on it laying on a desk. A calming photo illustrating how Simplified SEO Consulting breaks down the concept of search engine optimization and makes it understandable for any small business owner.